This song is called “Charli Bmore”, of course, and although most of you have probably heard it by now, it’s always worth revisiting after a few weeks because it really is that good of a record. Other Rapper/Producer duos that might be just as noticeable include the likes of Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, or Playboi Cart and Pi’erre Bourne, so hearing the aforementioned talents in the same conversation lets you know just how powerful their work together has become throughout the years. He’s passed down multiple deals to sell out, and for good reason. What is Big Sean’s Newest Song and Why is it Controversial? Soulja Boy’s House Robbed While Rapper Is In Jail, Robnhood Tra Is “Trappin Worldwide” In His Latest Video, Nick Cannon Accuses Eminem of Being a Product of Institutional Racism. … One of the Lyrical Lemonade’s big missions is to put Chicago back on the map as a hip-hop hub, but it’s also to help the community at large. Your cart.

Those numbers nearly doubled in the second year. The NLE Choppa Can — Regular price $10 Sold Out. Close Cart Sold Out. Lyrical Lemonade itself has become one of the most prominent tastemakers in hip-hop. Also in this issue is an update on the bottled water market and it continues to post strong volume gains, how natural and organic retailers are combating broader competition, the ingredient solutions available for next-generation performance beverages, and much more! Water, lemon juice, sugar and natural flavors. Add all of this to a strong supply of visuals – simple, hard-nosed, and perfect for such a heavyweight song –  and you’ve got …, Colorado-native and underground star Vwillz has been keeping his foot on the neck of 2020 since the year has started. The hype is most definitely…. This pairing, along with the rockstar-esque sound, make “Blue Slime” one of the most exciting new releases I’ve heard in recent memory, especially out of Virginia. Famous Dex: Yeah, I got a box for my son. But beyond that, Lyrical Lemonade is the beating heart for much of what’s happening in hip-hop. It seems like the music scene from this North Eastern state is beginning to shine and today, Will just dropped some music that will add more weight to that statement! The track lays a beautifully smooth instrumental and a catchy hook, Ness provided us with a smooth flow that’s very electronic/pop-inspired. His videos started as recaps and recordings of shows, but he went on to develop into documentaries about up-and-comers in Chicago hip-hop and more intimate ciphers. Did you even get some? document.write('