Delivery & Pickup Options - 118 reviews of Poki One N Half "I love this place! Order online.

Prices on this menu are set directly by the Merchant. I enjoyed mixing their house sauce with the spicy mayo.

Everything was so good and the staff was extremely nice and helpful. Current status of the company is ACTIVE.

slowly, and we were starving and had a long drive north ahead of us.

The employee recommended that we have spicy mayo on the side, but it did nothing to save my bowl imo.

Stay safe. One scoop of avocado is included in the prices here and you can ask for "extra" and they'll include an extra half scoop at no additional charge. 10/13/2020Hello Christian, we apologize for the delayed process on our ordering process. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. We definitely got our money's worth for a hearty lunch (though, of course, most of the filling items were the extras and the base), and we walked away satiated with food still left in our bowls. I had it made with scallops, yellowtail, and tuna, with all of the toppings and the mild sauce. Staff is friendly and helpful. Thank you for the fantastic review, Jash.

It is usually pretty crowded, with limited seating (inside/outside). My husband and I shared a drink, and the three of us took over the only small table on the patio (chairs were at a premium that day). We're so glad that your food was fresh and the staff was friendly! Consistently good poki with a lot of options, quick service, convenient location with lots of parking.

I don't think any of their poke sauces are particularly spicy, but they are tasty!

Great for udon, seaweed salad, & groceries", "All around best boba place in San Diego, with Kung Fu Tea as option; it’s an actual tea FYI!

$10.99 Regular Bowl. POKI ONE N HALF SAN MARCOS, INC. is an entity registered at California with company number C4657458.

First, the line seemed to be moving...slowly, and we were starving and had a long drive north ahead of us. I assure you this isn't a typical situation. For those of you who haven't been introduced to Poke One N Half yet, this is probably one of the more prominent and fan favorite poke joints in SD. This restaurant may please you with mouthwatering poke bowl, albacore and octopus.

Usually that's something the customer has to request.Their restrooms are clean! We are pleased to hear you enjoyed your visit and your meal.

Instead of individual cubes, the salmon was grouped together in chunks, each piece hanging to the next by a thread.

Count me in.

For an order before the lunch rush, it took less than 10 minutes.

Since quarantine, I've actually been eating healthier at home; I've been craving raw fish, so I'm switching often between Japanese and Poke (except on Saturdays - junk food day with my quarantine buddy). Their motto is "Good people, good heart, good ingredients," and I believe it!

Still, we didn't get sick, so that was a bonus. The lady took a little long to prepare the food and then. Their macarons with mango icecream are good, first time i've tried them.

It's a Poke place with typical types of proteins - tuna, salmon, shrimp, etc. And then the photo of the "Signature" ramen bowl clearly shows a couple of pieces of chashu pork.So then -- what's with the two strips of paper-thin bacon?! Everything was super fresh and tastyThey do only have poki sauce (with varying degrees of spiceness) but they serve siracha and ponzu sauce in the side! Portion sizes is definitely not an issue here! How is this business operating during COVID-19?

This is my favorite poke chain in San Diego.

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This didn't really bother me but I had to dig for them when I was eating. Overall, I think this place is great and I enjoyed the amount of poke I got for the price! It didn't have any fishy taste to it!

It looks very flavorful.They have decent protein but since i don't like raw fish, i opted for the cooked shrimp and tofu. Hawaiian, Seafood, Vegetarian options.

Not only did it marinate the fish, it gave the right amount of flavor for the salad. You can also ask for a side of sauce as you're paying to take home. He ate it all pretty quickly - we both finished eating pretty quickly, not only because we were very hungry (it was almost three and neither of us had had lunch yet). The chasu is a little sweet, crispy at the initial bite, and chewy at the end. ENJOY!. The sauce is great as well.

I always look forward to topping my poke with crispy onion flakes but I found that the fried garlic at this place is just as tasty. Order all the toppings, no extra cost.

Consistently good poki with a lot of options, quick service, convenient location with lots of parking.

I absolutely love the sauce it came with. Why did I want to leave? The ingredients and fish tasted fresh and the portion size was bigger than we expected.

I've ordered several times in June and July 2020 (via DoorDash app).

Get quick answers from Poki One N Half staff and past visitors.

Hello Hailey, we sincerely apologize for what happened to your last visit. I've been looking for a new poke spot since Pokeria (RIP).

