The fuel station at Thunderbolt Raceway offers octanes of 93 & 100 (unleaded) and 110 & 112 (leaded), while the station at Lightning Raceway offers 93 & 100 (unleaded) and 110 (leaded). Do not paddock on paved areas.

Roy and your school rocks and I have been highly recommending it to others who are interested.
Practice, qualifying, practice starts and two 8-lap races will fill your day. Each track session is preceded by a classroom session explaining the techniques to use and the goals to shoot for in that respective session. It. Drivers are financially responsible for damage to the safety equipment and track facilities. The roll bar must be in the fixed position and visible at all times.

As you both know, my background is in acrobatics. Be considerate of those around you. On track days the fuel stations are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For major events or events that are longer than a normal track day (i.e. Do not take leashed pets onto false grid or pit areas.

Mike makes sure to get your adrenaline pumping with the 180's and slides!

Four additional track sessions in the racecars add to your knowledge gained the previous day, applying theory to the real world. Camping in any of the NJMP buildings is strictly forbidden. Everything we did exceeded my expectations. Hope see you for refreshers, or on a set in the near future. When I return to the states, I definitely owe y'all a few beers...or sodas...whichever your preference!

Our store boasts a great selection of automotive racing equipment; offered through a partnership with Virginia-based OG Racing, a distributor for some of the most widely-known manufacturers in racing. New Jersey Motorsports Park - new jersey (45 miles southwest of Philadelphia) Dividing Creek Rd. Thanks for the first rate instruction and the inter activeness of the class. The fuel stations are permitted to fill containers in proper five gallon red fuel cans only, per New Jersey state law. I fulfilled a life-long dream and not only came away with a vast amount of knowledge but the great satisfaction and affirmation of my belief in myself now knowing, not just thinking, that I had the skills to keep up with the pros and keep up with whatever you could throw at me. After completing your 2 day course the only thing that I really knew how to do, properly anyway, was how to make the car go forward and reverse. © 2019 Great American Days. Take NJ -55-S toward Glassboro / Vineland. You must remove all used tires, batteries and unwanted parts. This class was awesome. The use of the rear wheeled drive cars provided a great perspective in the different handling techniques as well as the "set" cars. You've taught me a valuable lesson in rigging the "set" cars to achieve performance which I know I'll be able to use this pertinent information on the set. He did a test run the first time, did a 180 the second time, e brake didn't engage the third time, and nailed it the fourth time. SCCA 12-hour events), the fuel stations will remain open extended hours. Do not paint any asphalt surface. Attractions from the Millville Chamber of Commerce. Track Address8000 Dividing Creek RoadMillville, New Jersey08332. It definitely opened my eyes to a new love interest. It had been raining and the rain had stopped.

Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected. Roy and Mike work hard maintaining the cars during lunch and after hours to compensate for the abuse we put them through and to keep it safe. Just wanted to drop you a quick note from the set of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Alcohol is not permitted in the paddock or on pit lane while the track is deemed “hot.” Beer in coolers is permitted for individual consumption only outside the paddock area.

It has hosted races since opening in 2008 and currently boasts a schedule including AMA Pro Road Racing, ARCA Racing Series, American Historic … NJMP is one of only a handful of facilities in the world housing two circuits that can be operated simultaneously. They did a 90 left. Do not fuel cars on paved areas, except as permitted on pit road during racing competition.

Age Requirements: Crew members must be 16 years of age or older. I had no idea I was going to learn that many maneuvers in two days, the way the class is structured couldn't be more perfect and both of you guys have an amazing knack for giving the best explanation of things catered to each individual student....There was like no wasted time on "huh" moments.

They are ready to teach you how to drive like a professional. We utilize the Lightning course for our schools and both Lightning and Thunderbolt for our race series events. Furthermore, fixed roll bars or hoops must terminate above the head of any driver or passenger (pass the “broomstick test”).

There’s something for everyone at The General’s Store, not only for the competitors but for fans looking for something to take home. Motorcycle helmets do not have the proper safety requirements for car use, specifically a rollbar multi-impact test.


For non-racing events, the pit lane speed limit is 20 mph.

