This river is wide and smooth flowing. But I only had to portage twice, Jon just once. You will sometimes hear tires whining on a highway. We added you to our newsletter list! Included in the trout stream books were details on location of public access, river current and depth. The pull out is not well marked, so keep a sharp eye out. With limited river permits available, make your reservation to reserve your spot and book your PRPC adventure now! M72 BRIDGE - There is a livery business visible across the river. All in all, a very nice place. Frequently the passage between the jam and the inside shore was a mere 3 or 4 feet. This river requires solid boat handling skills and a confident, assertive paddling style. Shel-Haven offers clean, indoor bathrooms located in our beautiful building. Major Access Points on the River System: Download map for details. More than once I found myself twisted around by the eddies, my bow jammed into the sand on the inside of the curve and my stern exposed to the current behind. Poison ivy is abundant. As a bonus, these trout stream books offered information on riverbed content, bank and surrounding land make-up, useful in trip planning. ATTENTION: PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW POLICY. Swimming is not really a viable option, wading and splashing are. There is no similar easy river access in the area of Bear Track. The clear water, green woods, surrounding hills were heavenly. Some parts have tighter navigation and fast switchbacks which may take you a little off guard, but this is a great river for the casual paddler. Gifted with a moderate current, occasional light riffles, and a very stable flow, the river is a favorite with Scout Troops, Youth Groups, and family groups. There were nails hammered into several trees. Several families would head north for a weekend; set up in one of the National Forest campgrounds and the kids would paddle the river one day, the grow-ups the next. Some may not need or want to paddle in some sections, opting for the current to carry them. Campers must bring their own. From there you will float back down river to your car. We perceived that the liveries were somewhat hesitant to travel to landings with which they were not instantly familiar. Numerous campgrounds and access sites are conveniently spaced over the entire length of the river, and make it possible to paddle a two hour float, a ten day trip, or anything in between. We are just south of M-55 on M-37 and just off the Pine River. My perception is that outfitting is in large part, an untapped opportunity in this geographic location.

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