of Bamboos. North Wind scores 416. This means a group of all 4 identical tiles of any suit. The player who went Mah Jong is then paid by the other players the No 1, 9, wind or dragons. double. Call Riichi, then draw or steal the final tile needed within one turn. A concealed Pung of Ones, a concealed Pung of Nines, These hands each have 14 tiles arranged in four pungs and a pair . This "set" still counts as if it were only 3 tiles. Must have at least one sequence. Each player starts off with 13 tiles. which allows the declaration of Mah Jong. Mah Jong immediately made by West, North or South You only need to understand that in order to declare a winning hand, you'll have to have at least one yaku in your hand. Pungs/Kongs of Winds/Dragons. This is made One of each Dragon, one of each Wind, one of each Shown above is a Chow of the 1-2-3 of Balls. Below is the list of hands and their point values: Pair of Flowers, Any 2, Pair of White Dragons, Any 8, Two Kongs of 8, Kong of Flowers, Kong of 2, Kong of White Dragons, White Dragon and Any 8, Pair of Flowers, Kong of Green Dragons,  Any 2, Pair of White Dragons, Any 8,  Kong of Red Dragons, Pair of Flowers, Pung of 2, Two Pungs of White Dragons, Pung of 8, Pair of 2, Pung of 4, Kong of Flowers, Pung of 6, Pair of 8, Pung of 2 and Kong of 4 in one suit, Pung of 6 and Kong of 8 in another suit, Pair of 2 and Pung of 4 in one suit, Pair of 4 and Pung of 6 in another suit, Kong of 8 from the remaining suit, Kong of 2. At this point the game will go into auto-pilot and automatically discard every tile you draw until you either get the one you need or have a chance to call Ron. You may Chow the 6 or 9 Balls thrown by the player on your left. which allows the player to go Mah Jong. This is an in-depth guide to all 100 substories and the friendships found in Yakuza 0. Example: The same sequence in all three suits. Prevailing Wind is East. This yaku is great for beginners to go for as it doesn't require any additional yaku knowledge. Any one of these tiles must be paired. A pair of Ones and a run from Two to Nine in the same The Plum Blossom is the Five of Circles. Some of these may be rather difficult to differentiate so it's a good idea to learn them. Do you have what it takes to become Yakuza? Must have at least one sequence. Points: 40, Type: Exposed Its purpose is to create a simple way of making use of a 4th matching tile rather than forcing a player to discard it. Alternatively just keep a guide such as this one open so you can look up any tiles you're unsure of. This Special hand. Pungs/Kongs of all three Dragons, another Pung/Kong a pair. one of the four compass directions. You can make a Chow from the fresh tiles you'll be picking up with each turn or from a tile discarded by the player on your Left IF (and only if) you are already holding 2 of the 3 needed tiles. Example: The same as Toi Toi with the exception of none of the three triplets or quadruplets having been acquired through stealing. Example: Each sequence must contain a 1 or 9. Kong of Green Dragons. Often Mahjong can seem quite intimidating and complex for beginners, but nothing could be further from the truth. Do not steal any other player's discards throughout the entire round. When the hand is over, the winner gets one point if they have NO flowers at all, or one point for any flower whose value matches their Seat. Once you only need one more tile to complete your hand you can call Riichi. With every round played you’ll learn new tips and tricks to become a better player. Pungs/Kongs of each of the four Winds with any pair. Complete your hand by drawing the final tile from the pile. by a player who upon drawing the last tile from the wall finds that Example: The hand may only contain tiles from one suit (man, pin or sou) as well as honor tiles. If you are the first player to collect 4 "sets" of three tiles plus a single pair of tiles, you win the hand. This is called an "Original Call". Four sets of the three tiles in the different suits and a pair. Point: 25, Type:Exposed Put together some more Mah Jong hands and check with other players at One and one of each Nine. If East wins, the others pay double. Example - You are holding a pair of the 9 Characters. Shouldn't take too long as a good win can easily get you 5-6 million on the expert table. Example: Having the melds 1-2-3, 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 of the same type. Rather than having 4 melds and one pair, this yaku uses 7 pairs. 20 x 4 = 80. it is the Moon which allows the player to go Mah Jong. Shown above is a Kong made up of the 5 of Characters. Out of all of the minigames in Yakuza 0, Mahjong will most likely be the most complicated and time consuming one to earn completion points in. Each sequence must contain a 1 or 9. Pungs/Kongs of any one suit and a pair. You can make a Kong from the fresh tiles you pick up or from a tile discarded by any other player IF (and only if) you are already holding 3 of the 4 needed tiles. Below is a list of special hands, including their name, description and award. Kong of Red Dragons. You may Pong a 9 Character thrown by any other player. The types of tiles you've collected determine how many chips the other players have to pay you. You can have Winds and Dragons in addition to this suit and still remain ‘clean’. With each turn you get to pick up a 14th tile, and then discard one from your hand. Pair of 4, kong of 6,  two pairs of 8, Pair of Flower, kong of 2 and kong of 8 in one suit, pair of 4 and pair of 6 in another suit, Pung of 2,  kong of matching dragon, pung of 2, kong of matching dragon, Pung of 2 and pung of 4 , pung of 6, pung of 8, pair of matching dragons. Point: 30, Type: Exposed Complete your hand by stealing the discard of the player that drew the final tile from the pile. Self-explanatory. Yaku are a list of criteria that a hand can meet, from only using a specific set of tiles to declaring on a specific turn. (You'll notice that the "wind" directions don't correspond with the This is often referred to as "facing fourteen tiles dealt to that player. As mentioned earlier, there's a total of 136 tiles in each set of tiles. At this point, if they have a complete hand of four groups and one pair (3+3+3+3+2=14), and have a valid yaku (explained below), they can declare they have won. The year is 1988 and Japan's in the midst of an economic bubble. Discover the origins of Kiryu and Majima before they became legends. There is no small amount of If a player went Mah Jong with a special hand or a player was Calling on a special hand at Mah Jong, the scores in the Special Hand table apply. Luckily it's not really required to understand exactly how it works since the game calculates everything for you. Player is fishing. Special hands are alternative target sets of tiles that a player can go Mah Jong with. Mahjong is what could be described as the eastern equivalent to poker, albeit different in quite a few ways. If not, East pays Pungs/Kongs of the green tiles and a pair. The original Chinese game allowed only a few special hands but some Western derivatives controversially include many more. Shown above is a Pong made up of the 5 Sticks. Each player starts off with 13 tiles. Mah Jong immediately made by East with the original hand, the difference between the two hands, with East paying and/or CHOW... One type of "set" you can put together is called a Chow. Example: Any triplet or quadruplet of your wind, the prevailing wind or any dragon tile.

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