I tried combo.

The amp runs on three ECC83 preamp and two 6V6 power amp tubes, providing this two-channel head with a pure-tube pedigree. But there are wider media, fatter, too, with highs more variable, ranging from fairly mild to aggressive depending on the setting. Which is why several amp manufacturers have spent a lot of time, effort and money developing less-powerful and more-portable (not to mention affordable) amps, namely those of the 15-watt variety. You are not the first person I have run into who said that this amp is LOUD for 15W. The TA-15 packs all the performance found in high-end, full-size models and offers classic British and American sounds in a 12-pound package. Simply put, this is one cool-looking, mirror-finish 15-watt amp.

Turning up the Normal channel volume takes the clear tone and adds tube drive, compression and bite, which can be adjusted through your guitar’s volume control. There's nothing hazy about this choice, Marshall's Haze15.

Marshall MG15MSII Mini Stack Amplifier with Vox Virage II SC. and i ended up placing an order for an egnater renegade with my cash. I have not tried the 15 watt head.
Here's Mesa Boogie's official demo TA-15 video: MSRP: $899 | Visit mesaboogie.com for more info about this amp. Visit marshallamps.com for more about Marshall's Haze series. the clean is o.k. This review was submitted by Guitar Jar contributor: Neil Robinson. Erkekjetter Helvete. I've had a few Marshalls over the years and the Haze dose many things really good.

Please refresh the page and try again. We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. At low volumes, the Haze15 offers smooth, rich overdriven tones. As an added bonus, the Tiny Terror can go from 15 to 7 watts for studio use, recording and practice. The combo has EL-34's, so it should have the sound of a traditional Marshall. From its humble origins in the back of a small music store in London, Marshall Amplification has defined the sound of rock for generations of guitarists around the world. I am VERY close to pulling the trigger, but wanted to hear from anyone else with thoughts on the MHZ15. Thoughts - both good and bad from those who have experience with it? The Triode mode also relaxes the tube power stage, letting the mellow tube character shine through. I play a wide variety from classic 60's rock to todays crazy metal bands and I have yet to find myself outside of this amps capabilities. BA1 1UA. Here's a list of our five essential 15-watt guitar amps. that said, i don't think you'll have any problem getting good sound out of it - especially the gain channel - at low volumes. This compact all-tube head features effects, reverb, and classic looks without a big footprint. The 65 Princeton Reverb is versatile enough to go from the living room to the recording studio to the small gig. the haze is about the loudest 15w that i've heard, it cranks. the haze is about the loudest 15w that i've heard, it cranks. Display as a link instead, × So, I just need the head. It's got plenty of vintage vibe, plus dynamic clean and overdriven tones, spring reverb and tube vibrato. That could be a problem for me, since most of my playing is in my home office/studio - with the family only yards away. × Unlike larger amps, including 50-watters, you can really open up a 15-watt amp at a gig and take advantage of all its features, including that beautiful, natural gain that magically appears at high volumes. Ok, I want to believe, indeed, the Haze reminds me vaguely JCM800 2204 of the time (50W, one channel for the grandfather). It's really perfect for my needs. You simply don't need all that power (Unless Shop Rite also happens to be hosting a Sunday-afternoon drag race). The amp runs on three ECC83 preamp and two 6V6 power amp tubes, providing this two-channel head with a pure-tube pedigree. The Tone controls include Treble, Middle and Bass, allowing you to dial up just the right character for your individual, signature tone. The Bright mode accentuates the high-frequency components for a clear, ringing tone; the Thick setting bypasses the tone circuit to boost the gain and create a chunkier, heavier sound.

the clean is o.k. The Tiny Terror was designed to the same specs as larger Orange amps, and its portability makes it perfect for gigging around town or rehearsing. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. So it must sound nothing like the 40 watt combo then? All rights reserved. OVERALL OPINION Marshall … I wanted something to bring give a professional, live sound at lower wattage for home practice – getting that timeless Marshall stack presence was a real bonus, too. ColoradoFenderB, April 4, 2010 in Electric Guitars. i also have a vox night train for low watt stuff and it has a better clean than the marshall, if that's what your looking for. Visit mesaboogie.com for more info about this amp. . Channel 2 houses three Modes; a gorgeous TWEED clean, a British high gain in HI 1 and a classic Boogie Lead in HI 2.".   Your previous content has been restored. The 15 watt has 6v6's, not sure how that fits into the mix/. the onboard effects exceeded my expectations (which, admittedly, were low). if i could only have one i'd probably take the vox because i'm a clean guy at heart, but man, i just love that way that haze sounds on the over drive channel...only a marshall sounds like a marshall! I own one of these babies, so I can vouch for it from years of personal experience.

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