His height is 1.9 m, and his weight is 110 kg. Now, just to get it out of the way, we don't have any evidence that Mike is on the sauce, and we're not going to say that any of his natty claims are false. Mike is known for his hard work pushing his body beyond its limits and is credited with maintaining regular exercise and a balanced diet that keeps him fit. The couple is reportedly dating with each other for 19 years now. He began competing in bodybuilding when his age was just 14 and won the Teenage Washington State competition. By the age of 15, he won the Teenage Washington State competitions in all three sports. Although he is currently not married, there are sources that he is in a romantic relationship with Mona Muresan, a well-known athlete, and bodybuilder. New York Pro Championships, Figure: Figure Open (10t… He soon took to the weights and learned martial arts to defend himself. On 3 January 2019, Mike O'Hearn and his girlfriend, Mona Muresan, announced that they were expecting their first baby. Mike O'Hearn was born on 26 January 1969 in Kirkland, Washington. 2012 1. ... At the age of 15, he won the Teenage Washington State bodybuilding competition, the first of many wins. He remained fit, healthy, and ripped all year using his standard diet plan. Moreover, he revealed that Mona and he never thought of having kids. Mike is also the founder of a bodybuilding agency called “Power Bodybuilding”, which aims to promote and develop hypertrophy and aesthetics. The progress kept on coming as Mike grew and grew, not only in size and strength but also in popularity and fame. Mike was influenced at an early age in powerlifting from his family; Mike’s workouts are generally based on heavy lifting with a lot of intensity. IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow, Fitness/Figure: IFBB Pro Figure (6th) 3. He currently resides in California, USA. Also, he mentioned that 2019 was the year Mr. and Mrs. Universe bring Baby Titan into the world. Mike O’Hearn has made a name for himself in the fitness and bodybuilding world not just based on his near-perfect physique, but also based on the claim that he has achieved it all naturally. He also owns a luxury car and enjoys exorbitant vacations. Celebrity Article, Biography and Net Worth. He also achieved fame from his appearance as Titan in the 2008 revival of American Gladiators. He grew up on a farm in Kirkland, WA and is the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters. [5] In 2011, he appeared in season 7 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, playing Mac's "avatar" in the episode "How Mac Got Fat". Although not all details of his salary are yet known, he has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Mike usually eats eight meals a day, consumes more protein and carbs, and in the remaining four meals, eats more vegetables and fewer carbs. In a lengthy caption, he explained the major decision of having a Kryptonian kid was hands down the most significant change in his life that he didn’t see coming. The workout has also influenced his personal life as he was married to a wrestler wife. [1] He has eight siblings.[2]. His brothers were all involved in bodybuilding and weight training, and as the youngest boy in the clan, he was bullied by them. He simply has no limits. However, the couple's marriage didn't last long and got divorced. [4] In February 2009, he made a guest appearance as a cage fighter in episode 14 of NBC's Knight Rider revival. Contact Us, Mike O'Hearn Wife, Height, Net Worth, Diet Plan, Workout, Savannah Soutas Age, Married, Husband, Daughter, Family, Melanie Sykes Husband, Divorce, Children, Net Worth, Young, Diet, Hayley Turner Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Jockey.

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