If you look past the Flock of Seagulls hairdo and focus only on the color, you'll see that Margot Robbie's hair has a perfectly smooth gradient of blonde, from honey at the roots to butter at the ends. Editors handpick every product that we feature. This Oscar-winning actress not only gets better looking with age, but she also suits a wide array of different hair colours. Best on lighter complexions and light eye colors such as blue or green, this shade is a fabulous option for naturally graying hair. Think of this warm blonde as The Dress of colors—some will swear it's light brown, others will claim it's dark blonde, and yet a third group will tell you to stop critiquing Beyoncé altogether, because it's Beyoncé. Thanks! The platinum micro-highlights framing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's face give her a fresh, youthful look. Leave in for 1-5 minutes each time and follow with the Nexxus Colour Assure Conditioner. To help her hair stand out on screen, Deborah has been dying her hair a strawberry blonde hue on and off since she was 14 years old. And as much as we love her bold red colour, on the occasion she has rocked a bright blonde hue, she’s almost been unrecognisable! Back in the '90s, Madonna proudly showed off Marilyn Monroe-esque butter blonde curls. This information has been sent to the provided email address. Sorry, we could not find any salons/spas in your area. Because of the contrast of very dark and light hair color on one head, any complexion or eye color can pull it off (if you’re brave enough to wear it). But regardless of whether you want to go platinum blonde from a dark natural hair color or simply liven up already-blonde tresses, the pros at Matrix can answer your questions and help you have way more fun going blonde. This sign up is for US consumers. Here are the three basic blonde color categories that provide hair coloring ideas you can take with you to the salon, and tips on how to select your custom color. But post GOT, Sophie has returned to her natural blonde hair colour and can be seen with anything from champagne to honey blonde hues. Ash blonde hair color is a darker, cooler shade of silvery blonde that is an excellent choice for those with darker natural hair, skin and eye colors. We certainly were! This looks great on any skin tone, as long as the shades mimic skin color: i.e., for lighter skin, keep the color shades lighter, and for darker skin, darken up the shades to keep it natural-looking. Thanks to the fact that hair colours can be so easily changed, it’s no surprise that loads of our favourite stars have turned to the hair dye bottle and opted to switch up their natural locks. By registering, your information will be collected and used in the US subject to our. https://www.matrix.com/~/media/new media library/get inspired/blog/blogs/2016updates/24blondes/blonde-blog-images-banner.jpg, 25 Color-Treated Hair Styling & Designing Tips, https://www.matrix.com/blog/24-fabulous-blonde-hair-color-shades-and-how-to-go-blonde, Fabulous Blonde Hair Color Shades & How To Go Blonde | Matrix. Strawberry blonde hair color is a warm reddish-blonde hue that can have all the colors of a sunset in it. Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest of all the blonde shades, and is best on fair skin tones or medium skin tones with a yellowish tint. Hair. It also looks fire. Taylor Swift has personified honey blonde hair color. Natural blonde celebs: Margot Robbie. Another famous on-screen redhead is Sophie Turner. When coloring dark hair blonde, achieve a rich, contrasting color by asking your stylist for a dark blonde base with cool-toned, buttery balayage highlights on the mid-lengths and ends. Honey blonde hair color is warm and shiny and looks best on medium skin tones with darker eye colors such as brown or black. Black blonde hair color is generally reserved for dramatic styles involving blonde hair color and black hair color worn together. In an ultra-cool, French-girl fashion, Clémence Poésy takes the concept of strawberry blonde and cranks it up to a billion. On occasion, you’ll see Christina wearing a strawberry blonde hue on the red carpet before she reverts back to her famous red locks. To learn more, visit AdChoices and our privacy policy.This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google To achieve this color, ask your stylist for cream and butter balayage highlights over your darker roots. There are two different recipes here, both using sage, one for a Naturally Dark Cider Vinegar Rinse and one for a Naturally Dark Sage and Tea Hair Rinse. But here are a few rules of thumb to help: That said, when going blonde, there are all kinds of ways to break the rules. Traditional ash blonde hair color can be warmed up with buttery highlights to match skin tone if needed. Lady Gaga has sported this hue, which can be achieved on lighter natural hair colors through balayage, or all-over color on those with darker natural hair colors. That's the result of clean, mega-white dye, with pale-blonde toner. Editor’s tip: Stop brassiness ruining your blonde hair with the Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo. Caramel blonde hair color is a light golden brown or dark iridescent blonde color that is lovely on any complexion, but most natural-looking on those with medium to dark skin tones. Rihanna is the queen of this technique, having successfully worn many different hair colors that run the spectrum on the hair color charts. This looks great on any skin tone, as long as the shades mimic skin color: i.e., for lighter skin, keep the color shades lighter, and for darker skin, darken up the shades to keep it natural-looking. I am an Indian from a pure Rajput lineage and I was born blonde. We may earn commission from the links on this page. From platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, and ash blonde to dirty blonde, light blonde, dark blonde and even subtle blonde highlights there are many different blonde hair colors to choose from.

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