Momentum’s new national coordinating group was announced last week. The best way to mobilise Momentum’s members and make an effective intervention in the leadership election is through open debate and democratic decision-making.

This process will engage Momentum members and, importantly, will subject leadership candidates to scrutiny from the left. Secondly, the article takes aim at precisely the wrong group. What explains the difference between […]. Gaya Sriskanthan and Andrew Scattergood succeeding Jon Lansman, Exclusive: Unions release joint statement on Labour suspension of Corbyn, McDonnell: Household bill and council tax arrears should be paused indefinitely, Tory horror: Halloween for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, Labour suspends Jeremy Corbyn from the party pending investigation, EHRC antisemitism report: Labour responsible for “unlawful acts”, Why I’m introducing the national minimum wage bill, Voting down the CHIS bill would weaken national security and human rights, “We won’t be back in the EU”: Rachel Reeves sets out Labour’s Brexit policy. Candidates from across the slates failed to sign – and even among those who did, some hinted at not fully supporting their implementation. For these views not to take hold on society, we have to make sure we articulate clearly that they are not acceptable – and especially not acceptable for those looking to be active in a left-wing organisation. These figures broadly correlate with a similar poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft, with the most popular reason record for defection being unhappiness with Corbyn’s leadership.

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Bigotry against trans people is used by the far right as a radicalising conveyer belt for liberals. In the middle of the article, there was also a broadside against a group of Labour officials who have managed to maintain power in many areas of the country over the last decade: Labour councils. The circumstances of that campaign were very different: the left of the party was broadly united behind a single candidate, who clearly opposed austerity and stood in stark contrast to the three other candidates. We use cookies to improve experience and deliver personalised advertising.

There is no choice for them anymore.”. Following these setbacks, it is not surprising that Forward Momentum attracted significant support for their plans to radically change Momentum.

Within the Tribune piece, there is no mention of the words Conservative, Tory or central government, and the key actors in the nation’s austerity drive – David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson – are not criticised once. Finally, and perhaps most damningly, Scattergood and Sriskanthan’s article completely overlooks the fact that Labour councils were following the policies of Labour’s left-wing leader throughout these years.

Ben Jamal, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, sets out why.

Momentum’s new leadership has to quickly make these key principles the heart of our campaigning work. A Momentum spokesperson said: “Our membership has spoken and overwhelmingly backed Rebecca Long-Bailey to be the next leader of the Labour Party and the next prime minister of the UK. Part of this manifests itself as misogynistic and homophobic framings of ‘traditional family values’. Some Labour activists might feel a false sense of security that the government is too busy mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on the economy to turn their attention to other issues.

Labour-led councils did their part during Corbyn’s leadership, following party policy, mitigating the impacts of the cuts, and protecting key services where possible. To do so, argues Aaron Bastani, he must move beyond platitudes to a message that puts class politics at its heart. Thirdly, the article puts forward that one of the main reasons for the party’s recent lack of national success has been the implementation of cuts at a local level by Labour councils.

The movement never established the political principles that define us. Momentum was founded in 2015 by Jon Lansman along with the original national organisers, Adam Klug, Emma Rees and James Schneider, four weeks after Jeremy Corbyn's successful campaign for the Labour Party leadership.

In this context, there is a real danger of activists becoming disillusioned if there is a coronation of one leadership candidate by Momentum’s governing body without consultation of the membership.

Was Corbynism doomed from the start? The circumstances of that campaign were very different: the left of the party was broadly united behind a single candidate, who clearly opposed austerity and stood in stark contrast to the three other candidates.

Become a regular donor and support Novara Media monthly: Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the party.

"We will now be mobilising thousands to persuade Labour members in the coming months. Hence, we argue that Momentum must allow its members to decide who the organisation will endorse in the Labour leadership election through a one member, one vote online ballot.

Candidates rightly highlighted the democratic deficits in the organisation. Most recently, racist tropes about Black and Muslim men being a danger to white women have been deployed by the (far) right across Europe to turn public opinion against refugees.

Candidates backed by Forward Momentum swept the board and won all seats except for those in the public office holders’ category. Left-wing Labour organisation Momentum ushered in a new dawn this weekend, with Gaya Sriskanthan and Andrew Scattergood succeeding Jon Lansman as the new leadership of the group. Over the last four years, Momentum and self-declared left-wing members of the Labour Party were able to ‘pick and choose’ their socialism. We use cookies to improve experience and deliver personalised advertising. The organisation that was born at the peak of Corbynism now faces a time of crisis.

