There are three factors that made FUNKADELIC what it was: The first is the brilliant musicians, particularly the 1970 and the 1975 line-ups. ", which is a parody of Star Wars.

OMG That is my favorite also, but I could not recall the name at all, until you just did. as the spaceship finally comes into view, shrouded in smoke and shooting off a fusillade of magnesium sparks. The song is sung by the titular "children" who explain that Dr. Funkenstein "forenotioned the shortcomings of your condition" and cloned the children to "blow the cobwebs out your mind".

That this particular song is reworked to herald the arrival of the Mothership, which offers salvation from an unfunky existence, also aligns with the provenance of the song. ", Hazel, Edward, and Lucious Ross, William Nelson, George Clinton. Meanwhile, Player of the Year by Bootsy’s Rubber Band is released by Warner Bros Records on Jan. 27, soon thereafter peaking at number one on Billboard’s R&B album chart with “Bootzilla” becoming that band’s first number one single on the charts (ironically knocking “Flashlight” out of the top spot).

"[31] The band vamps over the closing mantra of the song, "Swing down, sweet chariot. Just like George Lucas' movie, the Funk Wars take place "ONCE UPON A TIME... in a faraway parallel universe". The first half of the album introduces key characters like Dr. Funkenstein and expands on terms like "Thumpasorous". I have rarely missed a P Funk show since. Official site of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic Home of the extraterrestrial brothers, Dealers of funky music P.Funk, uncut funk, The Bomb During the film, band members would encourage the audience to shine their flashlights to help the Mothership return.

Bootsy “There are no walls beyond the sky so we must fly on”! Being denied radio play in Detroit sealed the deal: too Black for Rock radio, too White for Black radio. Goins starts to repeatedly wail, "I see the Mothership coming!" [11], Clinton has pointed to the show The Outer Limits as an influence in his elaborate narrative, but more importantly, he and Bootsy Collins encountered a UFO together while driving to Detroit. The best. Super Stupid is said to have a "maggot brain" and to have "lost the fight and the winner is fear". Yeah man this is the apex right here. See more ideas about Parliament funkadelic, Album art, Album covers. Artist Overton Loyd prepared the cover of Motor Booty Affair. Related: “Maggot Brain: Funkadelic’s All-Time Masterpiece”. Thankfully, things have improved for Bell…, Funkadelic - One Nation Under a Groove (1978) (Original LP inner sleeve) artwork by Pedro Bell, Let's Take It To The Stage by Funkadelic on Westbound. Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. ", Clinton, George, and Bootsy Collins, Michael Hampton. The original vinyl release contained a glossy lyric sheet. Rowdy. [19] At the beginning of "The Electronic Spanking of War Babies", Clinton explains that he was "adopted by aliens" at the age of 17, and that "they have long since programmed me to return with this message. Been knee deep in funk since around 1975/ 76.Went to my first P Funk show at the Summit in Houston in 78. Rather than tell the story of a cast of characters, the mythology of Funkadelic is defined as a socially conscious spiritualism. 1978: The Year That Parliament-Funkadelic Ruled The Universe, “Maggot Brain: Funkadelic’s All-Time Masterpiece”, An Edgy Halloween Playlist (Not the Usual Suspects), “Hey Jude,” “Revolution,” and the Chicago 7, Get Your Spook On: Offbeat Horror Movies for Halloween. Percussion:Larry Fratangelo But! Brought to you by FUNKNSTUFF.NET and hosted by Scott Goldfine — musicologist and author of “Everything Is on THE ONE: The First Guide of Funk” ― “TRUTH IN R…. On. Occasionally, an animated film based on Pedro Bell's album art would be shown during the concerts. Instead of Darth Vader, the villain is "BARFT VADA", and his soldiers wield "Blight Sabers".

Too radical. Theracon, Phelps “Catfish” Collins, Bootsy Collins [31] "Unfunky UFO" depicts a spaceship full of people from "a dying world" who sing, "We're unfunky and we're obsolete". COPYRIGHT 2020 CULTURESONAR, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. R. Youngblood. "[5], On "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?

", which is a chant heard in the live version of "Maggot Brain" that closes the album. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as "the classiest two pieces of music I had ever seen where everything related to each other. Bernie Worrell, de legendarische toetsenist van Parliament-Funkadelic, overleed op vrijdag 24 juni op 72-jarige leeftijd in zijn woonplaats Everson, Washington aan de gevolgen van kanker. The Motor-Booty Affair 5:16 Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Here, the one-time musical director of P-Funk takes center stage, assisted by musical cohorts Bootsy Collins, Garry Shider, and of course, the good doctor his self, George Clinton. Let the Funk Live Forever. [10] Though Bell coined terms like "Rumpasaurus" and made extensive contributions to the P-Funk mythology, his work has been largely overlooked.

The best funk in the world and they keep us partying all the time. Debbie Wright, Jeanette Washington, Maliia Franklin, Shirley Hayden, Cheryl James, Lynn Mabry, Dawn Silva, Linda Brown, Richard “Kush” Griffith, Ramond Spruell, Mike “Clip” Payne, Joey Zalabok, and Robert “P-Nut” Johnson, Larry Heckstall, Overton Loyd [29] A DJ talks directly to the audience as if he is on the radio, but on this album, the station call sign is announced as "WEFUNK". [51] P-Funk was telling a tale of once and future greatness to a marginalized audience in a time of intense social upheaval. Keep keeping it on the ☝️???????????? P Funk for life! [1], A half hour later, the band plays "Children of Production" which expands on the clone imagery of "Prelude". The title track opens the album with the incantation, "Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time...for y'all have knocked her up. Funkadelic! That was my JR year of High School, and that music is and always great to Me!!!! 29 of this very year. Other members of the band warn that the mothership will not come if the audience does not do its part. [17] A more scatological iteration comes in the song "Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo Doo Chasers)" (1978) where "funk" is defined as "the P-Preparation, The prune juice of the mind, A mental, musical bowel movement, Groove-lax...A psychological turd remover, A neurological enema". George Clinton at the mixing board, 1970s. Parliament Funkadelic - Bring The Funk - YouTube ... P-Funk

He was drawing on everything from "hipster lingo of the beboppers, early black radio deejays and the apocalyptic anti-slavemassa edicts of the Nation of Islam" as well as the Yippies and the Black Panthers. The cartoon was later played before his shows.

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