Our Brand is Crisis hits a lot of clunky notes and the end is unforgivably cornball, but it’s still one of the liveliest political black comedies I’ve seen in a while. Organizations should “develop preplanned strategies, messaging, responses and safeguards. “The reactive, piecemeal approaches we have seen lately will no longer cut it. The 2005 Our Brand Is Crisis was the second documentary about Carville’s political work, following 1993’s The War Room, in addition to Carville’s dramatic acting résumé and cable news career. In Bolivia, the situation is tense: Bodine learns that the indigenous people, who are a majority in the country but lack any real political power, are protesting for constitutional reform to get proper representation. There are too many balls in the air, too many uncontrollable outside factors, for any singular figure to get all of this under control, be 10 steps ahead of the curve, and successfully and confidently blaze a trail from pre-candidacy to election to dignified leadership. We’re not supposed to earnestly admire any of these people, but we are supposed to guiltily admire their unfailing ability to guide impossible undertakings, such as the practice of politics, to victory through whatever means. When she’s recruited for a chance to face off in Bolivia against her longtime and similarly depraved rival, Pat Candy—portrayed convincingly enough as a stock Billy Bob Thornton character by Billy Bob Thornton—she signs up. [27] Peter Debruge from Variety thought that Jane Bodine, played by Bullock, "is easily one of the best female roles of the last 10 years,"[28] while Benjamn Lee from The Guardian wrote that "Bullock seems blissfully unaware of the film’s faults and delivers a performance that expertly plays on her strengths - her comic timing, wasted in lesser, plane-ready comedies, is on top form and she imbues her neurotic character with more than the thinly sketched quirks provided on the page; she commands a room when needed, perfects scenes of physical comedy and even turns a climax of forced sentiment into something poignant and believable"; he concluded that "while the film is patchy, Bullock's brand is confidently crisis-free". Bodine and her crew join Candy on the way to the airport. As one of his first actions, he invites the IMF into Bolivia, thereby breaking his promise. They plan to frighten the people, with the aim of persuading them to vote for the unsympathetic but known Castillo rather than the younger opposition candidates. "[25] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 53 out of 100, based on 35 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". But don’t assume or hope your company has dodged the misinformation bullet just because it is not an obvious target. Misinformation continues to grow at an alarming rate, along with its potential to infect corporations and organizations. Sometimes it’s melodramatic—think the sinister Ryan Gosling and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Ides of March, or most notably, Kevin Spacey’s snaky Frank Underwood, the master strategist and politician bundled into one on House of Cards. Best to focus our efforts on the root problems, without the additional burden and complexity taking money brings. Castillo wins the vote by a small margin. What steps you take to respond to misinformation may depend on where and how it surfaces, according to Rich Matta, CEO of Reputation Defender, an online reputation management firm. “Private companies are increasingly vulnerable to misinformation campaigns and yet few, if any, have taken the necessary steps to protect their brands, their employees, and their bottom lines,” said Lisa Kaplan, founder and CEO of Alethea Group and former digital director for US Senator Angus King’s (I-Maine) 2018 re-election campaign. Based on the 2005 documentary film of the same name by Rachel Boynton, it is a fictionalized account of the involvement of American political campaign strategists Greenberg Carville Shrum (GCS) in the 2002 Bolivian presidential election. This was the lowest wide release opening of Bullock's career, beating 1996's Two If by Sea ($4.7 million). Among the many achievements of HBO’s Veep is its discovery of a new, post-Carville political consultant character, one that’s just as cuttingly entertaining but truer to reality. Unfortunately, the spread of the misinformation infection from the business world to the political world will not make things any easier for anybody. It is only the knowing, salty political consultant who can bridge the gap between political reality and tidy fictional narrative. [20], In July 2015, Warner Bros. scheduled the film for an October 30, 2015 release, during the awards season. Google and YouTube recently announced they’ve banned misinformation from their sites concerning Covid-19 and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus crisis. When Bodine realizes that she brought a liar into office, she has the car stopped and leaves to join Eduardo. There is no recall of Dasani being conducted in the U.S., so please confidently continue to enjoy Dasani bottled water.”