Christopher Massey is an academic and a Redcar and Cleveland councillor.

In 2017 Labour, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, achieved 40% of the vote in a general election – increasing their share of the vote by 10%. It is vital that we maintain the energy and determination shown by these activists during the general election and redirect it into this upcoming leadership election and beyond. This leaves an ambiguity over whether staunch support for trans rights forms part of the core set of beliefs that should define the Labour left. Beyond their support for Corbyn, Momentum has three primary goals: to win elections for Labour, to create a socialist Labour government, and help build a wider … Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial Respond to Keir Starmer’s Address to the Nation on Covid-19.

An example of what happens if we do not set clear political lines can be observed in the NCG elections with regards to the pledges put forward by the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights. By framing trans women as a potential threat to cis women, a door is opened to make anti-trans politics acceptable to some parts of society that might not otherwise be reached by far-right activists. It is safe to assume that bitter battles will be fought over the new white paper and the legislation that derives from it.

We are asking Momentum members to sign a petition asking the organisation to hold a vote on who to endorse as the next leader. Background. The main reasons in this poll were Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership (35%), Brexit (19%), and policy/economic Incompetence (16%).

There are a number of things that are grossly inaccurate, unfair and ill-informed within this statement. A group of prominent British Palestinians recently penned an open letter to Keir Starmer calling upon the Labour leader to restate his party’s commitment to the Palestinian struggle. This will only play into their hands and lay the ground for a more centrist leader, who will reverse the progress we have made under Corbyn. Over the next few years we will need to redouble our efforts to build a popular majority for a transformative socio-economic programme. We need to create as much space as possible for members to deliberate about the way forward and then to act collectively. Plus, top scientists say Johnson’s new restrictions aren’t good enough, China commits to carbon neutrality by 2060 and RLB’s replacement gets Labour in trouble. Instead, the article opens fire on Momentum’s Labour colleagues in Town Halls across the country. However, in a YouGov poll taken the day after the December 2019 general election, austerity from Labour councils did not feature as one of the key reasons that led former Labour voters to back other parties. Our dedicated coverage of Labour's policies and personalities, internal debates, selections and elections relies on donations from our readers. A new white paper is rumoured to be published at the end of July. The new Momentum leadership, far from building a consensus for a future Labour government, has used one of its first media releases to attack Labour-led councils that have spent the last ten years fighting to protect services, save jobs and see Labour returned to power at a national, as well as local, level. Although some Momentum members may still choose to support different candidates, if the process is democratic many will choose to unite behind the candidate endorsed by the majority.

Momentum should be clear on a strategy that defines what it is for, and adopt structures appropriate to its objectives.

Again, Labour councils did not feature in the results.

Therein lies the danger in our ambiguity. Momentum must practice what it preaches. Momentum stresses the low take-up was because of the short notice and short period of the ballot (48 hours), and will be hoping for a bigger turnout in the leadership race itself. While Labour says it found no evidence of a data breach, some members dispute the party's explanation, while senior Labour figures say the incident is indicative of a worrying resurgence in factional organising. This time the situation is more complex. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

The family is often seen as the political territory of the right.

We are always working to improve this website for our users. Momentum was created after Corbyn won the 2015 Labour leadership election. This is evident in the anger towards the NEC’s imposition of parliamentary candidates during the run up to the election.

Keir Starmer has so far been ambiguous on trans politics too, so there is a worry that the party will not step in to speak up on the issue. Members Should Have the Say on Who Momentum Backs for Labour Leader by Kallum Pembro and Elliot Dugdale. In response to the Tribune article, LGA Labour’s deputy chair Michael Payne – a councillor in Gedling – stated: “There’s nothing left-wing or socialist about undermining Labour councils, the only ones to benefit from that will be the Tories.”. Momentum was created after Corbyn won the 2015 Labour leadership election. Corbyn, John McDonnell and Jon Trickett all explicitly wrote to Labour councils in 2015 demanding that they set legal budgets, mindful to avoid a 1980s Militant in Liverpool scenario. JK Rowling’s Twitter presence is a good example of this. We are already seeing attempts by the political establishment to pressure Labour into ditching its policy programme.

The political battles we face will not pause and wait for the Labour left to reconstitute itself. Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves contacted Labour members encouraging them to elect her preferred slate to the party's national executive committee.

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