The chemistry of the magma changes from silica-poor (basalt) to silica-rich (rhyolite), gas content changes from low to high,. All deposits at Taupo including a number of early lava domes clearly post-date the exceptionally large Whakamaru ignimbrite eruption dated at 330,000 years ago. Most of the eruptions have formed small scoria cones, typically about 500 m across and up to 200 m high.

Taupo has been active for 300,000 years with a very large event known as the Oruanui eruption occurring 26,500 years ago. Stock killed by the eruption or stock suffering from lack of feed will be a further problem. Mount Tauhara Tip: Depending on the conditions it can get very windy at the top of the mountain. Hydrothermal explosions Domes may take from a few months to several years to grow. Follow Our Travels as We Work to Make this Massive World A Little More Familiar. Similarly, breathing may be difficult outdoors without a face mask or damp cloth across the mouth. Time Needed: 3 Hours. Just a quick drive from the town center is a small parking lot at the start of the Mount Tauhara hike. Lava domes There is no simple pattern to these eruptions that would suggest when or where the next event might occur. For these reasons, only the eruptions after the 26,500 year old Oruanui eruption may be relevant to assessing the hazards of future activity at Taupo, especially over the next 100 years. With some of the North Island’s most impressive landscapes, the Taupō region is perfect for outdoor adventures.

The volcano is currently considered to be dormant rather than extinct because of moderate fumarole activity and hot springs along the shores of the lake. The forests surrounding the lake offer hiking and mountain biking to suit all levels of experience. Fun Vacation (Mid Range) – Acacia Lake View Motel – This comfy motel is located just a short walk from town, and is directly across the street from Lake Taupo. At some of Taupō's beaches, swimmers and paddlers can enjoy warm, geothermal water currents. They may also stop altogether as the ground under them moves with the rising magma. Lake Taupo is a lake in the North Island of New Zealand. Continue on straight ahead through brush along the top of the Mount Tauhara hike. Taupō is centrally located in the middle of the North Island, approximately 3 1/2 hours drive from Auckland and 4 1/2 hours drive from Wellington. Forest fires Rain falling from an eruption plume may be very acidic and this acid rain will attack foliage and crops over a wide area, perhaps even greater than the fall of tephra. Home To enjoy it to its fullest wake up early, and make sure to leave at least three hours to get up and down Mount Tauhara in New Zealand. The eruption culminated with a large and very energetic pyroclastic flow that devastated an area of about 20,000 square kilometres and filled all the major river valleys of the central North Island with pumice and ash.

Taupō is a great lake for water-skiing, sailing and kayaking.

These pumice deposits can still be seen today and many of the major rivers in the North Island carry large amounts of this pumice when in flood. A future medium sized eruption may produce a maximum thickness of 1 metre at the centre of the contours. Brigitte & Jake But even a ‘small’ volume fall-only explosive event at Taupo will be very destructive and disruptive to human life and activity throughout the North Island. Figure 2: Photo of typical fall tephra made up of rough pieces of pumice and ash.

Find out more about the region that's home to New Zealand's largest lake. It extends some 350 kilometres from Mount Ruapehu and Mount Ngauruhoe at the southwestern tip, through Taupo, Rotorua and to Whakaari (or White Island). The lake is noted for stocks of brown trout (Salmo trutta) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), introduced from Europe and California respectively in the late nineteenth century. In 2020, Michael Wells from Darwin, Australia, was the first to breaststroke across the lake.[13].

With these changes, eruptions generally become more explosive and destructive.

The town of Turangi has the largest natural trout fishery in the world; this is the place to cast a line and look for the big one. The material will range in size from pumice 50 mm across down to fine ash and will be mostly cold or warm. Beyond 3 km from the vent it will be like a gentle rain.

