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He was out cleaning sites and catching trout for his dinner (there are some brookies in the river). We headed off down the braided river towards Allagash Falls and the only real carry on the trip, only 1/4-mile long.

I personally recommend that you plan at least a three-night trip so that you can experience that feeling of getting away from it all. The Allagash is a fantastic experience. The loons on Long Lake were plentiful, loud, enthusiastic, and persistent. Some other important equipment to take on an extended canoe trip: Good rain gear, water filtration pump, dry bags and a good tent. The water was 41 degrees and the air temperature wasn’t much higher. WELCOME TO ALLAGASH CANOE TRIPS. The snow ended in a 6-foot near vertical wall. An Allagash canoe trip is not an inexpensive vacation. Another couple of miles of pleasant paddling and we were at our last campsite, Big Brook North. The Allagash River widens out as you progress north and offers more views of the surrounding hills. Once again we quietly went into a steady rhythm of paddling to get it done. The smelt runs start soon after ice out on the waterway headwater lakes. Remote campsites are well maintained by rangers and waterway staff routinely patrol the area, giving visitors a sense of security. Before the surface waters start to warm – usually in late May or early June – togue can be caught on the surface of the lakes. Maine Canoe Trip Planning Allagash River & St. John River Trips . It’s a pleasure to camp with experienced trippers and to see how smoothly meals are prepared, camp is broken, and canoes are loaded and readied for travel.

We practiced identifying birds by call from the forested shoreline. To access past copies of the Northwoods Sporting Journal in digital format at no charge, click here. We chose to wear dry suits in case of a swamping. The most direct line would have been a dangerous one to follow so we continued to follow the shore in order to avoid the strengthening north wind. We had lunch in the warm sun at the ranger’s picnic table as he told us about the 50th anniversary of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. The Division of Parks and Public Lands maintains a website at: which includes a map of the waterway, rules, watercraft restrictions, fees and other helpful information. We passed several motorized canoes heading upstream with guides and clients.

Some advantages of a spring canoe trip – there are usually no bugs; black flies don’t typically come out until the end of May.

Keep up the great reading. The water in the river is normally high and you will find an abundance of fiddleheads if you look on the islands and where brooks enter the river section of the waterway. My recommendation: Bring at least a 16-foot canoe. His passing leaves a void in many of our lives, both personal and professional. Chris Gill completed his section-paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail between 2008-2015. This will take you over some of the best spring fishing waters on the AWW. It can be easy to get caught-up in the frenzy when the fish are biting – please only keep what you can use. The North Maine Woods is a non-profit organization supported by large and small landowners as well as government agencies. ... DownEast magazine recently featured a great article and video about a guided trip on the Allagash wilderness waterway with Allagash Canoe … The Northwoods Sporting Journal is the largest hunting and fishing magazine in the Northeast. The final rapids would have been enjoyable in better weather but they were paddled with workmanlike efficiency into a headwind with rain in our squinted eyes. The native wild trout of the Allagash make for some fine table fare to supplement your menu on a canoe expedition. I was astonished at the sound of the propellers hitting rocks on the streambed. The outfitters that operate on the Allagash are all listed on the North Maine Woods website at

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