After that, no one will be allowed to leave or enter the area unless for essential purposes like work. Residents will have until 4 p.m. to enter the area. Almost half of families in the UK say they WILL stick to coronavirus... Three years ago, Janet Burns felt herself sliding into depression, a too-familiar state. But migrants eager to recover from the coronavirus-induced economic freeze exceed the seasonal workers needed. Up to 470,000 migrants could be living in Spain trying to find ways to legally work and live in Europe, according to PorCausa, a Madrid-based foundation focused on stimulating thought around the issue of migration. Spain has ordered a region with 200,000 people to re-enter full lockdown after a surge of coronavirus cases. Fruit with Social Justice is considering promoting an industry-wide certificate of good practices that European consumers can identify because export licenses are currently granted based largely on the paper trail of labor contracts, allowing many companies to find loopholes and take advantage of the seasonal workers. “We have decided to confine the Segria zone following data confirming a sharp rise in COVID-19 infections,” Catalonia’s regional president Quim Torra said. Catalan President Quim Torra called the decision “difficult” in a press conference but said the decision came after a “notable growth in COVID-19 cases.”. The pandemic may have slowed down in much of continental Europe, but amid dozens of infection clusters popping up across Spain, those among seasonal agricultural workers are particularly preoccupying health authorities as a possible vector for further spread. People cannot be locked away indoors. The four-phase process envisages the re-tightening of lockdown measures in cases where it may be necessary. Lockdown measures in a Spanish city 100 miles from Barcelona have today been tightened, with residents now ordered to say indoors and only leave for food or to work if ‘essential’. ‘The restaurant is nice but there is a single bar. As admissions to hospitals and ICUs are worryingly on the rise again, an inflatable emergency ward has been installed at the gates of a local hospital. Two days ago the Catalan government ruled out the lockdown rule it is now bringing in, saying it believed the mandatory use of face masks could help combat the spread of the virus. Police have set up checkpoints on all access roads in and out of the city. This week, when he ran out of savings after failing to find work in northern Spain’s peach orchards, he still refused to do so. The Segrià region was put back into lockdown, meaning no-one was allowed to enter of leave, earlier this month following a spike of coronavirus cases. But many agribusinesses keep failing to provide enough and adequate accommodation for their workers, as required by agreements with the unions, said Gemma Casal, an activist with the local Fruit with Social Justice platform. The woman advised him to take a taxi to the Blue Sea’s sister hotel, the Costa Jardin, which is roughly a mile away. Residents in the Spanish city of Lleida awoke today saddened and demoralised after the county of El Segria was thrust back in lockdown yesterday. As the head of the local fruit wholesale exchange, he is also witness to how the squeeze on prices and investors seeking large-scale cost-saving operations are driving farmers out of business. LLEIDA, Spain -- In the 20 years since he left his native Senegal, Biram Fall has never slept in the streets. Many of those infected are believed to be seasonal fruit pickers, with the outbreak also hitting an apartment building, a nursing home, and a shelter for homeless people, according to Anadolu Agency. ‘Our customer services ‘in-resort’ team is urgently contacting Mr Fletcher to try to resolve this to his satisfaction and ensure that he can enjoy the rest of his holiday. Segria, in the northeast of Spain, borders the Spanish region of Aragon, which actually became the first Spanish region to declare local lockdowns since the country’s state of emergency came to an end on June 21. “European consumers seem to have awakened to exploitation by the garment industry in far-flung countries,” Casal said. Your privacy is ensured in base of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), City in Lockdown: Emergency Measures in Lleida Spain- Update, Breaking News – Salvador Illa rules out home confinement, Breaking News – Mini-tsunami floods streets along Turkey’s coast, Belgium Changes Spanish Travel Alert From Green To Orange After Lockdown In Catalonia, Spanish Government Finalizes Law That Will Make The Francisco Franco Foundation Illegal. The issue is highly polarizing and a vote fishing ground for the far right. Good morning. Temperatures are measured on arrival, those who show symptoms of COVID-19 are tested and positives go into quarantine facilities. “But here we have 21st century slavery within the EU’s borders and we do nothing.”, Follow AP coverage of the virus outbreak at and, 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Catalonia has registered 816 new cases in the past 24 hours. People in another seven municipalities near Lleida in the Segria region have also been given the new lockdown order, which means they can only venture outdoors to buy food or go to the bank or for work if it is an ‘essential service’ and cannot be done from home. