Joel smirks and says, "It's time consuming. [30] During the winter segment of The Last of Us, players assume control of Ellie. [49], In The Last of Us, a wounded Marlene tasks Joel with escorting Ellie to the Fireflies to help them develop a vaccine from her immunity. Ellie avoids answering why she is being smuggled but does inform Joel that her parents died and that she's 14. Spotting a poster of a water gun, Ellie tells Riley that she attempted to get their water guns from "Corporal Dickhead's" office, but she got caught in the process of escaping. Ellie's philosophy of "it can't be nothing" was also influenced by Tess, not wanting to waste the chance Tess gave them to find a cure she so desperately desired. This serves as the juxtaposition to Joel's wary, morose, and cynical outlook on post-pandemic life. Joel sits down on Ellie's bed and confesses that he has been working on a song for some time, though "started working on it sometime ago", hinting that he may have originally begun writing it for Sarah. Despite this, it's difficult to not feel sympathy for Ellie and her position. Green [3] She was also intended to demonstrate that a character bond could be created entirely through gameplay. When finally getting the opportunity for revenge, Ellie ends up sparing Abby after recalling her final conversation with Joel, where she told him she wanted to work on trying to forgive him which implies Ellie at that point understood why Joel saved her. Soon after admitting her fear to Sam, he too, joins the list. Joel and Ellie finally reach the Fireflies; Joel discovers that, in to create a vaccine, the Fireflies must kill Ellie during surgery to remove the mutant strain of the fungus from her brain. She manages to elude David and stabs him two more times, causing him to panic and bash her into a table behind him before grabbing her hair and throwing her to the floor. In this room, you’ll need to be careful about walking into the rattling chains, as those will create noises that attract her to your location. Marlene threatens to kill Riley as this will be her fate as a Firefly, prompting Ellie to bite the Firefly's hand and point his gun at Marlene. Ellie was born sometime between 2018 and 2019, by which time fungal pandemic had spread throughout America. [19] Though initially he only felt that Ellie viewed Riley as an influence, Druckmann later considered her romantic appeal, and decided to explore the concept. Search, discover and share your favorite Last Of Us 2 GIFs. Joel turns around, and with a soft smile on his face asks, "What's the hardest part about eating clocks?" Riley says she will see Ellie the next day. However, after witnessing Joel's death by the hands of the WLF, she swore revenge. [10] After Riley drinks in his memory they leave his tent and spot the saddle belonging to Winston’s horse, Princess. Even when invading the theater to ambush Ellie and the party, she has no problem killing Jesse (someone who she has no history with) for seemingly little reason. Matt Helgeson of Game Informer wrote that the relationship was "poignant" and "well-drawn",[58] Joystiq's Richard Mitchell found it "genuine" and emotional,[59] and IGN's Colin Moriarty identified it as a highlight of the game. Her years of battling the infected and bandits have made her far more resilient then most people due to her having sustained numerous injuries over the years have heavily scared up her body. In the mess hall, Ellie demands that the Walkman be returned to her, but the girl feigns ignorance. Watching Joel die before her eyes causes her hearing to go out, as she is unable to hear the WLF's conversation as she cries frantically while threatening them that she will kill them. However, Ellie doesn't want to part with Joel, and steals one of Tommy's horses. Despite some animosity, Ellie agrees. Riley, understanding her friend is upset, promises to tell her what happened while she was gone if she leaves the school with her. When traveling with Jesse to save Tommy, Ellie ultimately decides to go after Abby at the aquarium. Later that night, Ellie came to Joel's house, finding him playing his guitar and drinking coffee on his porch. Leaving the store, Riley suggests that they play a game. The two eventually develop romantic feelings towards each other and share an intimate relationship.[51]. When, she wakes up, she finds Joel has driven all the way to the blocked entrance to Pittsburgh. Ellie says, somewhat sarcastically. The event caused Ellie to adopt an immense loathing for everyone involved, as she would go on to kill four of Abby's friends (Jordan, Nora, Owen, and Mel) in her pursuit of revenge against Abby. Hall drew the tattoo on a developer's arm so the team could visualize it. Upon learning that he intends to leave her with his younger brother Tommy and return to Boston, she runs away. Knowing Ellie is just going to sneak out anyway, Maria allows her and Dina to head to Seattle on their horse, asking them to bring Tommy back in one piece, but notes that she cannot spare anyone else to go with them. His favorite game is the original Final Fantasy VII, and after playing it when he was young, he has been on a quest to analyze and discuss the importance of games as a medium and the unique strengths that come with them. Ellie initially struggled to make him mention Sarah or even get him to confess he had a daughter, having to find out of her own volition. You can follow her on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy or email her for editorial inquiries at! She fears of being alone again, making their bond rather precious to her, remarking that losing Joel would "make [her] more scared", fearful she would always lose people she was close to. Ellie