Walk around your infested plants and suck the pests from the undersides of the leaves and foliage. Choose some that are known to repel flies and send them right back outside. Basil won’t repel flies and mosquitoes unless you crush its leaves. It’s not a high maintenance plant either. Thyme is a tolerant plant that grows well in rocky soil with partial shade and only rainfall for water. Dalmatian chrysanthemums are especially potent. You can choose from English, French or Spanish lavender for growing inside.

Add it to the garden or a hanging planter. You might want to grow mums among your other plants, not just put them in pots around the porch. PRIVACY POLICY. You can protect yourself with plants that repel flies and mosquitoes. Vacuum the flies. Just make sure they have plenty of sun and water, and they will create a protective zone wherever they thrive. Keep them out of direct sun, which is fine because they prefer indirect light or even a little shade anyway. Use distilled water to keep the soil from losing its acidic edge. Sweet woodruff needs indirect light, or even low light, and water just when the soil dries out. Bayleaf, also known as bay laurel, repels flies. So you do need to care for your plant well enough that it will bloom indoors for you. A sticky film is attached right to the window glass, and it captures any flies that fly up to the glass. Water enough so that it doesn’t dry right out, usually just when the surface of the soil is dry to the touch.

You must cover the entire plant, including the bottoms of leaves, with the oil for it to work as intended. Corky's Pest Control is licensed and insured. Venus flytraps need very high moisture content in their surroundings and are often kept in glass terrariums to maintain that environment for them. In fact, it can be irritating to the skin and should not be kept if you have kids or pets that might have access to it. Keep your garbage or compost in containers with tight lids, or store outside as much as possible. This method is quick and straightforward, and it can remove whiteflies from all stages of the development cycle – from larvae to mature, plant-munching adults. A screen door may also help. Like with lavender, you need a place that has a lot of sun as well as good air flow. When choosing a variety of mint for a houseplant, select one with the strongest scent you can. Glad I could help. The strong floral scent is just perfect to keep away flies, moths, as well as mosquitoes, ants and even spiders. Lantana camara comes from Central and South America, but it flourishes in gardens around the world. On the other hand, you can’t let it dry right out either.

To kill the whiteflies. To take advantage of its ability to repel pests, you’ll need to release its scent. Up to you. And you can use the flowers, the stems, and the leaves for cooking, too. Did you know that marigolds are perennial plants that repel mosquitoes? Some gardeners make an insect repellent spray by steeping basil in boiling water and then adding vodka to the mix.

Nasturtiums have a long-standing reputation as a powerful companion plant, because they release an airborne chemical that repels a variety of insects, including aphids and whiteflies. While you might be tempted to deter bugs by rubbing the juice on your skin, that could lead to a rash. Marigolds also have a unique scent that deters mosquitoes, aphids, squash bugs, and rabbits that might eat your vegetables. Though they do better as outside plants, you can probably manage a pot or two of them if you provide enough light.

If you have enough of them, their sap-sucking ways can start to harm your plants. Tansy is also different that it is not a culinary herb whatsoever. Other predator insects include, green lacewings, minute pirate bugs, big eyed bugs, wasps, and damsel bugs. Spraying toxins all over the house isn’t the best idea. It’s one of the amazing plants for bees, as well. Follow up two or three times to take down a high population then periodically as needed. It reduces insect feeding causing starvation and acts as a repellent. If you can get the care just right, a pot of rosemary will add some fly-repelling aroma to your indoor garden. These small pests feed off plant sap, and can be attracted by your indoor garden. However, mint spreads quite quickly through your yard, so plan on keeping it in pots or even hang plants from your porch, as long as they are not in the ground.

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