Will a Boss blues driver pedal work with the Clean setting on a Marshall 30-watt amp? But what about using a Muff with a combination of the two type of amps (e.g. And another question if I may: if I have to re-tube this amp, which tubes would you recommend? I’m about to buy these gain pedals i mentioned above. But, it also means that while a Les Paul with a pair of hot humbuckers might compensate to some extent for the lack of mid range, your Strat will make it worse. I was ready to purchase a Vick Audio 73 Ram’s Head based on your Buyers Guide recommendation but then I read this article. Also, I used to have a tubescreamer pedal I used with it that didn't sound as good with it, I've swapped it with an OCD and it's perfect. One of my best non-Hiwatt tips is the Laney Lionheart amps.

So would I need different ODs for these two amps? I’m using the L20 as my main stage amp and for all the reviews I’ve done lately and it sounds really great. My issue is: I plug into my Billy Gibbons Octave Fuzz into my Cry baby wah into my Vox AC15 & it sounds great I can pull back the Wah & gets very dark & eire & heavy kinda reminds of Saint Vitus power chords I wonder if that’sa mid range sound in the territory of my Laney. I have a Vox AC15 & a TI15 Tony Iommi Laney. At the moment I have a Vox Valvetronix and while it does the job well enough I'm looking to find my sound and I think I know what I like in general. COOL CAT FUZZ V.2 As goes for Van Halen. the pedal board: dynacomp vintage ’74->orange moon vibe->pig hoof (yellow label)->buffalo TD-X-Z->buffalo Power Booster->Ehx electric mistress->Tc Electronic Alter Ego delay-> boonar dawner prince. kanskje du kan hjelpe meg med valg av pedaler: I’m currently using a Fender Bassbreaker15 (dry) and a LaneyVC30 (wet) in a wet/dry rig. The first pedals that emerged in the mid 60s and further into the 70s, like the Colorsound Powerboost, Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and EHX Big Muff, all had a typically mids scooped and uncompressed tone. Wow, thanks for the great info! Thanks for your kind words! Guitars plays a minor role when it comes to mid range but different models and pickups can enhance or worsen what we’ve discussed above. Slowly, I’m starting to build the Gilmour’s sound because of you and this excelente site.

I simply couldn’t live with the high noise level combined with a rather unusable sweep of sustain. There are lots of different amps out there but let’s focus on the two classics: Fender and Marshall. A good start is to set the compression fairly low, between 30-50% depending on the model and the level around unity with the guitar. If you feel like elaboration that’d be great! How would you describe the Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 combo? So, do I still need those dedicated pedals? I’m no tech, but from what I understand, attenuation causes the amp to still put out the same amoumt of output voltage, which has nowhere to go but back into the amp. Marshalls, and similar sounding amps, are ideal for that cutting lead tone and fat chords but they can be a bit too dominating for subtle rhythm work, jazz and other styles where the guitar doesn’t need to be up front. With bass and treble controls rolled back ir allows me to crank the amp but either way I find it little compressed…. Are these closer to david’s sound than the dr103’s? By the way, my amp is a Ibanez TSA15 h, and the built-in Tube Screamer works nicely. I use for gigging a jcm800 with 1×12 80s g1265 on low input and a fender Princeton Brownface with g12h30 as wet dry.

I’m really in love with DSOTM and Animals tones. Which category would you place it? MS-10 Very useful insights. Then the next time you play, if the sound is different, try to tweak the settings carefully and gradually to rediscover this tone. They can often be easier to record and combos are always easier to tame than those large Hiwatt heads, although he’s used them a lot in the studio as well. Hi Bjorn, this is very interesting – I play a tele through a Kelley compressor –> tube screamer –>’66 fender Super Reverb setup, and kind of just assumed that that combination isn’t condusive to fuzz. I haven’t tried the Aria but I’d check out pedals like the OCD or typical Marshall in a box pedals that has more mids and compression. I got the gig and had the combo retubed/bias fixed. Hat’s 4 cents now I guess, Ha Ha!! Set clean they sound a bit flat. Questions about the thin sound gain channel: – will a tubescreamer (mid boost) do the trick in combination with the lead channel (low gain setting tube screamer)? I've not played one but a couple of friends have and they echo your experience, especially the overly bright comment. MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE TONES ARE MIKE MCCREADY FROM PEARL JAM CIRCA 2000-2003 TOURING BAND AND MSG DVDS, ITS BASICALLY PLEXI STRAT CRYBABY DM3 AND TS9 AND ITS REALLY DARK AND SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, DRY AVERAGE GUITAR TONES LIKE THOSE YOUTUBE VIDEOS THEY SAY SOUND LIKE HENDRIX ECT THAT SOUND NOTHING LIKE THEM ARE USELESS, I DONT CARE IF I GET A GUITAR TONE THAT IS TOO GOOD AND DRIVES PEOPLE CRAZY I THOUGHT THAT WAS THE POINT. They say the device “soaks” the extra power, and they are sometimes called “Power Soaks, but they don’t siak all the excess, and that goes back to the trannys, and tubes, and I’ve witnessed catastrophic amplfier damage from those. Having it in front of the TDX works similar to driving the front end of an amp. In which category would you say de Laney Cub 12R falls into? You could also try some of the more demanding pedals like fuzz, Muff and vintage style overdrives but I don’t think will fit the amp as good as the others I’ve suggested. Buy one with the high gain option on one side and the regular drive on the other side. Hi Gurbz, sorry for my very late reply.