. And speaking of communication, why should you be content to stay in the dark about the falsehoods that may be circulating about your company? Nevertheless, his brothers are much more skeptical about Castillo. (Vice) President Selina Meyers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has a stable of advisers including Dan Egan (Reid Scott) and Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) who have internalized and aspire to the Carville cult; it’s just that reality interrupts to remind them that things don’t work like that. The advice and observations in this blog and my weekly “Crisis Ahead” podcast are based on my extensive experience helping companies, organizations, and individuals prevent, manage, and recover from a variety of crisis situations. “Many times the best response is to not respond at all, but rather to amplify the rate at which the company talks, publishes, and posts about everything else that it stands for. In her eyes, her job is done. The reality of U.S. politics is dominated not so much by incompetent leaders as mortals who lack the requisite superpowers needed to steer the ship of state. Dipayan Ghosh, co-director of the Digital Platforms & Democracy Project at Harvard University’s Harvard Kennedy School, says there are number of steps that platforms can take now. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. I’ve been the CEO of two trade associations, a PR consultant to hundreds of clients, and press secretary for Democratic and Republican members of Congress and political candidates. Instead of superhuman strength or projectile spider-webs, this puppet master has in her arsenal a penchant for drinking and smoking, instant access to the perfect quip at the perfect time, and a convenient lack of morality. [21] It had a wide release in 2,202 theaters for 21 days. Coca-Cola has had first-hand experience with misinformation. That’s why in a time of ever-greater political chaos, the character rings so false. They even resort to publishing photos of their enemy with Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie in the background, so that he has to deny being a Nazi. Movie: Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) info with movie soundtracks, credited songs, film score albums, reviews, news, and more. Bush strategist Lee Atwater, who by his own reported deathbed admission was an unholy monster, and to this day keeps afloat the brand of George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove. The disillusioned Eduardo joins his brothers at a demonstration of people demanding change. The opposition's top political consultant is her nemesis, fellow American Pat Candy (Billy Bob Thornton). [8] On September 24, Ann Dowd joined the film. Other have belatedly followed Twitter’s lead. Bullock’s Jane Bodine offers nothing new. Eduardo, a young volunteer of the Castillo campaign, is deeply impressed by this show of commitment. During the final debate, Bodine cites a quote in a conversation with Candy (knowing that he'll give it to rival candidate Rivera for his speech) saying that "a great man" said it. Our Brand Is Crisis actually marks the second time that Billy Bob Thornton portrayed a version of James Carville. No matter how it spreads — via fake news sites, traditional news organizations, or social media — companies that ignore and hope this crisis goes away may be putting their image, credibility, and reputation at risk. [5] On September 11, Scoot McNairy was added to the cast. It already has. But it seems as though screenwriter Peter Straughan and director David Gordon Green realized near the end that they’d written a feature-length film celebrating consultants’ ability to install a lying, oligarchic, IMF-beholden stooge to a South American presidency, and decided they ought to wrap things up more palatably. This creates a mass of truthful, accurate information that, when done correctly, pushes the misinformation off of the top page of Google and down to where very few people will ever see it,” Matta said. Plot out uproarious long-shot tricks against his opponents that always seem to work out even better than hoped? Bodine’s character loosely channels celebrity political consultant James Carville, one of the Americans who worked on the 2002 Bolivian campaign and a consistent fascination of Hollywood. The deeply disappointed Eduardo visits Bodine in her hotel; Bodine replies that she is not responsible for Castillo's actions. [3], The film opened on October 30, 2015, alongside Burnt and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Some crisis situations are more difficult and challenging to address than others. Left unchallenged or uncorrected, people might assume the falsehoods are really the truth. [6] On September 15, Billy Bob Thornton joined the film,[7] and on September 18, Anthony Mackie joined the cast. You can cancel anytime. His loyalty comes mostly from the fact that Castillo, who was President at the time, took a young Eduardo on his arm during a rally in his town. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. I’m the author of Crisis Ahead — 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back from Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies (Nicholas Brealey) which was rated the #1 best. This Friday, Sandra Bullock assumes the role in Our Brand Is Crisis, a mostly satirical take on a 2005 documentary of the same name about American political consultants’ conquest of a Bolivian election.

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