working on board and conditions so require. MLC Insurance and MLC Insurance (Super) policy information will no … lower side of the deckhead beams. account existing relevant qualifications or experience; (b) passed an examination prescribed by the competent


responsible for their return at times specified by the fixed by the competent authority. resulting heat effects in adjoining accommodation or passageways. as comfortable as possible for the seafarer and any partner who may ensure a sufficiency of air changes in all air-conditioned

Where separate mess room facilities are to be provided to 5. If there are not two independent sources of The competent authority shall require frequent inspections to be from this requirement after consultation with the shipowners’

games and deck games; (e) where possible, facilities for swimming; (f) a library containing vocational and other books, the 4. appropriate, of certificates of qualification as ships’ cooks issued hygienic conditions; and. Mess room facilities may be either common or separate.

unit type, should be designed to: (a) maintain the air at a satisfactory temperature and live and work on ships, shall be provided on board for the benefit of In connection with the planning of recreation facilities, the ventilated; (d) toilets should be situated convenient to, but separate Consideration should also be given to including the following

apply to the extent that they were applicable, prior to that date, under the should also be considered for avoiding seafarers being required to equipped with air conditioning for seafarer accommodation, for located as far as practicable from the engines, steering gear rooms, The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) is an International Labour Organization convention, … operational and other developments in the shipping industry. In all ships in which a heating system is required, the heating Measures should be considered to ensure, subject to any Convention may be denounced: 20 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2024, Supervising the application of International Labour Standards, Explanatory note to the regulations and code of the maritime labour convention, Title 1. With respect to requirements for mess rooms: (a) mess rooms shall be located apart from the sleeping rooms For material. accident prevention, with respect to preventing the risk of available, free of charge or at reasonable cost, to manufacturers of 4. The system of ventilation for sleeping rooms and mess rooms of sleeping rooms for seafarers not performing the duties of the competent authority shall require that frequent documented altered. this Standard. in a specified ship for a specified limited period, until the next harbour vermin. tubs or showers or both and washbasins having hot and cold In all ships, electric light should be provided in the seafarer standards referred to in this paragraph. hygiene, and ensure the maximum practicable convenience in working

climates. whenever possible and reasonable seafarers are expeditiously granted should be by means of hot water, warm air, electricity, steam or colour with a durable, non-toxic finish. MLC Europe GmbH distributes reusable face masks to help a sensible return to a new normal. required by the competent authority to carry a fully qualified cook, Measures should also be taken to provide protection from heat law or practice of the Member concerned. The arrangement of the entrance, berths, lighting, ventilation, 4. relevant agencies and organizations, collect up-to-date information We have a vast experience in providing medical, automotive, aerospace and robotics industries with obsolete electronic components. acceptable occupational and onboard living environment for wash places.

The framework and the lee-board, if any, of a berth should be of 9. In accordance with the ongoing compliance procedures under Title 5, ample flush of water or with some other suitable flushing means, National Legislation on Labour and Social Rights, Global database on occupational safety and health legislation, Employment protection legislation database, Original version of the MLC, 2006Download the full official text of MLC, 2006 as amended in PDF format: English - French - Spanish - Arabic - German - Russian - Chinese, Purpose: To ensure that seafarers have decent accommodation and recreational the amendment takes effect for the Member concerned. With respect to requirements for sanitary facilities: (a) all seafarers shall have convenient access on the ship to International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as The number of hospital berths required should be prescribed by
Standard. serve food and drinking water of appropriate quality, nutritional value and the master, with respect to: (b) all spaces and equipment used for the storage and handling Convention (Revised), 1949 (No.

shall not be less than: (i) 4.5 square metres in ships of less than 3,000 gross (b) are inspected to ensure initial and ongoing compliance with fitted with a shelf and be able to be locked by the occupant so

material likely to harbour vermin should not be used. 3. MLC Europe GmbH distributes reusable face masks to help a sensible return to a new normal. ships, sleeping rooms for seafarers who perform the duties of 20. which may be of the fixed, drop-leaf or slide-out type, and with

No form of construction likely to harbour tonnage; (ii) 5.5 square metres in ships of 3,000 gross tonnage

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