23. No fancy way of saying it and no if, ands, or buts. �E^�����"ͪem��(�c�I�E�T�w" Although I sometimes truly wish my school day could be filled with angry birds and dorito breaks – and that’s sadly what a good percentage of people think my days is filled with (sigh…) – we come to school to work. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> x��M�� ���S��JKs8�y���Z�ZI��%�'ϋ=�/���KU3�n �^��=��w�M��jɿm��v�U��]���]��o������ZV�o�/~O�?�C]G����W��������nn�z�8���Ix�V�墮�j��,�����ꋯ��17�U���ﯪ릚��V�m6}��[w�����VW�_����:�?F�Gw�c6�QYn�=9�%릚'�Ź��j�J�����;���w�X�v�uU�0���L������U�j�`)/B��1���__U��n�P}yS}3;������zU/6�=p Behavior Analysis in Practice, 3(1), 22–32. Allow teenagers to listen to music from CD players or IPODS etc while they do work, or give them a 5 min break. This should be outlined in the BIP and should list successive teaching steps for student to learn replacement behavior(s) and/or curriculum materials needed. Negative consequence – student is not allowed to escape work through poor behavior. Avoid OSS if possible so student is not rewarded for poor behavior. Function based treatments for escape-maintained problem behavior: A treatment selection model for practicing behavior analysts. �. Use a token economy 26. Replacement Behavior for Hitting Putting it all together sounds easy, but it is actually a challenge. Getting it right the first time may not be possible- it may take a couple of times to find an effective replacement behavior for hitting and also make the behavior plan work. *qè\т����n�I�@�y�t5��i�JN�^/�z�N�T�zq8���~�ح���bi�$��_1�Ia�˜0Rv���RW���Rw�b���8����i��XZS�|I�k)��NiY/wc��@�5�W��Q�(���l}�f�V�A���Cp���O�'��@�mzp^�Gӓ�7}���nfBD+�J���~�G3kg�##�/�R/'�ϫ��i5I�� �����|� C���b�7��b�;��m h���'� %��������� ܨLsN�3DW�R�`�P�-�$e�?pg]��IF�aK�,ʱ������Y�v`�H�!-&P ;U�I�DQ�8B�L�#֫���}�̇Ŗ���Zr͝�FZ�Մ����&[�� f� G�Q�.�k��rM�9���M��v��eG��f_m��^���y��)wrg0��pq���q��i�8��ETSF����Op[�c���YeSeB]�ȏ��-4։z��%�yz�+��݂�r�����)���Z U�\�AA����GT

25. Demonstrate waiting behavior Request attention by raising hand Select from a Choice Ask for a hug Ask for a turn Request an item If you feel that the student exhibits the target behavior to escape an activity, demand or social interaction, you may select from the following list of replacement behaviors: 4 0 obj appropriate skill that is maintained by the same consequences as the challenging behavior The replacement behavior may need to be specifically taught to the child, practiced during calm times of day, modeled, role played, and a visual cue or reminder may be helpful. %PDF-1.3 27.
24. stream Gu��v**Zo���>�c ����n������;N� ��H ��rjmD �b%�zȫ�r��о���T�[�t&�M��6Z��A��� l�mD�^oհ �(M)�t���� �{9~�~M�'%��볫�α�M�2aw\���|n�^��w����D�&��h�H����q\����ay��)� �������E��)�m��R�5� M�.�đ�r/���4 Escape Behaviors {Replacement Behaviors} Sasha Long 07.07.14 Comments: 7. Knoster, T., & Llewelly, G. (2007) Screening for understanding of student problem behavior: … �S>ޣ9:���v�-�? 1�r׏�����&ZbZ���A�>3�v5�g^��,��\��/��4��8FS�}>�]��jFpV+ƀ��=��a��Y��=L�&�vI(|A��y�� �:���J>#0=�7�X��B;��ʚÓe:}81�e�76+yC̩�Ek�Hf%@��:9LK���d��f��GbWh}N�P��vMO�/���A%ݥ'2|�ѽ��K�

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