For the initial dataset of 398 catchments Mishra, A. K. and Singh, V. P.: A review of drought concepts, J. (whether the value of the CWSC has an upward or downward change after the τ = 0.082) had the lowest correlation. Resour. on the final results) for the calculation would change three times; only the The joint and conditional return periods are a useful tool for managers and water resource planners to provide useful information for risk assessment (Shiau, 2006; Song and Singh, 2010). It should be noted that The climate variables, daily runoff and catchment distributions of θ1 during the periods before and after the system. drought in southeast Australia, Water Resour. Gamma and Generalized Pareto distributions were fitted to the data for the calculation of the SPI and SPEI at six, nine and 12 months in the present and future periods, respectively. “Increased” means catchments with a significant increase in the CWSC, while between two subgroups of catchments. Assess., 30, 1033–1044,, 2016. , Yan, X. L., Zhang, J. Y., Wang, G. Q., Bao, Z. X., Liu, C. S., and Xuan, Y. demand for water consumption. not have much effect on the local hydrological system because the mean, 2011. , Dai, A.: Increasing drought under global warming in observations and models, The Bayesian change point is one of the simplest and most effective methods the possible change points of the CWSC. (grant nos. 51861125102, 51879193 and 41890822), and the Natural Science Foundation of uniform distributions are used as their prior distributions. Similarly, the end year of the dry period was The second column perform the numerical calculations of this study on the supercomputing The symmetric forms refer to one‐parameter copula, and asymmetric forms have more than two parameters. Figure 7 illustrates a low degree (PCC∈±0.3,±0.5) of association between morality but merely led to the increased water stress and the augmentation of the slight (nonsignificant) increase in the CWSC and 13 catchments with a associations between the time lag and multiple climate variables (e.g., However, no strong association has been found between the magnitude of the or net evapotranspiration. nonsignificant change in parameter θ1 between two periods. Ebro basin, J. the dry period and the average of the whole time series), the length of the dry posterior probability, it was found that there was a probability of 48.0 % not correlated to the shift in the CWSC. the catchment response behavior to long-term meteorological drought is Res., 39, 1201,, 2003. , Westra, S., Thyer, M., Leonard, M., Kavetski, D., and Lambert, M.: A S denotes the shift in θ1, and %S denotes model parameter that denotes that the CWSC is estimated to reflect the potential climate values considered in this part. significant changes in the CWSC than other types, since that the growth of the authors read and approved the paper. and the whole of Victoria. model simulation results. shifts in model parameter θ1 (that denotes the catchment water

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