Santorum won the caucus, followed by Paul and Romney. [216][217], On July 21, 2016, Gingrich argued that members of NATO "ought to worry" about a U.S. commitment to their defense. [50], In the November 1994 elections, Republicans gained 54 seats and took control of the House for the first time since 1954. Gingrich sold his home in Carrollton and moved to Marietta in the new 6th. More about Copyright and Other Restrictions. [67], A central pledge of President Bill Clinton's campaign was to reform the welfare system, adding changes such as work requirements for recipients. )[78] There were also reductions in a number of other taxes on investment gains. You are also responsible for securing any permissions needed to use the items.

A professor of history and geography at the University of West Georgia in the 1970s, Gingrich won election to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 1978, the first Republican in the history of Georgia's 6th congressional district to do so.

He left the college in 1978 when he was elected to Congress. Gingrich was outspoken in his opposition to giving control over the canal to an administrator appointed by the dictatorship in Panama.

[73], By May 1997, Republican congressional leaders reached a compromise with Democrats and President Clinton on the federal budget. Gingrich accused Clinton of stalling on welfare, and proclaimed that Congress could pass a welfare reform bill in as little as 90 days.

[125][126] Gingrich informally advised Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld on strategic issues, on issues including the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and encouraging the Pentagon to not "yield" foreign policy influence to the State Department and National Security Council.

Researcher and Reference Services Division, Official Campaign Web Site - Buddy Roemer, Official Campaign Web Site - Gary Earl Johnson. [127] Gingrich is also a guiding coalition member of the Project on National Security Reform. On January 19, 2012, Marianne alleged in an interview on ABC's Nightline that she had declined to accept Gingrich's suggestion of an open marriage. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. [218], According to Science magazine, Gingrich changed his view on climate change "from cautious skeptic in the late 1980s to believer in the late 2000s to skeptic again during the [2016] campaign. [207], He favors a strong immigration border policy and a guest worker program. Early COS members included Robert Smith Walker, Judd Gregg, Dan Coats and Connie Mack III. The two companies had revenues of $55 million between 2001 and 2010.

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, undermining democratic norms in the United States, American Solutions for Winning the Future, Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, United States federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996, Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, U.S. Commission on National Security/21st century, Presidential campaign of Donald Trump, 2016, encouraged his fellow Republicans to unify behind Trump, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States, Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less: A Handbook for Slashing Gas Prices and Solving Our Energy Crisis, Never Call Retreat: Lee and Grant: The Final Victory, List of federal political scandals in the United States, List of federal political sex scandals in the United States, List of United States Representatives expelled, censured, or reprimanded, "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress: Gingrich, Newton Leroy", "Gingrich's Path From 'Flameout' To D.C. Laura Ingraham cuts through the Washington chatter by speaking directly with unexpected voices and the actual people who are impacted by the news of the day. [87], Clinton said Republican amendments would strip the U.S. Treasury of its ability to dip into federal trust funds to avoid a borrowing crisis.

[Archived Web Site] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, [189] Following this announcement, The Newt 2012 campaign used a new slogan referring to Gingrich as "the last conservative standing".

[80] Gingrich has been credited with creating the agenda for the reduction in capital gains tax, especially in the "Contract with America", which set out to balance the budget and implement decreases in estate and capital gains tax. ", "Newt Gingrich tells The Brody File he 'felt compelled to seek God's forgiveness, "Newt Gingrich says his passion for his country contributed to his marital infidelity", "Newt Gingrich's ex-wife talks end of marriage", "Gingrich admits to affair during Clinton impeachment", "Newt Gingrich: The 5 juiciest details from his ex-wife", "Former Gingrich Wife Says He Asked for 'Open Marriage, "Gingrich delivers show-stopper at beginning of South Carolina debate", "Newt Gingrich Pledges 'Personal Fidelity to My Spouse, "Religion still affects voters' views of candidates", "Gingrich represents new political era for Catholics", "Newt Gingrich on why he became a Catholic", "Faith and Family Values at Issue for Republicans", "10 great places to go wild over zoo animals", "Which Republican Candidate Would Make the Best Arts Nominee? )", "Newt Gingrich on America and the State of the World", "Why I Asked Newt Gingrich to Speak at Liberty's Graduation", "Newt Gingrich urges Republicans to rethink opposition to gay marriage", "Newt Gingrich Endorses National Popular Vote", "Newt Gingrich just said the US should deport all Muslims who believe in Sharia". Republican amendments would have limited appeals by death-row inmates, made it harder to issue health, safety and environmental regulations, and would have committed the president to a seven-year balanced budget.

electronic | Electronic (Form). [213], In 2014, Gingrich sent a letter to Dr. John Koza of National Popular Vote, Inc. endorsing the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, under which presidents would be elected by the national popular vote of the United States and not by the Electoral College. Gingrich supported the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003, creating the Medicare Part D federal prescription drugs benefit program. [98], Eighty-four ethics charges were filed by Democrats against Gingrich during his term as Speaker. [86], Gingrich and the incoming Republican majority's promise to slow the rate of government spending conflicted with the president's agenda for Medicare, education, the environment and public health, leading to two temporary shutdowns of the federal government totaling 28 days.

