I guess I gotta agee to some extent that the Marshall can do metal...But it's not ideal. I have a 1998 model... any good settings to share? im actually going to meet him at the strip joint in a few, ill ask him. Not much gain at all on the pedal. Launched in 1997 ... 2203 became the JCM800 2203 we know today: a straightforward single channel amplifier that was favoured by the heavy metal scene that dominated much of that decade. Uses a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal. If Ultra Gain channel isn't metal enough then put an EQ pedal in the effects loop (or hit the front end and use it to push the preamp. No issues at all playing Metal. wayne is a buddy of mine, he lives a few streets away from me. BB Pros in my LP Std. To start viewing messages, My RR1 with BL USA's, my Kelly with a DD, or my 750XL with a Full Shred set all get the job done. Could be. Maybe not the best in the most extreme styles, but i bet it fit the most...buy hey! You want pickups that get it thumping. I feel like with my DSL no matter how I use my settings it always has a certain sound to it that just not metal enough for me. – Yes, cranking the ultra gain dial or adding a distortion/boost pedal will produce an ultra-saturated tone for playing most genres of metal.
Sue me. First I want to thank Ryan for the deal on my Marshall DSL 100 HR and 1960 A cab! And I am not taking about a boosted DSL. I am used to Vox AC30"s and a mint 1981 Peavey Mace.

At home tones are great and loud. Not worse, just different. For thrash, Deep on, Mid scoop, dime everything except volume and reverb, Lead 1. I borrowed a DSL for a while and the red channel had TONS of gain. The DSL40c really dig the Green/Crunch mode that's not available on the DSL20. Would the Origin, with the boost mode engaged plus an SD-1, cross 800 territory tonewise, and be capable of classic 70s early 80s Hard Rock / Metal, Leppard, early Maiden, Priest, etc. I did the C12 mod. 160 watts. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The variety of features mean that it can be used for multiple genres, anything from blues rock to heavy metal.

I had a DSL50 a few years ago. link above. Someone mentioned Hatebreed. Nile alone should give you a resounding YES! Go get a used JCM 2000 DSL. Powered by Invision Community. DSL5C - marshall.com DSL5 With a 10” Celestion Ten-30 speaker, perfectly chosen for great sound at low levels, this 5W amp provides you with the chance to experiment in your own home or at rehearsals. It has the features and Marshall tone that is expected from the DSL series but is compact and portable, perfect for those bedroom players. With rich functionality including the ability to move between two sounds within each gain channel, players can experiment and release their personality through sound. They are here to help. Why the no boosting constraint? The answer is yes, a DSL will work for Metal/Hardcore.....I used it for a Metal band i was in and it worked just fine. The 1962 Bluesbreaker was the first combo made by Marshall.

Clean or crunch on the Green channel - they are both pretty usable, especially for a Marshall. Hopefully that will do the trick. IMO, boosting adds a little tightness, etc but doesn't really alter the tone of the amp too much. This page was generated at 08:46 PM. So far I have found the sweet spot for Neighbor friendly tones using the medium power and a inexpensive Dano TODv1. If you are seeking a good deal on great Marshall tone, this amp should definitely make the shortlist. Can the Marshall DSL-1 amp play metal?
Fuck I'm diggin' Nile lately.

Paste as plain text instead, × ). Tommy, you're needed over in the best amp for hardcore thread. Encontre Marshall Dsl 100h - Amplificadores Marshall no Mercado Livre Brasil. In that respect, yes I would use a plain ol' DSL for that kind of music. Easy to dial, cuts throught the mix very well. And I'm thinking how much does a band like that boost though? Even with a boost I still think they sound crappy.

If you don't like the voicing, fair enough, but if gain was lacking...I think maybe there was a problem with the amp. IMO it's not the ideal amp for Metal, but it can definitely do it. Slow fukking website, double posted on me. Our rhythm player/singer uses a DSL and 1960A cab w/v30's and it does a GREAT brit/thrash thing but it's a VERY different beast than the 5150.

