Compare Lee Trevino’s backswing to our senior golfer with good flexibility. Lee Trevino's top ten rules on shotmaking. And, by the way, Lee Trevino set up open. Trevino was great at bringing the ball in low while using spin to make it stop, and you should attempt to take a very similar approach with your own wedge game. Then I won the Open the next year, told the same jokes, and everybody laughed like hell. Lee Trevino is the greatest ball-striker who ever lived. The first thing that I would point out is there is not a very significant crease in the pants of the right hip. 1. I played the tour in 1967 and told jokes and nobody laughed. Without knowing the technicalities, you can just see the power difference. But, don’t take my word for it. Take the word of his contemporaries, who also played with Ben Hogan and watched Moe Norman hit range balls. Open your stance, and play golf. I always loved hitting a low fade to a back-right pin with the wind howling from the right. This indicates that Trevino… As one of the best golfers of all-time, Lee Trevino doesn't need to apologize to anyone for the unique nature of his swing.

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