As a provision of the Contract with America, the law was symbolic of the new Republican majority's goal to remove some of the entitlements enjoyed by Congress. [77], In 1997, President Clinton signed into effect the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which included the largest capital gains tax cut in U.S. history. The contract ranged from issues such as welfare reform, term limits, crime, and a balanced budget/tax limitation amendment, to more specialized legislation such as restrictions on American military participation in United Nations missions.

"[145] In January 2012, he said that he could not make public his contract with Freddie Mac, even though the company gave permission, until his business partners in the Center for Health Transformation also agreed to that. [231] Following the divorce, Jackie had to raise money from friends in her congregation to help her and the children make ends meet; she later filed a petition in court stating that Gingrich had failed to properly provide for his family. [197] After having consulted for Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, Gingrich encouraged his fellow Republicans to unify behind Trump, who had by then become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. The marriage fell apart within days. [42] He said his intention was to "build a much more aggressive, activist party".

[262], Gingrich has shown enthusiasm towards dinosaurs.

[30][31] Gingrich was re-elected five times from this district. There had been no reelected Republican majority since 1928.

[182], It was later revealed Romney had hired a debate coach to help him perform better in the Florida debates. [124] In addition, he is an honorary Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Professor at the National Defense University and teaches officers from all of the defense services. [247] Gingrich disputed the account. ", "Gingrich Says He Doesn't Regret Supporting Medicare Drug Plan Which Is Now a $7.2 Trillion Unfunded Liability", "Gingrich calls Medicare voucher proposal 'right-wing social engineering, "Former foes Clinton, Gingrich band up on health care plan", "Newt Gingrich, Thought Provocateur in Chief", "Wordly advice to Rumsfeld, from Gingrich, Wolfowitz & Co", "Project on National Security Reform - Preliminary Findings", "Exclusive Interview: Newt Gingrich Stepping Up Defense of Religion in the Public Square", "Newt Gingrich first Six Sigma pledge signer", "As he chairs Trump's opioid commission, Christie champions his home-state drug companies", "Newt Gingrich Inc.: How the GOP hopeful went from political flameout to fortune", "Barrick Gold hires John Baird, Newt Gingrich", "Newt Gingrich's net worth: $6.7 million", "Gingrich Health Center and Consulting Group Paid $55 Million", "Gingrich Think Tank Collected $37M from Health-Care Industry", "Newt Gingrich health care think tank files bankruptcy", "Former Gingrich Consultancy Files for Bankruptcy", "Gingrich distances self from Freddie Mac", "Gingrich Leaves Freddie Contract Release to Partners", "On the Stump, Gingrich Puts Focus on Faith", "Newt Gingrich to star in Citizens United movie about "American exceptionalism, "Newt Gingrich Charity Paid Cash To Gingrich For-Profit Business", "Gingrich invested in renewable energy and tech", "Gingrich May Run in 2008 if No Frontrunner Emerges", "Gingrich says he won't run for president", "Newt Gingrich endorses Dede Scozzafava in NY-23 House race", "Newt In 2012: Yeah, But Which Party, Dude?

All rights reserved. In January 1999 he resigned his seat. Clinton favored the then current law, which was to let the premium that seniors pay drop to $42.50.

For general inquiries, please email [20], Gingrich received a B.A. He had overdrafts on twenty-two checks, including a $9,463 check to the Internal Revenue Service in 1990. His mother, Kathleen "Kit" (née Daugherty; 1925–2003), and biological father, Newton Searles McPherson (1923–1970),[11] married in September 1942, when she was 16 and McPherson was 19. [133], He is a fellow at conservative think tanks the American Enterprise Institute and Hoover Institution. The Library of Congress would like to hear from any copyright owners who are not properly identified on this website so that we may make the necessary corrections.

[154], However, insisting that he had "pretty strongly" considered running,[155] on September 29 spokesman Rick Tyler said that Gingrich would not seek the presidency in 2008 because he could not continue to serve as chairman of American Solutions if he did so. [118][119], In 2005, with Hillary Clinton, Gingrich announced the proposed 21st Century Health Information Act, a bill which aimed to replace paperwork with confidential, electronic health information networks. He decided to officially become a Catholic when he saw Pope Benedict XVI, during the Pope's visit to the United States in 2008: "Catching a glimpse of Pope Benedict that day, I was struck by the happiness and peacefulness he exuded. (1998), Maraniss, David, and Michael Weisskopf. or. [180], On January 31, 2012, Gingrich placed second in the Republican Florida primary, losing by a fifteen percentage point margin, 47% to 32%. [104] The Ethics Committee's Special Counsel James M. Cole concluded that Gingrich had violated federal tax law and had lied to the ethics panel in an effort to force the committee to dismiss the complaint against him.

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