Display as a link instead, × The cleans are beautiful. So yeh he is boosting. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I had traded this amp after having it for some years and now just got it back and I'd say while Soldano designed does have a JCM800 flavor. I think teh DSL CAN do metal but it'll just sound different.   You cannot paste images directly. Some however enjoy the revoiced Red/Ultra channel not sure on the 20 but the DSL1hr I just sold Ultra channel a bit Darker than the 40c.   Your link has been automatically embedded. But then on the other hand after owning a 6505 also I bet its just the voicing that I hate. I play every weekend in front of 300 plus people. DSL1C - marshall.com DSL1C From bright shimmering clean tones to punchy aggressive gain, the DSL1 combo has the features to provide the sound that suits you. Anyway I was frustrated with the Marshall and couldn"t figure out why. But I doub't my cab will get to me for another week. Yes you can do it. I disagree with pedecamp as far as needed volume for the tones you describe especially if you bump it just a Tad with a Boost or OD pedal. Same here and still own it. i only use the vintage mode on my rectifier, not teh brootlz anyway. hatebreed uses tsl's and they dont boost at all. I just received my Origin 20h yesterday and will do a proper review soon.   Pasted as rich text. But I don't believe they get as over-the-top as something like a 5150 though. Actually the DSL can cover a HUGE amount of ground sonnically, from clean to uber scooped mids metal … Clear editor. If I play this thing next to my bro who is using my 6505+ the Marshall gets blown out of the water. I boost every amp I own (gain off, level maxed) except the CCV. I also have a 1st Gen DSL40c, had the DSL1hr and since there are mention of other brands also have a Jet City Jca20h. So I do believe you when you say it's too loud for your situation. Big room! My RR1 with BL USA's, my Kelly with a DD, or my 750XL with a Full Shred set all get the job done. You want pickups that get it thumping. I have a 1998 Orange Crush DSL100 1/2 stack from 1998. I don't feel like the Marshall has enough gain on its own to do metal. I feel like with my DSL no matter how I use my settings it always has a certain sound to it that just not metal enough for me. First I replaced the C12 capacitor with a different value to reduce the harshness (I don't recall the value).....Then I took it out entirely and it sounded more like a Marshall should. Yeah, I've tossed the idea around.   Your previous content has been restored. But to answer your original question, many people think DSL sounds good for metal and hardcore. You can post now and register later. I have just a few hours on this amp and I may discover more from here on out. Launched in 1965, ... Clean DSL. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. I even think this would be a great amp for AC/DC rock. I had to run my mids on 10 to get the grind I wanted, but it pulled it off just fine. I mean I had the thing tubed and biased about 2 years ago...But I don't think I've played it but maybe once a month since. I was trying to match my 2204 tone, to do that I'd set the Origin in 1 watt mode, volume on 10, gain on 7, this got me exactly where I wanted to be tonally but it was a tad too loud for home play. No issues at all playing Metal. My two picks for the best Marshall amp for hard rock and metal, with a focus on the popular DSL series featuring an all-tube head and combo option.

The answer is yes, a DSL will work for Metal/Hardcore.....I used it for a Metal band i was in and it worked just fine. If I play this thing next to my bro who is using my 6505+ the Marshall gets blown out of the water. Tech experts from Seymour Duncan are regularly on this forum, and are clearly labeled as employees of Seymour Duncan.

Re: Marshall DSL for Thrash Metal? Featuring 2 footswitch-able channels (and a footswitch!)

and two modes per channel, you will get a lot of flexibility with this amplifier. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

BTW, DSL likes to be crancked!!! All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners. dsl The DSL40 TM has been designed with a 12” G-12 v-type speaker for those who need exceptional tone and flexibility. You can make any amp sound metal if you boost. One of Marshall's best amps, IMO. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Nmoc strat, Oct 9, 2018. I've got like six dollars. 4# – Marshall Origin 5 & 20 Watt Combo. DSL's are great amps for HC/Punk/Metal. If you want to stick with Marshall, a DSL is what I'd choose. Still retains Amps base tone but just enough to go over the top as described. check out the FAQ by clicking the Finally the Jet City.

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