Hi Bjorn, really great article. hope its cool i shared this little story . However, on amps that already has a nice amount of mids and compression, they can sound overwhelming and be tough on your ears. You can use it for both overdrive and distortion. Hi Bjorn And he said not to buy the Rat 2, that in his opinion, it was a totally inferior pedal. Thanks again for another important lesson… I learned a lot and now I understand why I cant get the sound I want: I basically use Byoc rams head + BD2 + Wampler plexidrive (the latest to replace the 2 tube drivers), in my room with a fender champ (the simplest one from 1979, with 3 knobs, just volume, bass and treble)…. You could go with teh SD1 as well but vintage fuzz circuits doesn’t like the Boss buffers so a true bypass Tube Screamer or something similar would be better. As you mention, your amp has a nice mids hump and a bit of compression, so since you seem to prefer the vintage tones, I’d go for a Powerbooster. You can do all sorts of things in a studio to compensate for the lack of certain frequencies or get a specific tone from your instruments. BUT, I would love to be pointed in the right direction and I’m very appreciative of your time. Your web site is really interesting and helfull Thanks! 1). It’s also worth mentioning pedals like the Klon and pedals inspired by the Dumble amp (OCD, Tree of Life, Euphoria etc).

It’s smooth and sustaining but sounds very fake if that makes any sense. Still, the classic Rat is great too. – IBANEZ mod. Thanks for the kind words, Chad :) I haven’t tried the amp myself but from what I understand, it’s based on the Rectifier series, which do have a bit of mids scoop for that modern metal tone. Thank you, Craig! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Hi bjorn, in the article about amplifiers you say that the amps fender has medium-sized carving and little compression, this goes for the fender hot road and for the fender blues junior? https://soundcloud.com/gunners-dream/mother-extended-guitar-solo-cover. Also, would it make any difference if, when using a 73 Ram’s Head, to adjust the midrange volume on the Deville? I think the evolution is what I need… and I read it is a wonderful pedal. Just wondering, where would you place a Mesa Boogie Mark III (Red Stripe) Simul-Class on the scale of compression?

I LOVE my clean and crunch sound with the Twin for jamming, but with my band we play Hard Blues Rock where I need a fat/fuzz tone kind of like Dan Auerbach/Jordan Cook. Fender Strat, Shecter Fastback PT Special Diamond Series, Les Paul. I already had the opportunity to see 03 of this model in use (one in a studio by a famous Brazilian rock band) and the possibility of creating and recording patches (combinations of amps emulations, distortions and modulations) for EVERY MUSIC including the favorite pedals mentioned in any position in the “virtual rig”) is impressive. I’d start with setting the amp up for a clean tone with a bit of bite. Anyway, I’m playing with a VOX AC30VR on the clean channel with a G&L Legacy Tribute in the neck position, mostly. I’m working on a feature but in general I would say that it depends on what tones you want and for what purpose you need to use software or modelling units. I’m new to this pedal world though :) Jau, har lest ‘How to get …’ og ‘Buyer’s guide’, men fant ikke helt ut av det, er newbie som sagt. Well, my point was that there are no wrong or bad tones. Very, very interesting reading. Do you use a Fuzz or Muff with your Fd-3 and any recommendations on how to set up the pedal to work as a mid boost and Gilmour-ish OD tone? I do have a POD HD500, and it has many overdrive and distortion models, but I am curious if I should go down the rabbit hole of pursuing actual pedals, or if it would be redundant.

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