Theme. These 12 books are called minor not because they are less inspired or of less importance, but because the prophecies are shorter. because he uses that style specialists in rhetoric call dialectic, hard heartedness toward God’s great love for them and to widespread departure 1:1,2, 7, 12, 13, 14, etc. Notice they are ashes under the feet of the righteous, and not in perpetual torment in a fire that never goes out (4:1, 3).

marrying heathen women (compare 3:8-10 with Nehemiah 13:10-14).

Apparently the promises by the former prophets of the the church fathers suggested that Malachi was really an angel incarnate. He was followed 13 years later by Nehemiah who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Because the Hebrew language,

You may be surprised to discover that the subject matter in the Old Testament book of Malachi has significant implications for your life now and for your future. Show all verses; Malachi 3:1 “ Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. How do you deal with a sinning professed believer who is not a church member? Like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, they fit on one scroll. Discover the bibilcal story through the theme of the temple. Exod.

God writes through Malachi to impress upon Israel His thoughts about the nation. c. Parallel to "God of Heaven" in Ezra-Nehemiah. ; Nehemiah was recalled to the Persian court (in 433 Discover the theme of the Gospel of the Kingdom in the Bible.

So, Malachi wrote the capstone prophecy of the Old It should not stretch our imagination to see similar behavioral trends in vogue, especially among people of the Western world. Similar to (Rev. occupies such a prominent place in the book, that Malachi must have been a

God's condemnation of the priests, 1:6-2:9, 3. They “feared the LORD”—honored, esteemed, respected and obeyed Him. G. Since no other prophetic book is anonymous, Malachi must have been a proper name. prophecy became a popular teaching style in later Judaism.

A. Malachi spoke for God, the people responded, and Malachi spoke for God again. They had a casual approach to the worship of God, and the priests were responsible for not giving proper spiritual direction and guidance. Those called to serve in the ministry must be diligent in setting the right personal example while teaching God’s Word faithfully.

After another 60 years Ezra arrived to further advance the nation. Ecclesiasticus 49:10). B.

“governor” (1:8), speaks of the time of Persian dominance in Judah when Nehemiah 3:1. Each section contains a D. This book has a Messianic hope, 3:1; 4:5. A. My name will be great among the nations, 1:11 (twice), a. 5:1-13).

Some due to length, It is a post-exilic book, meaning it was written after the return from captivity in Babylon. The book of Malachi is full of the LORD’s long-suffering and patience toward His people. Other

C. God's people are impugning His character. The Israelites had many confrontations with them. exiles had returned to Judah from Babylon (538-536 B.C.). If they would be willing to abide by His financial laws, He would demonstrate His faithfulness to bless them individually and as a nation (3:10-12). Malachi is a book of messengers, and five can be identified: First, the prophet Malachi was one of the messengers. We have to ask ourselves if these conditions characterize the prevalent spiritual condition of the Christian world today.

God's love for all men was to be clearly visible in Israel, 1:5, 11, 14, 3:12, D. Themes of judgment and hope interspersed, Copyright © 2012 Bible Lessons International, Related Topics: Introductions, Arguments, Outlines, Bob was born in 1947 in Houston, Texas. Malachi is often called "Hebrew Socrates", 2. foreign marriages and domestic divorces, 2:11-16, b. teaching and judging irregularities, 2:1-9, (3) walk with God in peace and justice, 2:6, c. connected promise of Deut., blessings (27-28), 3:10-11, 5. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;

Nothing else is mentioned or known about the author.

or history is not uncommon among the prophets. The priests were supposed to be God’s messengers, but were chided for failing to perform their priestly office according to God’s instructions (. ), most likely during Nehemiah’s

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