The following items are made from ingredients that do not contain gluten: Vegan Spicy herbed prawn salad with mint and lemongrass. NON-Alcohol BEVERAGE. Fried lightly battered fish fillet topped with mixed fruits and Thai herb in fresh lemon and chili juice sauce. Another popular Lemongrass delicacy complemented with our own Chilli paste sauce.

VEGETARIAN 12.50. May contain traces of mushroom.

Award winning Thai Cuisine; Book online - All Day Kerbside and Full Dinner Menu Available online., Melbourne's classiest Thai Restaurant. COCONUT ICE-CREAM WITH LYCHEES 10.50

Deep fried king prawn with oyster stir fried mixed vegetable base and topped with butter garlic and pepper dressing. Simply because you need to taste how delicious all the Thai dishes we serve truly are. Grilled mildly spicy beef salad with lemongrass and Asian celery. Minced chicken wok-fried in chilli, sweet basil, holy basil, bell peppers and beans. No chilli. Spectacular fried soft shell crab with tangy special sauce. Spicy herbed prawn salad with mint and lemongrass.

58 reviews .

Simply because you need to taste how delicious all the Thai dishes we serve truly are.

True neighbourhood gem."

Located at 6/26 Tedder Ave, Main Beach QLD, our Chef's Special dishes that includes Thai Royal Chicken, Fish Chili Sauce and Beef Salad Calamari, Grilled Chicken Red Curry and Prawn Ruby are a must try.

VEGETARIAN 19.80. King prawn coated in shredded coconut lightly batter served with tangy plum dipping sauce. Our mild special sauce stir – fried with onion, capsicum, carrot, water chestnut and cashew nut with your choice of: Stir-fried Chinese broccoli with garlic chili sauce and oyster sauce with your choice of: Roasted duck in red curry with coconut milk, pineapples, tomatoes, bamboo shoot, green bean, capsicum and lychee garnished with basil. Navigation visibility toggle. and

Served with a Thai-style Peanut Sauce. The portions were very generous. Wokfried Flat Wide Rice Noodles in a dark sauce with Chicken OR Beef and Egg (optional).

Medium Spicy. Julienned green papaya strips tossed with carrot, cherry tomatoes, peanuts and dried shrimp in a chilli-lime dressing. DESSERT. 19.80 A Thai delicacy of BBQ 150gm of pork neck enjoyed with a classic chilly BBQ dip. Strong robust flavors. Traditional fried money bags of crab and prawn in soy pastry. Please advise our staff if you have a serious allergy. We also serve Vegan and Vegetarian options.

It is obvious that you use high-quality ingredients and everything is cooked fresh.

The famous hot-sour lemongrass soup with fishball, chicken, mushroom, fresh Thai herbs and rice noodles. Med Hot.

22.50 Fish fillet fingers wok-fried in red curry spices and peppers.


Minimum 3.

Yes, it is salty. serves 2 to 4. Lemongrass opened in 1989 with the inspiration and support of our then mentor Acharn (Grandlady) Boonchoo who was regarded as the High Priestess of Royal Cuisine in Bangkok.

Duck Curry. Northeast Thai Tasty Pork mince sausage (little sour). Some ingredients may be optional.

"More Info" to read more of each deal. Serves 2 to 4. vegetarian. Lemongrass Restaurant (Thai),176 Lygon Street Carlton VIC 3053 (03)9662 2244. Thai banana Pancakes with a Berry Coulis and vanilla ice-cream. Dine-in or for your convenience 'Order Online' with takeaway pickup available. A refreshing salad of Soft Shell Crab and Green Mango/Apple topped with a browned Lemongrass floss. (vegetarian options available)

TOM YUM GOONG 66.00 per person, Betel leaf parcels with tidbits (do it yourself), Grilled prawn in Asian lettuce parcel and grilled slice of eye fillet on sticky rice topped with green papaya. Home made roast duck in red or green curry with mixed vegetables. I can see why you have won so many awards.

PRAWN 31.50.

No Refund if you are unfamiliar with salted Fish! Our Panang thick creamy curry with peppers and snake bean. The food was superb. The traditional hot red curry with coconut milk, Thai eggplant green bean, bamboo shoots and garnished with basil. FILLET FISH 27.80. Tender pieces of succulent grilled beef in herbs and spices. BEER.

Stir-fried 5 Chinese greens Thai-style with crispy pork. PRAWN AND DUCK 31.80

Thai style chicken minced spring roll served with chili sauce. Deep fried king prawn wrap in spring roll pastry. Crispy deep fried duck spring roll served with special sauce.

Beef massaman curry served on the side with roti bread. Red curry chicken, beef. Mild lemongrass-galangal-coconut soup with chicken and mushrooms. Cooked in our chilli paste. Tammy "We’re regulars as we love the food at Mortazilla.

