He has never hurt anyone or me. Maine Coons are not known for being destructive. Most Maine Coon cats are drawn to water and might enjoy an unexpected swim. They are friendly, affectionate, loving, sometimes goofy like animals that have a nature that totally belies their impressive size. When I give him a bath. Maine Coon Cats Chirp When They Are Excited, They Are Very Gentle And Not Aggressive At All, They Are Very Gentle With Other Animals As Well, The Maine Coon Compared To A Regular House Cat, The 3 Toys For Maine Coons You Just Have To Get, The Best Harness For Maine Coons? This is another great thing about Maine Coon cats. Male Maine Coons are much more socially adaptable than their female counterparts. I hope this helps. However, this definitely can be annoying when it is too much. Known as the gentle giants or the ‘cat of the dog world’, these traits associated with them showcase the personality of these amazing cats. Very much so. Now. Here is an example. Overall this is a great breed that is simply a joy to be around. It’s a myth that Maine Coons are strictly from Maine and originated from there. Of course, if you get a kitten, you have to teach your Maine Coon that furniture is not there for being scratched, but that won´t be a problem. So what should you know about Maine Coon personality? After answering three or four times, Maze just stops and gives us a headbutt instead of answering again. He is sensitive to emotions and a great entertainer. If this is your first time considering this breed of cat then you will definitely want to know all about the amazing Maine Coon personality! There is no exception here. The only differences I see are. That time it took us a little bit longer to clean her and she really wanted to go. I really want one of theses kittens my cat is long haired and shes great but a main coon would be wonderful to have they r so beautiful.i wish i knew where to start looking for one if anyone knows please let me know thank you. Now it doesnt faze me. Compared to most other cats, the personality of a Maine Coon cat is truly unique. Take good care of yourself . & go outside with him on a leash – I show you how here! I got really lucky and found him in a shelter. Do you know anybody who has a Maine Coon cat? She especially shows love to my girlfriend. Just about everything you say about Maine Coons is also true of Louis. I do child care and he is completely gentle with the kids I take care of. UNTIL one day a couple friends came over. Most of the times she just endures it and makes short sounds until we let her go. Most owners of Main Coons will agree that the males of the breed are far more outgoing than the females are. Talking to your cat is fun, especially when your cat answers with short meows and similar sounds. Maze always gives her headbutts or she tries to groom her, but Gigetta always slaps her or runs away. It is always great to read stories about cats from other people. When she wakes for a short time, she makes sure that we stay there by touching us gently with her paw. I have what I “believe” to be a Maine Coon Tuxedo…. Maine Coons are quite intelligent and exhibit very friendly traits. They are highly intelligent and playful. They enjoy hunting as well as spending a lot of time playing chase, hence it is essential to place toys around them.

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