You can find metric conversion tables for SI units, as well Definition of Kilometer. Definition of Mile. miles to line

The answer is 0.62137119223733. 1 mi, mi(Int) = 1.609344 km1 km = 0.6213711922 mi, mi(Int), Example: convert 15 mi, mi(Int) to km:15 mi, mi(Int) = 15 × 1.609344 km = 24.14016 km. It is approximately equal to 0.621 miles, 1094 yards or 3281 feet. There are more specific definitions of 'mile' such as the metric mile, statute mile, nautical mile, and survey mile. Note: For a pure decimal result please select 'decimal' from the options above the result. Convertisseur de kilomètres en miles . Comment fonctionne ce convertisseur mile – km ? One kilometer is therefore one thousand meters. How to convert miles to kilometers. This site is owned and maintained by Wight Hat Ltd. ©2003-2020. Examples include mm, How many miles/hour in 1 km/hour? The SI base unit for length is the metre. 1 km = (1/1.609344) mi = 0.62137119 mi You can view more details on each measurement unit: to meters (ft to m), Meters 1 metre is equal to 0.00062137119223733 miles, or 0.001 km. The answer is 0.62137119223733.

Our full terms & conditions can be found by clicking here. conversion calculator for all types of measurement units. History/origin: The prefix kilo- is a metric prefix indicating one thousand.

If you spot an error on this site, we would be grateful if you could report it to us by using the contact link at the top of this page and we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible. to feet (m to ft), Yard 1 meter/second is equal to 2.2369362920544 miles/hour, or 3.6 km/hour. to use the unit converter.

Convert 20 miles to kilometers: d (km) = 20mi × 1.609344 = 32.18688km. A kilometer (km) is a decimal multiple of the meter, The international standard unit of length, approximately equivalent to 39.37 inches. Miles To KM | How to convert miles to kilometers. to yard (m to yd), Miles miles to span Easily convert miles to kilometers, with formula, conversion chart, auto conversion to common lengths, more The use of the abbreviation "m" for mile was common before the widespread adoption of the metric system; after the adoption of the metric system, "mi" became the preferred abbreviation in order to avoid confusion between miles and meters. symbols, abbreviations, or full names for units of length, miles to lineal foot Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check … Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. The definition of a mile as 5,280 feet (or 8 furlongs), sometimes referred to as the statute mile, international mile, or land mile, which differs from the Roman mile of 5,000 feet, developed due to the importance of the furlong in England, back in 1593. to kilometers (mi to km), Kilometers Do a quick conversion: 1 miles = 1.609344 kilometres using the online calculator for metric conversions.

A mile is any of several units of distance, or, in physics terminology, of length. to in (millimeters to inches), Feet miles or to miles (km to mi), Kilometers to nautical miles (km to nmi). History/origin: The mile is an English unit (predecessor of Imperial units and United States Customary Units) of length. It is most commonly equal to 5,280 feet (1,760 yards, or about 1,609 meters). You can view more details on each measurement unit: miles/hour or km/hour The SI derived unit for speed is the meter/second. 1 km = (1/1.609344) mi = 0.62137119 mi Note: Fractional results are rounded to the nearest 1/64.

Une fois que vous aurez inscrit le nombre de miles à convertir en kilomètres, il vous suffira de cliquer sur le bouton Convertir et vous pourrez voir s’afficher sur votre écran le résultat de conversion du mile en kilomètre en moins d’une seconde. miles to micrometer. inch, 100 kg, US fluid ounce, 6'3", 10 stone 4, cubic cm, Simply use our calculator above, or apply the formula to change the length 351 mi to km.

Le fonctionnement de notre convertisseur de miles en kilomètres est extrêmement simple. The nautical mile (nmi) = 1.852 kilometers (km) = 1852 meters = 1.15077945 statute miles = 6076.1155 feet = 2025.372 yards. Si vous souhaitez convertir le mile en kilomètre avec notre calculatrice de conversion des unités de longueur, vous n’aurez que deux étapes simples et rapides à réaliser. as English units, currency, and other data. miles to petameter The nautical mile (symbol nmi, M or NM) is a non-SI unit of length used in navigation (both marine and aerial). Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the metric calculators and charts given on this site, we cannot make a guarantee or be held responsible for any errors that have been made. provides an online How many minutes per kilometer in a minute per mile: If v min/mi = 1 then v min/km = 0.621371192237 × 1 = 0.621371192237 min/km. Pour faire la conversion des miles en kilomètres, utilisez nos convertisseurs en ligne.Vous pourrez voir combien vaut le mile en kilomètre en seulement quelques secondes avez nos convertisseurs de longueur..

Premièrement, vous devrez entrer la valeur à convertir du mile au kilomètre dans l’emplacement prévu pour. Vous pourrez voir combien vaut le mile en kilomètre en seulement quelques secondes avez nos convertisseurs de longueur. km Type in unit Cette unité de mesure de la longueur est utilisé pour mesurer la distance dans les pays anglophones tels que les Etats-Unis, le Royaume-Uni mais aussi dans quelques pays du Commonwealth. How many miles in 1 km? Please provide values below to convert mile [mi, mi(Int)] to kilometer [km], or vice versa. Copyright © 2008-2020, Inches to micrometers (in to micrometer, µm), In We assume you are converting between mile and kilometre. Likewise the question how many miles in a km has the answer of 0.62 miles per kilometre. metres squared, grams, moles, feet per second, and many more. You can switch the distance measurement from miles (MI) to kilometers (KM) and back again at any time and for any workout: Open the Workout fitness app on Apple Watch, and choose the workout type of running, walking, cycling, etc as usual

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