You may request onion and garlic to be left out in, Dairy

Too spicy hot is no cause for a refund, sorry! Nuts, other Allergens, Onions and Garlic are used extensively in our kitchen. no artificial preservative or flavourings used. SOUP.

CHICKEN FILLET OR BEEF 22.80 Creamy Kaffir lime-flavoured Choo Chee curry sauce with fish or prawn. To Celebrate our 30th It’s hot. This is a new addition and highly recommended not only but especially for Tofu lovers. 77.00 per person. location Home Menu Delivery Order Online . Served with jasmine rice. Our food may also contain traces of chicken, beef, seafood, chilli, meat, fruits, vegetables and rice. Thai style homemade steamed pork dim sim. Add $4.80 to be served in a Pineapple half-shell. This is a sweet-sour rather than spicy dish but please do not bite on the whole dried chilly. 250gm of Fillet of Atlantic Salmon wrapped and cooked in Banana leaves with carefully blended spices. Very mild yellow curry with coconut milk, carrot, potatoes and onion. If you are lazy enough to visit, you may now choose and place an order online. THAI CURRY. Roasted duck on steamed green vegetable topped with creamy Thai sauce. Spicy herbed chicken mince salad from Isaan Province (East). Grilled Salmon with Thai style creamy medium – spicy red curry with steamed vegetable garnished.

Thailand’s local hot stir- fried in red curry paste, bamboo shoot, bean, green bean capsicum, mushroom, lime leaves and herb with tender lamp.

4215 Southport, 4217 Main Beach, 4217 Surfers Paradise. PRAWN 31.50 Vegan 15.80. Traditional Thai soup with fresh Thai herb, mushroom and coriander with your choice of: Slightly thicker soup with coconut milk, fresh Thai herbs, mushroom and coriander with your choice of: A light clear soup made with pork mince, glass noodle and fresh vegetable. Cooked with eggplant, Asian snake bean and Thai eggplant.

DINE IN MENU. Sweet and spicy red chill and ginger curry paste stir – fried with bean, capsicum, carrot and zucchini with your choice of: Stir – fried fresh ginger, onion, corn, black mushroom, Capsicum, carrot, Chinese cabbage and shallot with your choice of: Stir – fried with oyster sauce and fresh seasonal mixed vegetables with your choice of: Thailand’s local hot stir- fried in red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bean, capsicum, mushroom and lime leaves garnished with basil with your choice of: Steamed seasonal mixed vegetable, tofu topped with peanut sauce and your choice of: This is a hot dish stir-fried with fresh chilli, garlic, green beans and basil, with your choice of: Stir – fried garlic and pepper with mushroom, baby corn, black mushroom broccoli, onions, Chinese cabbage, carrot, capsicum and shallots with your choice of: Medium hot stir – fried with fresh chili, onion, green bean, zucchini, bamboo, mushroom and basil with your choice of: Sweet and sour tomato sauce stir fried with onion, carrot, corn, capsicum, pineapple, black mushroom, cucumber and tomato with your choice of: Grilled marinated chicken with bed of mixed salad and chili sauce on side. This is a great dish to accompany a spicy dish like a curry for contrast. Lightly battered fish with medium – hot Thai chili and tamarind sauce. Shop 9, 1 Avion Way, Claremont, 6010. APPETISERS. SOFT SHELL CRAB © 2020 Lemongrass Restaurant All rights reserved.. Website design by Cactus Inspiration, 2017 & 2018 Winner Thai Restaurant Victoria. Served with Jasmine rice. Why do you have to give us a try here at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant? This dish is chilli-free. Steamed Whole Barramundi (Minimum 30 Minutes Cooked). We recently changed certain ingredients and this Information supersedes any other information you may find in the menu or elsewhere.

15.80 We introduced this dish to Melbourne 30 years ago; a timeless favorite of many.

Grilled marinate breast chicken in creamy red curry with pineapples, tomatoes, bamboo shoot, green bean and lychee garnished with basil. TRIO Ice-creams - ALL THREE FLAVOURS WITH LYCHEES and BERRIES 14.90. Order Online Reviews; Menu; Contact; Reviews.

Sliced roasted duck, cucumber, shallot & coriander in thin pancake and drizzled with special. Creamy Kaffir lime-flavoured Choo Chee curry sauce with fish. Chicken satay, curry puff, prawn roll and fish cake.

Roasted lamb shanks in this distinct handmade classic southern Muslim curry with potato and peanuts and hints of Indian - aniseed and cinnamon, 4 Halves of Shank to a serve. 4.50 per piece Wokfried Spicy Chilli-Basil Flat Rice Noodles with Chicken OR Beef and Egg (optional). Marinated chicken served with mixed salad and sweet chili sauce on side. Offers!!! Hand-made classic massaman curry of chicken or beef with potatoes. Red curry chicken, beef or roast duck.

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