For a three-phase generator, the full load current is calculated as I = 1000 × S / (√3 × V).Where, S is the generator rating in kilo-volt-ampere (kVA), and V is the generator rated voltage in volt (V). It, therefore, can supply 10 times (100 divided by 10) its rated secondary load current into a short circuit on its secondary terminals. Example of asynchronous motors. To obtain A. The example described below shows that the current and power calculations must be carried out in accordance with precise mathematical rules in order to clearly distinguish the different components.. Load regulation of a constant-voltage source is defined by the equation: % = % − − − − Where: − is the voltage at maximum load.

The power factor of resistive impedance load is equal to 1. The figure below shows the DC load line. if you know the 3phase load divide it by the phase to phase operating voltage x the square root of 3. A group of circuits consists of two three-phase asynchronous motors M 1 and M 2 connected … This simplifies the torque equation to: For most DC motor cases, we can assume the flux, φ, is constant, making torque directly proportional to the current: When examining the torque-current curve for a DC motor, notice that the no-load (stall) current is greater than zero. I = current in ampere (A) cos φ = cosinus phi (without unit) Formula to calculate power, current and voltage in three-phase wiring (unbalanced load, different loads on each of three phases) : Pt=P1+P2+P3 P1=V*I1*cosφ1 I1=P1/(V*cosφ1) Same thing for each phase… V=P1/(I*cosφ1) Pt = total power of the circuit in watt (W) The maximum load is the one that draws the greatest current, i.e. Now suppose the second unit has an impedance of 2%. the lowest specified load resistance (never short circuit); AC three phase watts to amps calculation Calculation with line to line voltage. To obtain the load line, the two end points of the straight line are to be determined. Calculation of the current consumed by several receivers. This line is called as D.C. Load line. 3. Basically the formula is I = P / V where I = amps, P = power (kV) and V = volts for a single phase 11 kV genset the formula is 11000/400 = 27.5 amps max load.

Example 100 KVA 3ph load at 277/480v has a current of 100/(.48 x sq rt 3) or 100/.8314 or 120.2813A Definitions. This unit can supply a much greater multiple of its rated secondary load current into a short circuit on its secondary terminals: 50 times (100 divided 2) this value. For a single-phase generator, the full load current is calculated as: I = 1000 × S / V.Try it with this calculator.. Let those two points be A and B.

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