So if you were to avoid 3 of the 9 holes, you are ok. Some of the putting area was a bit bumpy, it wasn't so smooth. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website: We take precautions to protect your information. I was here for a bridal shower. Participation in these surveys or contests is completely voluntary and you may choose whether or not to participate and therefore disclose this information. This place had so many geese - and strategically placed too. View menu on restaurant's website. Mission Hills is a nice place to hit balls around, and when you're finished, there's also golf!The double-decker is fun, especially at night! The 9-hole Hayward golf course of Mission Hills represents the latest trend in golf, focused on fun. With a backdrop of the rolling Hayward Hills, emerald fairways and blue skies, Elite Catering proudly operates the Bar & Grill at Mission Hills Golf Course. It's not labeled on the receipt or the machine.

Ben substituted one class. The rest of the course is good and needs accuracy.Hopefully, this is a seasonal thing and there will be times without these geese around. There's another parking lot that is basically for the range. This was a great course!I grew up in Hayward so I saw this course get built. If you're looking for an inexpensive and unimpressive golf experience, this place fits the bill! It's just a little confusing to get to. Mission Hills of Hayward Golf Course. I also met 2 other instructors, Ben and this other woman who is Korean. In 4 lessons, I finally learned the basic grip and swing. Not only was the day worth it, the course deserves the business - this is far and away one of my top three 9-holers. UGH @ the other patrons who frequent this golf course for being such impatient bitches!In the three or so visits here I felt so, you're retired, so pop a Xanex and stop rushing me!I will give two stars for the proximity of location, plus it's a well-maintained facility...but sheesh...I don't think I'll likely be returning to reassume my novice position on the green. For instance, when we use a cookie to identify you, you would not have to log in a password more than once, thereby saving time while on our site. It's also not obvious (maybe I'm just too much of a driving range novice) that you punch in the code on the receipt you receive to get your balls dispensed. There are kids, adults, you name it, They have club rentals available and you have a couple choices for how many balls you want to hit. Never have. Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, 275 Industrial Pkwy, Hayward, CA 94544-6684, I gave Mission Hills three stars because it is inexpensive and easy to get on.
It is a nice short course and well maintained but if a person has to pay 21 dollars and they are new to the game, I strongly recommend playing a super twilight somewhere. Cost for two seniors walking and one pull cart was $33 !! I will be back and continue to take more classes! But I felt bad for the one male staffer who's timing was such that he was clearing plates while 30 some girls were full on into a silly, suggestive game involving broomsticks and toilet-paper rolls.

That now kinda seems like a mistake! We had a lovely buffet and weren't disrupted by the occasional staffer tidying up, very discreet. I don't golf. This is a fun place to for an inexpensive date or if you're looking for immediate stress relief. This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for Par 3 and Executive Golf Courses.
Bathrooms are downstairs to the left of the golf shop.

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