New Marshall Origin 20h is a huge letdown I was so hyped for this amp. They didn't have the 20 at the time to test. Being made in Vietnam they kept the cost down. It is truly one of the great … I tired the 50C last week at Sam Ash and really, really liked it. I absolutely love it. Lots of exclusive pedals! OVERDRIVE- MOSKY D250X ...a take on a DOD 250 PreA... OVERDRIVE- SPIRAL ELECTRIC FX Red Spiral Drive Ch... FUZZ- SHOE PEDALS Robert Fuzz ...a hot rodded '66... FUZZ- TL PEDALS Stinger Fuzz ...A Ram's Head that ... FLANGER- MR. BLACK Classic Sound Mini Flanger ...a... OVERDRIVE- MORGAN Overdrive .... gain without colo... OVERDRIVE- BFM FX The Great Wide Open ...transpare... OVERDRIVE- CUSACK MUSIC Meta Plexi ...blistering s... OVERDRIVE-SINVERTEK M5+ ...state of the art design... COMPRESSOR- TL PEDALS Boa Constrictor - killer opt... OVERDRIVE-MISSION ENGINEERING Velocity OD ...Cutti... FUZZ-TOP TONE DG-1 ...A Muff?...a Pete Cornish P1 ... OVERDRIVE- SUBDECAY- Super Nova Drive ...the end o... OVERDRIVE- AURA AMPS Crunch Master V.2 ...a JCM 80... OVERDRIVE- THRILLTONE Drive Recovery chang... FUZZ-JEXT TELEZ Black Drone Wasp Fuzz ...a contemp... FUZZ- RAYGUN EFFECTS Beef Box Fuzz ...old school F... AMP MOD- Marshall Origin 20 & Origin 50 Dave Barbe... OVERDRIVE- BARBER ELECTRONICS Direct Drive V.4 ...... OVERDRIVE- LPD Marshall pedals! (You must log in or sign up to reply here. This gives me all I need from clean to pushed and over the top....Adjust the other controls to suit your guitar. Operate the Origin as an old Plexi, e.g. I use other reviewers vids & then critique them. The Origin 50 head... was designed to get you close to a Marshall 4 input Plexi. I own the origin 20 head that I run through a 2x12 with Celestion 80s. In my opinion there is no need for any mods nor pedals. Tinny top end like the new DSL's . Two el84s or 6v6s will be around 20-25 watts. If a pedal appears killer I buy one then update the Post. It delivers two inbuilt voices, a new tilt control, Powerstem TM our new power reduction technology and forms the perfect marriage with FX pedals. With the boost on … ___NEW PEDALS EVERY DAY! Aren't some pre amp tubes a lot more gainy than others? To my ears, the gain boost is pretty subtle on the Origin. BUT. Check out YouTube Hack Live with David Barber of Barber Electronics ! Was reading on many forums, don´t remeber wich give me the tips on Greenis. Re: New Marshall Origin amps.. Thu, Jan 25, 2018 11:28pm. When I want to get over the standard Marshall crunch I use a Carl Martin plexi tone with my Les Paul. Operate the Origin as an old Plexi, ... the tone was amazing, good feel. I publish the street price a no brainer but only I do it! Within the next week I plan on getting a Marshall Origin head and a Harley Benton G212 cab. you can hear it clearly at the very start of the video. ___ALREADY OVER 1400 REVIEWS!___ I’ve been playing my new Marshall Origin 20H for awhile now and have done a handful of shows with it. Folks would probably go nuts about how awesome it is and they could just crank it out without any R&D or trouble shooting. I am a bedroom player right now, but I want to become a good enough player to play some gigs. .... a complete list? When I want to get over the standard Marshall crunch I use a Carl Martin plexi tone with my Les Paul. In my opinion there is no need for any mods nor pedals. If it is great I even get the designer involved. If the pedal is SH@T I literally say so! Origin. THANX TO T. Y... OVERDRIVE/FUZZ - IDIOT BOX No Moon...The 3 Muffket... REVERB -DIGITECH Polara Reverb ...Lexicon's old cr... REVERB- TL PEDALS Box of Hall ...designed for a Pr... OVERDRIVE- MOOERS Rage Machine ... worth a look. Yes, they use a bigger tube than normal for 20 watts but starve it and have small transformers. Speaking of which, while Marshall is not exactly renowned for the dramatic effects of its tonestacks, your sound-sculpting options with the Origin 20C are actually rather impressive. I had the Origin 20C for a while now, love the Sound with my Les Paul but couldn´t get the amp to break up whitout a pedal for my Telecasters / Escquires without put Volume and gain on max, even then it sounded a little icy and compressed. It will take any pedal but i already have higher gain Marshalls and i enjoy the vintage flavor. I like the sound of all these configurations. Sorry at present I can not download. I love classic marshall amps and had the privilege to play dozens of them over the years (while only owning one myself...) and I was really looking forward to an affordable, classic sounding marshall with attenuation. I MAKE ZERO MONEY FROM THIS >SO NO ONE OWNS ME! The classically styled single channel amps generate rich and harmonic tones that are ideal for players to explore new possibilities and craft their sound.

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