sits in her swivel chair, drawing up one of her legs to her chest as Joel begins to play and sing select verses from Future Days by Pearl Jam. While putting them away, she is caught by Bill who proceeds to shout at her. Maria and Tommy then handled Seth while Joel attempted to help Ellie. Heading to the checkout aisle, and finds a first-aid kit behind a locked door. She also finds a note that reveals the WLF have an outpost at the Serevena Hotel. Against Infected foes Ellie has a hard time escaping their grasp and several times has been overpowered by them despite her best efforts. Having been raised in an environment where modern standards and values have deteriorated, Ellie is considerably rash, foul-mouthed, impulsive, and temperamental, and is unfazed by the notion of using violence as a means to an end or profanity as a way of expressing how she feels. Marlene refuses, reasoning that there is no one else and no other choice, and it has to be done to save humanity from extinction. She defends herself against the infected until Riley can arrive to help her; however, her friend is ambushed by another infected. Ellie initially refuses to go after the woman who killed Joel, but ultimately abandons her lover and child to exact vengeance. After they are bitten by Infected, the two consider suicide, but choose to spend their final hours together. Later on, Ellie eventually awakes inside Joel's car on the way out of Salt Lake City, wondering what happened during the time she wasn't conscious.[40]. When Joel gets stuck in one of Bill's traps, Ellie works to free him from, avoiding the approaching Infected and providing Joel with ammunition to cover her. Riley becomes excited at the prospect of meeting the Fireflies, but Ellie believes she has lost her mind. He then draws a machete from a back sheath and continues to stalk her, attempting to shoot or slash her to death. After a brief argument, Joel asks Bill for a car. Ellie's newfound trauma and Abby's unlikely redemption could be explored even further in the future with a new installment. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [54] IGN's Greg Miller compared Ellie to Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite (2013), and felt that the former was a "much more rounded out, full-fledged" character. Climbing over the fence, Ellie asks how the girl knew her name. Once done, he asks why she seems uneasy with Joel but she dodges the question. Threatens To Kill Lev. Despite his violent death, his actions left a mark on Ellie, making her distant and quiet towards Joel, yet more determined to reach the Fireflies. One of the women belonging to the WLF faction will be playing on the handeld. If unarmed her hand to hand skills are quite lackluster due to not being trained to even throw a basic punch properly as displayed during her fight with the then nearly dead Abby. Mo-capped by Riley displays a brief moment of defiant bravado, but right afterwards admits she was terrified of turning and cries into Ellie's arms. Ellie stands up and waves him off, pulling off her headphones as Joel claims he "didn't mean to scare [her]". When Ellie is grabbed by a Bloater whilst playing as her in. They attempt to print the photographs out, but are denied by an error prompt. The girl states that she has "her ways" and introduces herself as Riley. Ellie says, breaking the silence and bringing Joel to a full stop before exiting through the door. There is also the small group of gamers that complain about the sequel being "SJW'd" due to Abby and the fact that Ellie is a lesbian, but that was something we've known since the first game and it didn't seem to bother anyone then. Ellie wishes she could fly into space, prompting Joel to take out a cassette tape. He finds her listening to her Walkman in her room, drawing something at her desk. Age(d) Red seems to be Ellie's signature color in the first game since her outfits in the main game contain a piece of clothing that is red or close to red, whereas in. [22], They soon come to some abandoned scaffolding. After they obtained the truck however, Bill admitted that Ellie held her own against the infected, but still saw her as a burden. Joel walks out the door, a little slow to remove his hand from the door frame, leaving Ellie to play the guitar a bit. While inside, they take down numerous Infected before a Bloater ambushes them. Despite being stabbed multiple times in the upper torso, David is still able to run and threaten Ellie. When Riley asks if Ellie has made friends with anyone at the school or kept up with her friends, Ellie is evasive, but tells her that she doesn’t really talk to anyone since she left. Ellie - The Last Of Us Part 2 in 2020 | The last of us, The lest of us, Me as a girlfriend. Ellie thanks him and then reads a note next to one of the bodies. 15 product ratings - the last of us part ii 2 ellie edition collectors limited playstation 4 ps4 new $310.00 Trending at $317.49 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. [Warning: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 below]. To her chagrin, he does so, giving her the hunting rifle, testing to see if she "can handle that". They enter a bar, where Ellie meets with Seth and he apologizes for his behavior, claiming he had been drinking. In exchange for bringing him whiskey, she asks that he teach Ellie how to ride a horse. last of us 2 109769 GIFs. Home » Guides » Last of Us 2: How to Beat Ellie. Jesse, another attendee, approaches Ellie at the bar. Ellie manages to hide Joel in an abandoned mall, where she dresses his wound with her old shirt from the Summer and some duct tape she finds when rummaging in the drawers.

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