Cook's Note: I'm serving my Spanish pork secreto PA style: Placed on a bed of ~ Smashed Maple Sweet Potatoes ~ and topped with ~ Sweet (& Savory) Caramelized Onions & Apples ~, Fall colors and October pork never looked or tasted so good! This Spanish anatomy chart confirms my suspicions by labeling three disparate parts of the pig secreto or presa de paleta (see the cheek, shoulder, and front loin). I showed you ~ The Art of Frying the Perfect "Skinny" Pork Chop ~, then, I made a Southern classic ~ Smothered with Love:  Pork Chops w/Onion Gravy ~. Sign Out, (You can use HTML tags like and to style your text. Note:  If you happen to have one of those fine mesh spatter shield gadgets in your kitchen repertoire, now is the time to use it. It took five more years for raw Ibérico pork products—lardo, loins, shoulders, steaks, etc.—to debut in the American marketplace. Place the pork on a cutting board and allow to rest, about 5 minutes. The onion puree can be made in advance and cooking the iberico pork and fennel only takes a few minutes. receives commissions made through links to Amazon and other vendors through the blog and store pages. I first heard about secreto when Steven blogged about eating (make that devouring) it at the Imperial restaurant in Portland, Oregon. View an alternate. (nobody). I realize that even via the internet, pricey Iberico pork is really hard to procure, but, I don't want you miss a great dinner, or, not learn a new cooking technique. ~ Step 4. "We are all in this food world together." At $26.99 per pound, I was afraid to overcook it. The Ibérico pig (also called pata negra thanks to its distinctive black hooves) is one of the oldest heritage breeds in the world, likely a descendant of swine brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Phoenicians in the 9th century BCE. 25) What would Don Draper do?

For a chef, having mentors like Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Ferran Adrià must be akin to taking music classes with Chopin and Brahms. Can be Made Ahead and Frozen. I took to the Internet to find out.

According to COVAP, a cooperative of farmers headquartered in Pozoblanco (Cordoba), Spain, the "secreto" is a fan-shaped piece of muscle obtained from the top front of the pork belly which is initially covered in belly fat (which makes it a hard cut of meat to locate). This is only a preview.

Last year, Jami introduced me to Iberico pork in general, and more specifically, "secreto", which is a cut that is hard to locate on the hog itself, hence the name "secret". This colourful and flavourful recipe from Nuno Mendes uses highly-prized pork secretos and requires lengthy cooking sous vide at a low temperature. Iberico pork (the Kobe beef of the pork world), is one of them.

Plus, I don't want any spices bastardizing its one-of-a-kind flavor (the flavor of the fat). Acorns are rich in oleic acid, the same found in olive oil, and because pigs do not convert fat, the oleic component makes their highly-marbled, rosy, melt-in-your-mouth meat, high in mono-unsaturated fat. The pork skirt, also known as the secreto (or secret cut), is a bit of mystery. Reduce the red wine and onion down to a paste, remove 100g of the onion paste and chop finely on a board. Why? The secreto has so much marbling it has a bit of a bacon-like flavor, but much more complex because of the grasses, … Boston Butt Basics. And instead of acorns, the Oregonian pigs feed on hazelnuts. Once weaned, the young shoats are released into government-protected primeval oak forests and meadows to forage for acorns, wild herbs, mushrooms, and grasses. Tom Mylan, executive butcher and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Meat Hook, describes secreto as “a tender strip of pork hidden beneath a thick layer of belly fat.” Other descriptions I found included “on top of the brisket,” “behind the shoulder,” and “between the shoulder, ribs, and fatback.” To add to the confusion, the in-store weight/price sticker on the back of the package I bought called it presa de paleta—shoulder steak. Any visible fat was creamy and white. In Praise of Pork Chops

Pork fritters with pub piccalilli, apple sauce and soft poached quail's eggs, Blue cheese crusted pork escalopes with pineapple sage, roasted beetroot and apple, Roasted organic pork with salt and pepper crackling and autumn brassicas, Sous vide jerk pork shoulder with mango salsa and rice and peas, Leave the pork to marinate in the olive oil, thyme, smashed garlic and black and white pepper for 4 hours, Put the secretos in a bag, vacuum seal and cook sous vide at 65°C for 12 hours, Blanch the tapioca in boiling water for 1 minute. It was an appropriate metaphor given that my find was a package of pork labeled “Secreto Ibérico de Bellota”—the “secret” cut from one of Spain’s acorn-fattened pigs. All rights reserved. LEARN ABOUT THESE OTHER CUTS OF PORK:

A bit about Iberico pork : It comes from the Iberico breed of pig, known as a "black-footed pig", … I have purposefully saved my best for last: Iberico pork:  The best kept secret in the porcine world! Thanks to my close friend and Nittany Lion Inn chef, Jamison Steffen, I have access to many fine and exotic ingredients that would otherwise not be available to me in my local Central Pennsylvania markets.