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. The government of Catalonia announced on Saturday that the county of Segria will be placed under lockdown to try to contain the spread of COVID-19. Mr Fletcher, who believes the taxis and price difference between hotels have cost him £286 in total, said he tried to contact Loveholidays but  was unable to get through. Refusing to risk contagion among them, Fall counted the few euros he had left from selling snails foraged along roadsides and packed his things. “Migrants are essential for the fruit industry,” Gramunt said. Any uptick is being scrutinized in a country on edge after losing at least 28,300 people to COVID-19, according to official records. -- Advertisement -- THE local government will announce the lifting of restrictions shortly, starting at four o’clock this afternoon, the mobility ban will be officially lifted. You have entered an incorrect email address! Would YOU break the rules to spend Christmas with your family? There are also 48 sun loungers for 300 guests,’ he said. Euro Weekly News Media Group, Avenida Ramon y Cajal 54, Edificio River Playa, Local 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain. The Segria region is said to have accounted for 190 of the total. People in another seven municipalities near Lleida in the Segria region have also been told they can only venture outdoors to buy food or go to the bank or for work if it is an ‘essential service’ and cannot be done from home. Authorities in northeast Spain have ordered the lockdown of a county around the city of Lleida due to worrying outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus. British tourists are having to resort to sleeping on beaches and booking new rooms in Europe after paying for hotels that are still closed due to coronavirus lockdown. One tourist resorted to paying £600 for an apartment for her son because she was scared he would have to ‘sleep on the beach’. Around 431,183 people live in the area, according to 2019 figures. Karon Hylton,... You have entered an incorrect email address! The quarantine began Saturday at 12 noon (1000 GMT) and residents of the now quarantined region had until 4 p.m. local time (1400 UTC/GMT) to return to their place of residence. The outbreaks in Lleida involve fruit-picking businesses, an apartment building, a nursing home, and a shelter for homeless people. Here’s the sign-up. No part of this website may be reproduced without written permission from the publishers. On arrival, Mr Fletcher was disappointed at the vast difference in accommodation. reported the findings and said that the travel agency Loveholidays has been the main offender, according to the Times newspaper. Previously they made people wear the face coverings outdoors in public only when social distancing of around five feet could not be guaranteed. In the town of Fraga, where fruit processing plants dot the surrounding farmland of lush orchards, 360 infections over the past two weeks have forced authorities to bring back the first localized restrictions since the country left behind a strict lockdown of nearly three months. Catalan regional authorities announced Saturday, July 4, 2020 that as of noon local time movement will be restricted to and from the county of El Segriá around Lleida which is home to over 200,000 people. Pinching his forearm, he questioned: “Does anyone think that the virus cannot go through black skin? The regional government-imposed decision is a tightening up of existing restrictions which had been in place in the entire Segria region, which is home to around 400,000 people, for more than a week. You can count on our support. British tourists were allowed to enter Spain for the first time in three months on June 21 when the country’s state of emergency ended. +34 951 38 61 61 Meanwhile, the ruling left-wing coalition has stayed away from following the recent examples of Portugal and Italy, only extending some temporary work permits for the summer. Share your story with us by emailing, by calling +34 951 38 61 61 or by messaging our Facebook page In a recent analysis, PorCausa argued that regularizing the so-called “paperless” is not only fair but makes economic sense in a country that needs younger taxpayers. Rules that still apply from Phase Zero But some British tourists claim they are having to resort to sleeping on beaches and booking new rooms in Europe after paying for hotels that are still closed due to coronavirus lockdown. Lleida and six municipalities of the region of Segriá in Spain are counting the hours to the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions. (Photo @mossos / Twitter) 3. Another, who set off for a break in the Spanish sun, arrived with his partner and 10-year-old son, only to find that the hotel was closed. Consumer watchdog Which? Spain tightens lockdown in city 100 miles from Barcelona as 140,000 residents are ordered to stay indoors and only leave their homes for food or work after spike in coronavirus cases People in Lleida, in Segrià, region being told to stay in their homes from today They will only be … Craig Fletcher, 38, booked his trip to the Canary Island of Tenerife through Loveholidays, who have already been criticised for failing to tell customers that their bookings are no longer available due to lockdown. That it only infects white people?”. News in Costa Blanca North – Alicante – Benidorm, News in Costa Blanca South – Torrevieja – Alicante. Pictured, police officers check the documents of people travelling on vehicles at the entrance of Lleida. The government has said people can enter the region until 4 p.m. (1400 GMT) Saturday. The number of cases is not currently a concern, health officials said, but they want to curb the community spread before the virus becomes out of control. Two more deaths and 400 new cases were reported, with 155 of the new infections detected in Lleida alone. The 38-year-old arrived at the Hotel Blue Sea in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife where a lady was, ‘freaking out saying “you can’t come in, we’re closed”.’, Pictured: Product Manager Craig Fletcher, 38, who turned up to his Loveholidays pre-booked hotel in Tenerife, only to find that it had been closed due to coronavirus lockdown. Overall, Spain has recorded more than a quarter of a million cases and at least 28,385 deaths. What Polls Say About an Eternal Mystery, News Quiz: Amy Coney Barrett, Lockdowns, Anonymous, Hitler ‘Kentucky Fried Jews’ Merch Pops Up Online, Site Taken Down, Walmart Removes Guns, Ammo Citing Potential Election Unrest, Curious about going to a movie theater?

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