Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! Convert kw to hp – it´s simple: One mechanic or hydraulic horsepower is equal to 0.745699872 kilowatts: So the power conversion of kilowatts to horsepower is given by: P(hp) = 10kW / 0.745699872 = 13.41 kW to hp is kilowatt to horsepower power converter. That´s 1 hp is 0.73549875 kW and 1 kW are 1.359621617 hp. De kilowatt is een eenheid van vermogen, dit wordt gebruikt bij de bouw van machines en bij het meten van het elektriciteitsgebruik van een woning of bedrijf. Basta con que indiques el número que ya conoces en la calculadora y pulses sobre el botón Convertir. In our kw/hp converter simply be determined conversion value, and then choose whether you want to convert from kw in PSto hp or hp zo kw. So the power conversion of kilowatts to horsepower is given by: P (hp) = P (kW) / 0.746. Kilowatt (symbool is kW) is 1000 watt. One electrical horsepower is equal to 0.746 kilowatts: One metric horsepower is equal to 0.73549875 kilowatts: P(hp) = 10kW / 0.73549875 =

email: suggestionsfeed@gmail.com. The conversion kw in hp … Before everything else, here is one simple conversion from horsepower into kw: 1 horsepower (hp) is equal to 0.7457 kilowatts (kW), as well as 1 kW equals 1.337 hp. The result of the kw / hp conversion will be displayed immediately.

However, he did not develop the steam engine, but still, he has patented a few modifications about the Newcomen steam-engine which was used to pump water out of the mines. Today we have the development and popularity of the electric vehicles, so now the power of electric motors is specified in kilowatts, and here come out the questions like why we have this difference, can these power ratings be compared and is there any way to convert kilowatts to horsepower or converting kw to hp? For this you can use either the simple conversion formula, or our simple, above, take KW / HP-Conversion service.

RapidTables.com | Privacy Policy | [CDATA[ You’re able to do the calculations by yourself (hp x 0.745 as well as kW x 1.34) or perhaps you may use an online kw to hp conversion chart. The answer is 0.746. hp. One electrical horsepower is equal to 0.746 kilowatts: 1 hp(E) = 746 W = 0.746 kW. That being said, when 12 volts are flowing at 10 amps we  have the same 120 watts of power created when 120 volts flowing at 1 amp. 1 watt is equal to 0.001 kW, or 0.0013404825737265 hp. When a vehicle engine moves a shaft to turn, we calculate the pounds of force produced perpendicular to and 1 foot away from the center of the shaft. kW to hp conversion is a handy tool to calculate horsepower from a given kilowatts value, simply convert kw to hp motor car or any type of engine power. Manage Cookies. It is often necessary to the specified value of kw to hp – or vice versa – to convert. (Source: Wikipedia.org). This is a straight measuring of foot-pounds of torque. How many horsepower in 15 kilowatts: If P kW = 15 then P HP = 1.34102209 × 15 = 20.11533135 HP. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Use this page to learn how to convert between kilowatts and horsepower. We have a combination of weight and distance anytime we calculate the torque; a power turning around a shaft. Het was het arbeidsvermogen dat een gemiddeld paard langdurig kon leveren, bijvoorbeeld voor het aandrijven van een rosmolen. Convert kW to kVA, kVA to kW, voltage, kW to HP, and more to assist with generator sizing and electrical specifications required for your genset. Op deze site behandelen wij alleen Kilowatt. Wij hebben een hanige tool voor het omrekenen van kw naar pk.

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