Don't show up without your mask! We hope to see you again soon! It is usually pretty crowded, with limited seating (inside/outside).More, The line was out the open door when we pulled up on a Saturday afternoon. Pretty standard poki place I like that the fish was fresh the new check in process after Covid was pretty convenient they have paper and pen available so you can put your order down before it's your turn in line which definitely spread the process up when I went I had the poki burrito the sauce that was available was really good my only reason I can't give it a five star was basically their choice of seaweed wrap they used for the burrito it was the type of seaweed that didn't tear very nicely so kind of made it a little messy to eat still good just don't like chewy seaweed, See all photos from Jessica R. for Poki One N Half.

That's always a positive when you order delivery!

Vérifie que tes informations sont à jour.

Again, we apologize for the unpleasant experience you had. Also sriracha is conveniently placed at the little utensil table if you need some extra spice. I was just going to let it go cause things happen however when I took a few bites of  the ramen I had ordered for my son I felt something that would not break down no matter how much I chewed..

We each ordered a small bowl, with varying bases, fishes and toppings.

Seafood that I like so far - Salmon, Scallops, and Octopus.

I gotten the pokirrito the first time and it was delicious. I'd say it didn't wow me, but the food was fresh.

Delivery & Pickup Options - 118 reviews of Poki One N Half "I love this place!

It's unfortunate we had to get takeout because of Covid, because I would normally just ask for more sauce if I were dining in.

One man on the line handling all the orders as everyone else just stood around. We looked out, through the carpark, toward the 5 freeway, at the construction site of the upcoming trolley line (the supports had been poured, but the rail bed and rail are still some time away).

Seafooddelivered fromPoki One N HalfatPoki One N Half, 8055 Armour St c, San Diego, CA 92111, USA Your cart is emptyAdd items to get started Still, we didn't get sick, so that was a bonus. Bummed!! I'm glad I tried this poki restaurant. I've also tried their Lobster and Albacore - I'm not really a fan of those. The lady took a little long to prepare the food and then didn't serve customers in the order they came in. I assure you this isn't a typical situation.

The salmon was SO fishy that I had to pick all of it out, and the rest of the bowl was pretty dry and bland.

Cravings!! The food is delicious, fresh, and cheap. NOM NOM NOM!!

Don't show up without your mask! Portion sizes is definitely not an issue here! Also sriracha is conveniently placed at the little utensil table if you need some extra spice.One thing I found interesting was that avocado and imitation crab was added in the earlier steps as opposed to being added as at the end as toppings.

It was very good combination with all the toppings together.

The cinema will likely become much more crowded and well-attended, and the shopping center will likely create a new "front" facing the trolley, as opposed to the street-facing side, which includes Ralph's, Trader Joe's, and Chipotle. Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page. The restaurant was busy which was a good sign. The offer a variety of bases: white rice, brown rice, salad, chips, and half & half. I recommend!More. Share. I went with the tako and tuna, and added all the toppings. Each ramen order comes with two pieces of chasu, soft boiled egg, green onions, bean sprouts, corn, seaweed flakes, and sesame seeds. I am thankful it was me & not my 9 year old who took that bite .. Super delicious and affordable poke (small bowl $10.95 w/o tax) with included/free avocado, seaweed salad, AND crab salad?! So you can imagine my surprise today when I went to this restaurant (for the first time ever mind you), ordered the "Signature" ramen, and got a bowl of ... wait for it ... BACON RAMEN. Due to COVID-19, we are operating with minimal staffs; We will try our best effort to accommodate within our capability in the future. Delivery & Pickup Options - 1112 reviews of Poki One N Half "I stumbled in here on their soft opening by accident, and what a fresh and yummy surprise it turned out to be! This was not the first poki that I aet, but for sure was the best. See all photos from Jash P. for Poki One N Half. I'm not kidding nor am I exaggerating. Fancy decor is appreciated by guests. Rate the company and help other users.

But this one is a definite hit So next time your craving poke, try it for yourself. Utilise aussi nos outils gratuits pour trouver de nouveaux clients.

You choose your base (rice, salad, etc. I love driving here for lunch on my days off so that I can enjoy poke by the beach. We're happy to hear that you enjoyed your poke bowl! The salmon was a lot a lot tougher than at other places. I have been a loyal customer for the past 3 years and the service has always been impeccable.

I also like that the worker asked if I wanted sauce oh my rice because I often forget to ask myself. Food was good but service wasn't that great.

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