Overall, a great loaded tripping canoe, but a poor choice for fishing unless you have some willing soul to steer while you fish.

At about 60#, it's still manageable to get on top of the car with out too much effort. Hardly enough to scare even a shy walleye. I don't have to baby it like I do my Kevlar boats, and it still looks good. I could not get this boat to go straight.

Among some of the most diverse locales in which he’s guided canoers is Alaska, Brazil and Thailand. Whether paddling solo on one knee, or with my wife and kid(s) and dog, the Camper can get you and the gear you need anywhere on the lake or river of your choice.

Also, unless the canoer is very experienced, the skinnys usally don't perform any better in the average white than my camper.

Its Royalex construction makes this all purpose canoe a durable favorite with the family. Good canoe for calm water and beginners.

We've been on Sagnaga and across Cache Bay in less than favorable windy weather and the canoe fared far better than my nerves did. We also take in enough fishing tackle to cover everything from large northerns, deep water lake trout, walleyes and small mouths. The Old Town Camper is available for instore collection from Norfolk Canoes or from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group. Others without the Campers flat hull scrape bottom, while I am easily moving down the river and beating them to the fat native trout found at the next bend. After spending time in a Camper I've decided that it is a pretty canoe to look at because of it's traditional lines. They will hold tons of stuff, take a lot of abuse, and is great for long trips with two paddlers. In spite of what one might expect, we found the Camper to be better on rivers than on lakes.

We've had several other canoes over the years, but none of them have been as good as the Camper. When in camp you can turn it up and brace the bottom with logs to make a flat table for camp use.

It's not to heavy when we put it on the car. I researched many different models of Old Town, Mad River, and Wenonah. Not that bad

I now have a hoist system in my new house's garage to get it out of the way. Very stable, tracks nice and turns well for a longer boat.

After getting on the water, I quickly became confident enough to solo paddle and fish while standing in the center of the canoe.
The boat did oilcan a bit on wave trains. It was very stable in the calm water, but tracked very poorly with any wind. I highly recommend this boat for anyone looking to haul gear, or people although I can't recommend it as highly for no load touring, especially in to the wind. We passed OT Discover169's (outfitters boat of choice for the Jack's Fork) all day long and actually arrived at our next gravel bar in plenty of daylight!

My husband goes out fishing in it and loves how steady it is. I took it down the Yukon (Whitehorse to Dawson) twice via Lake Labarge. I have owned an OT Camper 16 rx, an OT Penobscot 16 rx, and a Wenonah 18' Jensen, as well as test paddled a number of other canoes.
And good-looking, as well. This is balanced out by the flat bottom and exceptional stability.

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