Sometimes circumstances make it hard or impossible for you to vote on Election Day. What is the message of "All Summer in a Day"? After coming to terms with the death of Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), Catherine (as played by Julianne Moore) chooses to wear her broche that she noticed the first time they met. I wanted Joel to stop killing everyone who was, to save the world and find some compromise. Sure, you're guiding Joel's external actions, but you have no control of his internal thinking.

Here is a nice, subtle treatment of a character whose sexuality is a complete non-issue in the context of the game, and even gruff, macho, Texas-drawling Joel is understanding of Bill's raw deal in love. But when it comes to giving Ellie a clean ending, they can't.

In this piece, Senior Reviewer Danielle Riendeau and Editor-at-Large Chris Plante discuss the ending of The Last of Us, along with the game's take on gender and the truth about the game's protagonist, Joel.

Cary Elwes, Edgar Wright, and more pay tribute on social media. One possible ending is that the children treat her better, now that they have realized what they did to her. Having finished the game, I understand that requirement is in line with Joel's character.

(AP Photo/Relativity Media, James Bridges). The usual escapist/power fantasy that appeals to me so much in games. Going in with the mindset of, "I want to see this batshit-crazy ending for myself that I've been hearing about all week," well, Safe Haven delivered beyond my wildest dreams.

It did make me feel I was of some use in this world.” Grace knows she’s unreliable, and she knows she’s lying. Because I'm so conditioned to make the "heroic" choices in games — the "save the little sister, save the village, Jesus-or-Hitler" binary choice that we always make fun of as gamers. Because we expect this man to change. What do we want from Grace Marks? The developers can't let the game go. We don’t want to succeed?! When the sun does not come out as quickly as expected, the children get angry and frustrated. They think it is a joke, and turn on Margot. Ellie is so bright and inquisitive that I have no doubt she will find out the lie. And the lie, wow, it's perfect. But it wouldn't be a third-person action game at that point ... Another avenue to explore is Joel's influence on Ellie. Chris: Which "ending" are you referring to? Her handkerchief. I'm referring to shooting basically everyone in the final section: the soldiers, the doctor and eventually Joel's killing Marlene (in a cutscene, outside of your "agency" — but in reality, you have no agency in the entire scenario). At what point does a smart, kind (quick example: when she picks up the toy for the young boy they travel with for part of the game), empathetic person become a complete monster just to survive? Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. (In response, he shrugged.) This is such a complete and refreshing subversion of the typical male/female roles. Forcing you to shoot the doctors — to externalize what's happening inside of Joel's brain — is the writer shouting, "Shame on you for assuming you are this man." Ale scenę ściągania skóry propsuję.

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