So we have to talk about swing planes, and even with the better golfers, the better golfers in the world, you’ll see them having slightly different swing planes. The club comes behind his right hip quite early, gets a little bit laid off at the top, and he’s very good at driving into the golf ball to square that club face up, and he hits the ball quite straight.

That’s exactly what we will discuss in this video.

Click Below for the full 5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing Video: “Kuch loves to fade the ball, that’s what he’s more comfortable with,” O’Connell said. Click Below for the full 5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing Video: You may have noticed that Matt Kuchar has a little different looking backswing. Keep an eye on the fact that my swing isn’t going to be too flat, like Kuchar’s is. 'width' : 300, Matt Kuchar Swing Review: 2013 One Plane Golf Swing.

'format' : 'iframe', Here’s a nice little exercise for you. One Presidents Cup player explains, How Jack Nicklaus’ fingerprints were on two big-time tournaments last week. “We’ve always found that allows him to bring the club down towards the plane where he started the club.”.

He claimed the money title in 2010 and posted nine top-10 finishes in 2011, excelling with a solid short game and a swing that’s efficient if a bit unorthodox. O’Connell explained that while Kuchar was obviously disappointed to miss the back-half of the FedEx Cup playoffs and the Ryder Cup, it gave the pair time to re-tool his swing. My specialty is teaching the one plane swing. Tune in live at 8 p.m. Instagram: — *Matt Kuchar, 32, had 11 top-10 finishes last year, including his third win, and led the PGA Tour in money with $4,910,477.

Practice this great drill to help keep your arms connected to your upper body during your putting stroke! Work with an instructor to find a backswing position that works for you, and, and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, One small swing change put Matt Kuchar back to the winner’s circle, 2020 Bermuda Championship tee times: Second round groupings for Friday, What was it like inside the Internationals’ team room? So from this angle if I take the club into Kuchar’s position, I would hit the wall. Facebook: atOptions = { Last week, at the Mayakoba Classic, all that changed. document.write(''); link to Final Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump And Joe Biden | TODAY, link to Logan DeCarolis, PGA - Quick Golf Tips - Putting. Get a free membership and start watching over 100 golf instruction videos that will improve your golf swing today! Again, not a move that’s designed for the average golfer, something that he’s been working on his entire life, and something that obviously works for him. What Is A Flat Golf Swing How Can I Correct It? As you can see, I’ve drawn two lines: One from the Bridgestone logo on Kuchar’s hat, and one down the shaft of the club. Matt Kuchar – One Plane Swing. It is simply the BEST way to swing a golf club. That is because he has one of the only one plane swings on the PGA Tour. 'height' : 250, Website: 'format' : 'iframe', Matt Kuchar – One Plane Swing. You should be able to make a golf swing without hitting the wall. But to many flat swings for a lot of club golfers would result in quite a lot of pushed golf shots, where the club attacks the ball too much from the inside, and blocks it out to the right, or conversely occasionally a hook shot, particularly a fat hook shot. Matt Kuchar is a very classic example of a very flat swing plane. The shorter backswing was a by-product of that move, and needless to say, it seems to be working. 'params' : {} ET. Your Takeaway: A longer backswing doesn’t necessarily mean longer drives. Follow RotarySwing: Kuchar hit more than 80 percent of his fairways, 79 percent of his Greens in Regulation (following a week before where he hit more than 81 percent of his greens) and claimed his first PGA Tour win since the 2014 Heritage. 'key' : '81f71f1987108df2a0459dc1ba521ab5', March 10, 2017 by Bobby Lewis Leave a Comment.

Para ver el debate en Español,... Logan DeCarolis, PGA - Quick Golf Tips - Putting. Often Times, We Have Negotiated Better Prices For Our Visitors. About Bobby Lewis . document.write(''); We May Receive Compensation From Companies Whose Products & Services We Recommend. 'width' : 728, He arguably has the closest to “perfect” swing plane, where the club doesn’t deviate from the path at all. Getting the club in a more laid-off position at the top of the swing allows Kuchar to do this more easily, O’Connell says, and helps him hit his preferred left-to-right shot shape. What Is the Difference between a One Plane Golf Swing and a Two Plane Golf Swing?

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