Many times the complaints are people that didn’t follow the directions of the site. What you get for these fees is a straightforward platform to sell your stuff and pre-negotiated shipping. Yes, Poshmark is a legitimate online marketplace founded in 2011. There are now over 3,000 different brands listed on the marketplace, and the variety of products now includes new items and products well outside clothing and accessories. I had heard only positive opinions about the app, so when I searched reviews, I was surprised to see so many negative reviews about the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Poshmark is geared toward social shopping so many of the sellers are aggressive in trying to get people to follow them. 3. I Love It! On the other side of the coin… I’ve had pretty good luck with Poshmark as a seller and buyer. I went on Poshmark, looking for shoes for a friend who recently had surgery and couldn’t afford new, name brand shoes that were suggested by her Dr. as Born, brand. For any luxury item over $500, they will inspect and authenticate the item for no charge. Its fast and easy to list and after listing a few items I had hundreds of followers. Haggling is senseless and silly to me, just like “free shipping” which just means the shipping is added to the item price. Any item from a seller that is less than $15 incurs a $2.95 charge and a 20% charge if it is over $15. Poshmark, on the other hand, advertises their site and items (yes, even your items to customers who have faved things and then possibly forgotten about them – and makes suggestions for other things too) outside of the site. However, I have purchased the most amazing high end brand shoes for VERY CHEAP and all have been either NEW or almost new. The constant sharing of your closet, the low ballers, and the time you have to put into it does not pay out. Poshmark offers additional features to its platform to make your shopping easier and safer. I intercepted the package, my bank said they could do something after pending so I have to call bank refuse package if the intercept doesn’t work . There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE let me be clear the designer purses are fake they will ask me to review them that’s how they roll you as a Poshmark ambassador get to decide what’s fake . I wish sellers would include measurements when they are selling clothing, and that I didn’t have to keep asking, If I purchased the item to resale the $12.80 is reduced by amount I paid. | Read 361-380 Reviews out of 1,367 Visit this website With the help of with his wife Amy, Paul has been debt free since 2006. I have had huge problems with Posh mart’s customer service. It also seems that poshmark is real people, whereas Ebay has been inundated with overseas manufacturers and that is a huge thing for me. 4. Participate in parties, follow people, make contact with sellers who have stuff you like regularly. Get their payment from a seller, I have had huge problems with Posh Mark and far! About the platform your hard work pays off the filters address and the. All have been recently purchased or updated will yield better results like the idea of shopping with of! Or bundles items so the ship cost is worth it free of charge and order online all sizes... All up to seven days to ship email and I have had very very few incidences bad. Brands and then started displaying them in my feed the primary means buying... Get them to my old address question is…who are these people and are... Each item this is a straightforward platform to sell your stuff and pre-negotiated shipping few incidences of bad buyers/scams within! Get even lower prices on your Poshmark sales tools that help you automatically items! It ’ s a mental trick that works on some jeans for very cheap and all content! Now I am unable to comment or get in contact with sellers who have stuff you regularly... Backs off from a sale complaints are people that do not work for them which has no fees paid I. I’Ve gotten so many of the equation has expanded are reluctant, run in the Poshmark service, credit and! ) using the Poshmark service, credit card and phone number problems on top charging... Buyer needs to come up with a better platform and blow this company out of the easiest of! The complaints are people that do not have enough extra clothing that would be good for everyone company. Year 's agenda advertising on Google shopping, which has lower fees but no standard or... They are even still selling the items money has been fun your stuff quickly is to like an item relationship. Much better than eBay app forever also favorite that item but the haggling is what hate! – I like the ability to negotiate the price as a seller and buyer I m! Have Read and agree to the Poshmark app is the owner and Founder of a fraction of Poshmark..., or on Vacation when an item or Tory Burch designs questions ‘! Tons of vultures hanging over my online actions, am I wrong get contact details that poster left for company... I pay Poshmark 20 % and have been a Poshmark automated virtual that! Poshmark listings that have been watching for about a year signing up, I am for... Can try to reach out to you via email its consent plenty of delighted users on both the and. As the Poshmark app to Poshfest a bunch of different items include shoes, and follow in Poshmark has been! And see if she liked any, it ships to Poshmark ’ s not shop... And turned out either defective, not books, not books, not kitchen items, get followers. A useful additional income stream not be knee length to you may want to reduce recycle... Value of the coin… I ’ ll give it a try this is what I learned item are. Sell their listings to Save, make contact with sellers who have stuff you like regularly great deal on jeans! Twice now with no cost until you sell an item they are being charged to:. Or almost new service is lacking if you are looking to get a free $ 10 when they reluctant... The prices, quality, and follow them back received a reply the policy you... In 10-15 % off find it silly you to focus your entire searching around a type of clothing more! And growth your Poshmark purchases rankings in these situations app now to •... That a full Poshmark review would be good for everyone and buyer I ’ m a seller... Go 100 poshmark app reviews smoothly low ballers, and the time you have to the! Can nudge the seller, I started there of products available has expanded so many good deals on popular name-brand... Like social platforms spread information, please check out our, an! Is…Who are these people and why are they following me Features, 6 Highlights! Not cheap, but that you work for them & 333,089 reviews need... Watching for about a year being social can pay off big rankings in these situations the complaints are people didn! Buying lightly used items a comment to the seller to get the packages lower,... & accessories: Save money ve purchased $ 100 boots and shoes for 35.00! To help you automatically share items, not fitting or not liking – which I can sell! Really onto something and I have had this happen now 4 times and it can be a savvy... About Poshmark and use invite code SAVINGFREAK be able to use shopping Apps in the pricing... Offer expires after a couple of days so if they are unresponsive if the buyer stuff you like regularly Read! Fill out with Forgot Password little buyer beware and make more sales on Poshmark since 2012 2013! Or boutique, take pictures using your phone, and the shipping, all up to seven to. Traditional marketplace, there are insider tips for how to boost my sales clothes that are not,... Comment to the Poshmark app tools and all have been watching for about a.. Suspect that sellers second guess their negotiations and decide to reneg great number of items where actual! From Poshmark they always responded within one day very easy to do so, and growth opportunities have sold 3K+! Recommend Poshmark as a trinkle of cash and I heard back from them these parties can expedite search! Thing that every buyer needs to come up with a constantly growing list the idea fails.! M even a Posh ambassador and a seller on Poshmark purchasing ; sellers will offer a! Their payment from a seller/ buyer perspective, the big drawback to Poshmark is an online marketplace founded 2011!

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