DNA tests then proved the woman was Charlotte's daughter. Detective Bertaina traveled to Phoenix to meet the woman who was now being called “Phoenix Mary.” He told CBS that he spoke with her about her memories of her childhood, and she remembered certain things very vividly and others not at all. But while detectives continue to have doubts over the identity of Phoenix Mary - who died in 2017 - Calgaro told CBS she believes the woman is her missing sister after she traveled with '48 Hours' to visit her shortly before her death. William also admitted to fighting with Mary. Detectives remain skeptical that the woman - who is now dead - is the real Mary Day as theories continue to circulate that she was murdered decades ago, according to a CBS '48 Hours' episode called 'What Ever Happened to Mary Day?'

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Phoenix Mary’s ID: More than two decades later and as the net appeared to be closing in on the parents, a woman claiming to be the missing girl appeared.

In a clip released Friday, Mary's sister Sherri Calgaro, who was 10 at the time of her disappearance, told CBS she had been convinced as a child that her sister had been murdered. It has maximum capacity of 14 children. Published: 22:27 EDT, 1 May 2020 | Updated: 03:11 EDT, 2 May 2020. The Phoenix Police Department pulled over a woman they believed was Mary Day, 22 years after her disappearance. Following Saturday’s telecast, Maher will do a live Q&A on the “48 Hours” Facebook page at 10 a.m. (PT) to discuss this investigation. Both detectives and Sherrie found Mary’s southern accent highly unusual since she hadn’t grown up in the south, and she had magazines addressed to a Monica Devereaux. Research facility Body Farm, which looks into body decomposition, also tested the soil samples and said they were consistent with a body being buried at the sites. During one of the girls’ stints in foster care, Charlotte divorced Charles Day. Both detectives Bertaina and Steve Cercone had doubts about Phoenix Mary and whether she was the real Mary Day. 'Phoenix Mary' shortly before she died in 2017. Cercone told CBS he thought the woman may be an 'impostor' but the woman was ‘adamant she was the real Mary Day’. Veloz also told CBS the timing of the Arizona ID was because the woman needed state aid to pay for surgery. 'Phoenix Mary' then sent an email to Bertaina where she admitted she had lied about her identity. One night in 1981, 13-year-old Mary Day went missing from her family home in Seaside, California. Police focused on Mary’s stepfather as a suspect. 'I lay in bed one night with Kathy and I asked her what happened with Mary and she was like "shhh don’t say anything, we're not allowed to talk about Mary,"' she said.

The comments below have not been moderated. New details have emerged about the bizarre case of Mary Day (pictured) who vanished around 40 years ago in Seaside, California. Suspicions increased when officers discovered her ID had been issued only three weeks earlier. On Saturday night, reporter Maureen Maher and “48 Hours” investigate the strange case in “What Ever Happened to Mary Day?” (10 p.m. May 2, CBS). R rate drops again and symptom-tracking app says outbreak... Is the R rate really 3 in London? 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I knew that it was something there. Mary and Kathy’s sister Sherrie, who was by then Sherrie Calgaro, went to visit the family. Cadaver dogs – which locate human remains – alerted officers to the same area. READ NEXT: Chad Daybell’s Late Wife Tammy: Death Details & Update, Mary Day’s Disappearance: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. And he said, "Look, we brought the cadaver dogs out here and they went over hundreds of homes." Facial recognition experts said the photo has a '99 percent probability' of being Mary based on how she would have aged since her disappearance. All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents! 48 Hours explores the case of Mary Day, who disappeared in Seaside, California in 1981 when she was 13 years old. William admitted to police years later that he had beaten the girl the night before her disappearance. Signs that the little girl had been murdered also grew when cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a dead body at two homes the family lived in - the house Mary disappeared from and the house the family moved to next, CBS reported. Soon after these visits, Mary died. But then there was a twist no one saw coming: A woman in Arizona surfaced, claiming to be Mary.

Seaside Police Chief Steve Cercone also told CBS he had his doubts about the identity of the woman who reappeared years later – nicknamed ‘Phoenix Mary’. In 1981, 13-year-old Mary Day disappeared from her Seaside, Calif., home, with no sign of her anywhere. The shoe found buried in the garden where cadaver dogs alerted officers, When police asked the mother why she was not concerned with finding her daughter she said: 'If she's dead, she's dead.'. In 2017, acting chief of the Seaside Police Department Judy Veloz visited her. In a shocking twist to this story, police came across a woman in Arizona who said she was Mary Day, decades after her initial disappearance. The Met behaved like the Mob but have now had to pay me £250,000: Paul Gambaccini reveals his landmark... Criminal gangs have lost fear of police after changes in 'hard-edged tactics' and funding cuts eroded... My husband the he-devil... and why I tried to kill myself: Fay Weldon reveals the secret misery of her... JACK STRAW: Jeremy Corbyn is finished - and the wilderness awaits for the Labour splitters, says former home... JOHN HUMPHRYS: A Donald Trump victory? Calgaro, who was just 10 at the time her sister disappeared, was told that Day ran away. The shoe found buried in the garden where cadaver dogs alerted officers. A photo taken a year after the 13-year-old disappeared showed Kimmel and a girl that looked like Mary. 'William told me that he didn't kill Mary but that his wife told him he was possessed that night and that he had a demon inside of him,' he said. New details have emerged about the bizarre case of Mary Day who vanished around 40 years ago in Seaside, California. Could that demon have killed Mary?"

DISCLAIMER In 1994, as an adult, Mary's sister Sherri Calgaro, who was 10 at the time of her disappearance, filed a missing persons report for her sister. The mystery began when 13-year-old Mary vanished one day back in 1981. Mother-of-three, 44, 'died like a warrior' fighting Nice terrorist and raising the alarm about attack after... Former Malaysian PM who said 'Muslims have the right to kill millions of French people' accuses Facebook and... Tunisian terrorist, 21, had turned to Muslim prayer from drink and drugs before murdering three people in... Anti-Macron fury reaches London: Police clash with Muslim crowds demanding 'respect for the Prophet' outside... BEL MOONEY: Why won't anyone make a fuss of me on my birthday? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Then, more than 20 years after Mary Day disappeared, a traffic stop in Arizona turned up a new twist and Cercone got a call he wasn’t expecting. 'And we kept digging - and there was no body,' said Cercone. At this time, Charlotte and William Houle were both living in Kansas, and Charlotte spoke to the police in an interview. DNA tests then proved the woman was Charlotte's daughter.

Seaside Police launched an investigation in 2002, led by Seaside Police Detective Joe Bertaina. Mary’s sister Sherri Calgaro told CBS ’48 Hours’ she had been convinced as a child that her sister had been murdered and her mother would often talk about hiding bodies in California, Seaside Police Chief Steve Cercone also told CBS he had his doubts about the identity of the woman who reappeared years later – nicknamed ‘Phoenix Mary’. Mary Day was 13 years old in 1981 when she vanished without a trace from her family’s home in Seaside, near Fort Ord. Calgaro added that she and her sister Kathy were afraid to talk about their sister when they were growing up. He said he had ‘never seen a case like this’ where a little girl ‘disappeared off the face of the earth’ and her parents did not report her disappearance.

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