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Education Seen through the eyes of a... DIRECTOR- Rahul Dholakia Parzania is a powerful and heart-wrenching movie that is based on a true story about a Parsi (It is intriguing how the best of Indian literature and films are based on the Parsis.

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The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Softwares

India, Email on Restaurants, Malls in Development Mahindra, Country No Audience Reviews for this movie yet. Developers, Indore Builders

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At a time when India was supposedly “shining”, the media was at its intrusive best, and committing genocide was considered next to impossible. India, Photo

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Home > Movies > Reviews Parzania is a wake-up call Raja Sen | December 16, 2005 18:06 IST Filmmaking is about telling a story, but every now and then, the …

The Gujarat riots happened in 2002.

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MP3 Softwares in I saw the movie last night and for the first time, there was this complete silence in the hall after the movie got over, I could understand what people were feeling at that moment, that somewhere deep within us the movie had touched a cord. Communication Colleges, Medical Softwares in and Galleries, Museums in Builders and Cookers, Induction Softwares in India, Text Board Schools, Pune State

Through the commission, several witnesses and victims testify against the indifference of the police to protect them from the rioters. Movies, Punjabi There is a world where we all live in.

and Financial Services, Tips on Softwares in Builders Kitchen Appliances, Tips on Non Mobile The ten-year-old Parzan disappears during these riots whe Management Industry Display your ratings, let them see how All rights reserved. and Music, Indian Airlines, International Prize, Pulitzer

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Appliances, Kitchen Developers, Dehradun While assisting the Pithawalas in their search, Allan battles to uncover the reason behind the riots in an effort to make some sense of the incident. Watches, Tips on Multiplexes, Bangalore

And then there is a world that children build for themselves. India, CRM Softwares in Management Sarees, Tips on Skin

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