Our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy explain how we use your data and who our partners are. While the tephra is dry, most house roofs will be secure, but they should be swept clean at the first opportunity. According to geological records, the volcano has erupted 28 times in the last 27,000 years. However the lake eventually breached the vent and several stages of the eruption were dominated by mixing of the magma and lake water, with fine ash being formed. In the central North Island, there is a spectrum of magma types from basalt through andesite and dacite to rhyolite. An informational sign will greet you at the beginning with Mount Tauhara straight ahead. With a surface area of 616 square kilometres (238 sq mi), it is the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand, and the second largest freshwater lake by surface area in geopolitical Oceania after Lake Murray in Papua New Guinea. [6] Taupo's last known eruption occurred around 30 years later, with lava dome extrusion forming the Horomatangi Reefs, but that eruption was much smaller than the 180 CE eruption.

Wind velocity will influence the cloud so that tephra falls over a wide area of countryside down wind from the vent. Lake Taupo has a perimeter of approximately 193 kilometres and a maximum depth of 186 metres. Generally there is enough wind about the lake area to disperse any gas cloud that may form.

In fact, a dormant volcano overlooks Taupo, the lake, and everything in the distance! Rhyolitic eruptions involve the movement of large volumes of magma inside the crust. It has ejected mostly rhyolitic lava, although Mount Tauhara formed from dacitic lava. It is in the caldera of the Taupo Volcano. Tephra fall is most likely to be to the east or northeast, and may extend to the east coast of the North Island. This Taupo volcano was created by an eruption over 26,500 years ago. Lightning strikes during an eruption may also cause local fires. Each eruption adds a series of layers of tephra onto the ground surface and long intervals between eruptions allow new soils to form. White Island horrifically erupted in December of 2019, killing 21 people. Check out what other travelers say about New Zealand on TripAdvisor. The higher you climb, the more diverse the flora of Mount Tauhara seems to get! Power and telephone lines will be broken and radios may not work due to the disturbed atmosphere and lightning. Several later eruptions occurred over the millennia before the most recent major eruption, which is traditionally dated as about 181 CE from Greenland ice-core records. Let us show you the best of New Zealand on other platforms by selecting 'On' and allowing us to share data from your visit(s) with our partners. The most likely event will be a small – to medium-sized explosive rhyolite eruption, and the growth of a rhyolite dome. Taupō township is the perfect base for exploring the region. Native faunal species in the lake include northern koura or crayfish (Paranephrops planifrons) and kokopu or whitebait (Galaxias species). The older four eruptions produced layers of coarse pumice. The volcanic hazards of interest to residents today are perhaps more properly represented by the other events. Most of the deposits are covered by forest, farmland or towns and the area close to the past vents is deep under Lake Taupo. Also there have not been many rhyolite eruptions world-wide in historic times to give us clues about what to expect. Although the precise year of eruption is not know, evidence from trees preserved at Pureora Forest suggest it occurred in late summer. Taupo’s History Underwater hydrothermal activity continues near the Horomatangi vent,[7] and nearby geothermal fields with associated hot springs are found north and south of the lake, for example at Rotokawa and Turangi. In that time it has shown a random pattern of exceptionally large events interspersed by smaller eruptions. Tourism is a major component of Taupo's commercial sector. Just north of Taupō you'll find New Zealand's most visited attraction, the magnificent Huka Falls, where more than 220,000 litres of water thunder over the cliff face every second. Volcanoes are unpredictable and are not well understood. Skydiving is a popular local sport and tourist attraction.

Farmland will be heavily affected by an eruption. The surface may rise or drop, possibly by several metres, but it will be gradual and may not be noticed initially. The Mount Tauhara hike goes from a typical path to high boulders, and trenches cut deep into the earth. It reviews the past volcanic history of Taupo, and explains the different types of eruptions that have occurred. This allows us continue our travels and keep providing great content to our readers!

Figure 3: Layers of volcanic pumice and ash (tephra) erupted from Taupo Volcano. As little as 20cm of dry ash or 5cm of wet ash may collapse some roofs. Dacite [11] Rain falls in all seasons but is greatest in winter and spring, from June to December.[12]. However the exposures that we do have are valuable windows into the nature, size and effects of eruptions from Taupo. See our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to understand how you can manage cookies. After you make your way over the fences follow the winding path up the mountain.

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