The theme of the retreat is “Dialogue in Times of Division”. Although there are some places in the world that debate her status as Foundress, we recognize and celebrate her role in establishing the Marianist Family. Her courage, faith, and trust in God are an inspiring model for us today.

1 0 obj Financial services guide. Adviser tools. AdviserNET is optimised and fully supported for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (IE) up to version 11. Maintain communication tools such as the newsletter, database, and Zoom accounts used by numerous committees and communities, Support the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative and the International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities, Support the creation and launch a new lay formation process for initial and on-going formation.

Alternatively, contact us on 133 652, or email Mary always points us to Jesus, her son. Tuesday, September 15 7-8 pm CT/8-9 pm ET: Thursday, September 24 7-8 pm PT/4-5 PM HT: Hosted by Grissel Benitez-Hodge & Ellen Celaya. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

In future months this area of the newsletter will focus on our finances and our fiduciary responsibility to manage the money you entrust to us to further the mission of MLC-NA. Financial Services Guide GWM Adviser Services Limited MLC Implemented Consulting. Mary invites us to bear Christ into the world as she did and say yes to him as he calls us into mission. So please join us! . How are you sowing peace over worry? Provincial, Fr. We will also discuss our combined call to Justice and Peace. Adviser privacy agreement form. welcome Dayton’s Mayor, Nan Whaley, City Commissioner, Matt Joseph, and Director of the Dayton Peace Museum, Kevin Kelly, to address the theme in light of societal divisions. In future months this area of the newsletter will focus on our finances and our fiduciary responsibility to manage the money you entrust to us to further the mission of MLC … But I think each year and especially this year it at least invites us to start the year off with Mary as our Guide. Please find more information and the Zoom link on this, Consider joining our vibrant volunteer committee of lay and vowed Marianists. What seeds are you sowing in your life? What is holding you back from making them better? If you have any issues, please follow our troubleshooting guide below.

2020 has given everyone an opportunity to reflect, whether we have wanted to or not, and it has challenged us to face injustice, navigate uncertainty and learn more about ourselves. As we approach month 7 of this pandemic, are two months away from the presidential election and with school starting again, our lives continue to change. As this school year begins in earnest, we remember how Fr.

Please find more details if you missed any of our previous emails.

How can I remain grounded as the leaves begin to turn and our lives change, yet again?

so they can be featured in our newsletter and formation materials.

As we just recently transitioned this role within MLC-NA, our Temporalities Chair, Paul Combest, is still getting to know the inner workings of MLC-NA. We celebrate Marianist collaborator Vénérable Marie Thérèse de Lamourous in September. stream I thought it would be important to take stock of where we are right now. You are most welcome to attend sessions as you choose. This adviser guide is a comprehensive, ready-reference tool with CommInsure’s underwriting guidelines at your fingertips.

She courageously carried on the work of the underground church during the French Revolution, assisted Fr.

The Financial Services Guide is an important document that contains information regarding MLC Financial Planning, the services your adviser can provide, and fees applying to their services. Stephen Glodek, Jenee Gonzales, Sr. Laura Leming, Matt Meyers, and Linda Zappacosta.

! If you're still using older versions of IE, we highly recommend you upgrade to benefit from IE’s latest browser performance, security and privacy features. We will move into Phase II of our school year on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary, again to be followed closely by the Holy Name of Mary. Is it well tended and colorful? During the morning session we will.

Love over fear?
Sept 18 - Feast Day of Blessed Carlos Eraña, Fidel Fuidio, and Jesús Hita, Oct 2 - Anniversary of the Foundation of the SM. x��U�j�@}�橬 Please go to the following link to see the schedule and register: an initiative designed to build community through shared reflection and prayer within the Marianist Family. It is already September of 2020! endobj

As a faith community, MLC-NA is the national association to which all Lay Marianists in North America belong. For more information please read this. Contributions can also be sent to the address at the bottom of this newsletter. Seeds of love? n-link Transactions and Account Maintenance guide. Alternatively, contact us on 133 652, or email, n-link Transactions and Account Maintenance guide. This guide has tabs to help you find the relevant section: • Administration Services • Underwriting • Medical Underwriting • Financial Underwriting • Business Insurance • Transfer of Insurance You may have noticed over the past month or so that MLC-NA emails have looked a little different.

National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937, AFSL 230686.

Using this guide. We started school at Central Catholic virtually right between these two Feasts.

is designed to build community through shared reflection and prayer within the Marianist Family.

Oscar, will be with us to Preside on the Feast of Guardian Angels. The evening session will entail a prayer service during which the Visitation Community will renew their annual vow of stability and a Rite of Commissioning for new community leaders.

Thanks to Karen Emmerich and Sr. Laura Leming, FMI for writing reflections on Marianist Feast Days in August.

Upcoming Year of Shared Discernment Zoom Calls: Monday, September 14 7-8 pm CT/8-9 pm ET: Hosted by Linda Flores-Tober & José Matos Auffant. endobj
MLC Implemented Consulting Important Information The financial services referred to in this guide are offered by MLC Implemented Consulting, a division of GWM Adviser Services Limited: MLC … Is it over grown and full of weeds? Questions to consider after reading through the above linked reflection: Think of your garden.

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