See what all the buzz is about: Check out some great in car video from each track below. Racing Schools - High Performance Driving Schools New Jersey - Pennsylvania - New York . Drivers of competition cars are encouraged to wear fire-suits. I had the opportunity to take Drivers East High Performance driving class, and was very happy with the 2 days of instruction. For years it has enabled students to be instructed in a well-structured and controlled environment, avoiding the pitfalls of parking lot trial and error with a rental car. Anyway, thanks again. It should be noted that these tracks are not variations of one big track, they are completely independent of each other and equally fast and thrilling! Dear Drivers East, Thanks again for the class guys. Time to apply your new-found skills and acquire the additional advanced techniques required to devour the track and squeeze every last tenth of a second out of yourself. They have a very clear style of teaching which is surprising for men who are completely insane.

premier stunt driving school and training facilities in the United States.

This track session's objective is to ingrain every bump, wrinkle, and visible marker into your racing mindset. You must contact your series or group administration to determine if trailer drops will be allowed, and if so, at what times.
I also wanted to thank you for all the effort put into teaching the really was incredible. Instructors are race seasoned professionals who will do all they can to squeeze every millisecond out of your lap times. Great job, it all was very cool, I really learned a lot.

Thanks again.

NJMP also offers the high speed 1.9 mile road circuit known as Lightning Raceway.

I can now do box 90’s, reverse and forward 180’s and a host of other driving maneuvers.

It is always best to call ahead at 856-327-7206Questions? Firearms and Fireworks: Firearms and fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the grounds. Regional and national sportscar and motorcycle clubs also hold hundreds of track-day events at the two circuits each season. Dispensing Race Fuels: State law requires that only a NJMP fuel attendant dispense race fuels from the fuel station.

The best way to learn is to practice. I'm an old jock and it was weird doing something physical and not naturally being pretty good at it right away.

It was thrilling, complicated, adrenaline-inducing, white knuckle experience. Fences: Do not climb fences or enter areas behind spectator fences without obtaining permission from NJMP security or emergency personnel.

Thanks Again. Wanted to let you guys know that your instruction was absolutely essential in my execution of this sequence.

Factory hard tops ARE acceptable at SCDA events. SCDA New Jersey Motorsports Park High Performance Driving & Track Events (HPDE), New-Jersey-Motorsports-Park-Schedule 3-13-20 : 1-5pm THUNDERBOLT, New-Jersey-Motorsports-Park-Schedule 3-14-20 : 9am-1pm LIGHTNING, Download the NJMP Daily Schedule for 6/1- THUNDERBOLT, Download the NJMP Daily Schedule for 9/21- LIGHTNING.

Having been a police officer the last 15 yrs, and stunt car driver for the last 3, I thought I kind of knew how to drive a car. Alcohol: Beer and wine are available for sale at our concession stands. Drivers East provides front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles. A slide car session is combined with FIVE track sessions in the racecars, working on those little nuances that trim the last few tenths off your lap times.

Again, cant thank you guys enough for great time. You guys rock, and that's a wrap! Smoking is also not permitted in the hot pits, anywhere that fuel is being dispensed as well as in any facility building or garage. The course outline was extremely comprehensive; ranging from knowledge that helps the average driver travel safer to specific car stunts at a typical job. In an effort to provide maximum levels of safety, quality, and fun at our events, the SCDA will provide trained and certified flaggers at the corner stations. I want to thank you for an awesome and educational two day at Drivers East. If you've got the time and the money, I recommend it! I am already looking forward to a refresher course!!! I look forward to working with you both again in the near future. I learned loads in your class and feel much stronger in Stunt Driving. Fees vary. It was great meeting you both, and hopefully I'll see you on set someday soon! Smoking: New Jersey State Law prohibits smoking in public buildings. The paddock area ends at the up ramps to the infield access bridge. The stunt coordinator pulled out a couple of blow torches and they started drying parts of the street. The ARCA Racing Series and AMA Superbike Championship also joined the NJMP schedule, holding annual points-paying races at the northeast facility.

You've trained forty-eight hours for this day. This is the original stunt driving school in the North East–the first of its kind.

You will be given an abundant amount of seat time, practicing and perfecting the skills required to advance to the final day. They wanted to try the trick you told me about by setting up the shot and then shooting it in reverse, but I told them I was comfortable driving straight up to the camera. Address: 8000 Dividing Creek Rd, Millville, NJ 08332, © Copyright 2020 Bertil Roos Racing School, Data Analysis Clinic with Individualized Coaching. For safety reasons, all convertibles (Boxster, Miata, Corvette, BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Pontiac Solstice etc.)

We offer:Store visitors are greeted with a lounge area at the front of the store, complete with comfortable seating, televisions, and a charging station for electronics. Children: A responsible adult must closely supervise all children under 17 years of age. Any fuel spills on pit road must be immediately diluted with Cold Fire. Many renowned racing series have visited at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

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