Performance and commentary x��]Y��Ʊ~��p^�d(�J�"�%J؁+���f��G3�hdGA~����l��6y=\�TWW}U]�=zrwuy��]������퇿?z���ţ�ǷW7���ۛG�z}���pq|sq������g�>|�g9�W����tV�]�e������������O_=|��ؕ������;�E�UjW2���=$������G,Yh���F�_+vwo�s9��/��������ݫ?>|�;���,$Q�dޥR�]!lf�@���*���m����-��ݷ�v8�����L�v���Ù����^���x}�9ο�gNvy0���۵mi7Di� �ܔ՜�Pc�XA�ٸ�t�7|���C��?�����6�D���nL\�����됭lV8Zժ�q���[����p ACS Mixed Asset - Growth 0 - 12 m 12 - 24 m 24 - 36 m 36 - 48 m 48 - 60 m -2.4: 6.3: 9.5: 8.9: 6.9-3.3: 7.3: 9.9: 7.9: 7.5: Performance Criteria. MLC Horizon 4 Balanced Portfolio Fact sheet | 31 March 2020 Generation Life | Growth of $1,000 since inception Target asset allocation Range$1,800 Cash 0-15% Fixed interest 5-40% Australian shares 20-45% International shares 10-40% Property 0-15% Other (Alternatives) 0-30% Actual asset allocation3 Range % Cash 6.96

The MLC Horizon portfolios are a range of actively managed portfolios designed to deliver returns above their benchmarks, while managing risk. Performance figures are shown in Australian dollar (AUD). Performance as at 30/09/2020. National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937, AFSL 230686. Talk to us on 133 652 between 8am and 7pm AEST/AEDT, Monday to Friday. MLC Wholesale Horizon 5 Growth Portfolio Product Disclosure Statement ARSN: 087 446 633 APIR code: MLC0265AU Preparation Date: 16 October 2020 Contents 1. Lifeplan Investment Bond - MLC Horizon 4 Balanced Open is a unit trust incorporated in Australia. You and your client will always know where their money is invested because the portfolios’ mix of growth and defensive assets are managed within defined ranges. Strong investment expertise. MLC Horizon 3 Conservative Growth Portfolio, MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio, Computer and Internet browser requirements. Please download one of our supported browsers. Take a look at the latest performance information, asset allocation, fund commentary and the fund’s investment managers for super investors. %PDF-1.7 endobj Click the print icon in your browser to print this report. Currency is in AUD unless otherwise specified. About MLC Investments Limited 1 2. endobj For investments outside super, visit MLC's Fund Profile Tool. %���� lS�%.��–��R�K�j��$~���寱����%�D�����N������b������w(��2ȰR`X��g��L��a�Q�� �A>a���T�{���g�l�Q�8R[�2��/>��� F ��*� Ct:]��Rc@hWPsD7��{��p�� The portfolio has a strong bias to growth assets and some exposure to defensive assets. We won’t be supporting this version of your browser. You'll always know where your money is invested because we actively manage the allocations to these assets within defined ranges, in accordance with our changing view of risk and opportunities in investment markets. ����J�Z�!�w�������緻M�Z6A+�o��� Build a better retirement with MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals. Refer to our Computer and Internet browser requirements.

Build your investment portfolio with MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals. <>/Metadata 342 0 R/ViewerPreferences 343 0 R>> <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 594.96 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> MLC Wholesale Horizon 4 Balanced Responsible Entity: MLC Investments Limited: APIR Code: MLC0260AU: Sector/Asset Class: Multisector Growth: Morningstar Rating (as at 30 Sep 2020) Legal Structure: Investment Fund: Fund Inception: 1 Jan 1998: Fund Size: $1900.77 million (as at 30 Sep 2020) Entry Price: $1.21237 (as at 20 Oct 2020) Exit Price How we invest your money 4 6. MLC Wholesale Horizon 4 Balanced Brochures and fund snapshot You can use the portfolio for your whole portfolio or add it to other investments. MLC Horizon The MLC Horizon portfolios are a range of actively managed portfolios designed to deliver returns above their benchmarks, while managing risk. MLC Limited uses the MLC brand under licence. We've created useful tools and resources to help you reach your retirement goals. 1 0 obj 2 0 obj Fund Report | 27 Oct 2020. 3 0 obj �S��%��*A튯�.��{���f�lmVi� �8�[�ِv���� �>����߾�����O��&h����h�o�ü����e?¿��3������wW��3tD���*b�*��v�����l��g�������y}}��z����>�#o��{�]PG|ڼUVML��D��Z�ѐ!�_��mHGPE��_#]�~iz�p99*T����Y� �4"3��~c�4��u�B��ל��~�U�����R�� ����?C�*C���s�BыW�K�H��%��]bC���-�We4�* Each has a different allocation of growth and defensive assets, which are expected to deliver different levels of … �5���[�k�d&.

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