Special Equipment List:  12" skillet; spatter screen (optional); cutting board; chef's knife. I would grill it over olive wood chunks as they do in Spain. Have fun! Roughly speaking it sits between the stomach fat and the ribs. how to pan-sear Iberico pork secreto, Iberico pork, Iberico pork secreto, pan-searing, pork shoulder blade steak, secreto, Spain, Spanish pork, what to serve with Iberico pork. Instead, it's getting the royal treatment. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Bible. Chef-owner Vitaly Paley grilled this “secret butcher’s cut” on a wine barrel stave over a wood fire. ~ Step 5. If you don't have a sous vide you can roast the pork instead. I first heard about secreto when Steven blogged about eating (make that devouring) it at the Imperial restaurant in Portland, Oregon. In Praise of Pork Shoulder

), (Name is required. (Bellota means acorn in Spanish.) The oloroso sherry sauce is made ‘a la minute’, so you can show off your chef skills to your guests. Both side dishes can be found by clicking into  Category 4!

Like olive oil, the meat is also high in oleic acid. If cooked properly (very quickly over high heat for less than 5 minutes) it requires no tenderizing (the fat dissolves almost instantly and tenderizes it naturally).

Retro recipes from my past to your present!

An easy-to-miss, thin layer of meat, it’s extremely tender because it’s not a heavily worked muscle. Terms & Policies | Privacy Policy

It was an appropriate metaphor given that my find was a package of pork labeled “Secreto Ibérico de Bellota”—the “secret” cut from one of Spain’s acorn-fattened pigs. But because of the animals’ natural diet, the fat in Ibérico de Bellota is of the mono-unsaturated variety, the so-called “good” fat. Nuno Mendes' London restaurant demonstrates the qualities of ambition that most good protégés possess. Sign In, You are currently signed in as But what exactly is secreto? The truth be told:  this is so good, Joe and I can each eat almost an entire 'steak'. Get the recipe here. (Bellota means acorn in Spanish.). You can find 1000+ of my kitchen-tested recipes using the Recipes tab, watch nearly 100 of my Kitchen Encounters/WHVL-TV segments using the TV Videos tab, join the discussion about all of my creations using the Facebook tab, or Email your questions and comments directly to me--none go unanswered. My conclusion? To preserve the delicate ecosystem of the dehesa, each animal is given the equivalent of 5 acres (!) Soak the tapioca in the red wine, Julienne (slice into thin strips) the onions, then braise them in enough red wine to cover. Add the pork to the skillet, seasoned side down, season the unseasoned side with salt and pepper, and saute until first side is golden, about 2 minutes... ...  DO NOT OVERCOOK THIS PORK!!! Cut each artichoke into quarters, To serve, position the pork secretos on each plate. And I would serve it with romesco sauce as Vitaly Paley does at Imperial. A bit about Iberico pork:  It comes from the Iberico breed of pig, known as a "black-footed pig", which is raised almost exclusively in Spain. Having trouble reading this image?

The meat was supernaturally tender with a mild, nutty, porky flavor. If your pork isn't spattering, you're heat isn't high enough! Note:  To get a lot more Iberico pork facts and information, you can read my post from last year ~ The New Meaning of "Outstanding":  Iberico Pork ~, by clicking in Categories 3, 10, 16 or 21! Site by Being Wicked. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Please post about your experience with this tantalizing new cut (include photos) on the Barbecue Board.

There’s an old saying: “Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while.” It came to mind when I chanced upon something unexpected while searching for duck at my local supermarket recently. If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account, please Though it may soon be coming to a supermarket near you, for now, you can order secreto online from La Tienda. Arrange four of the artichoke quarters around the meat, then place 3 cherries around the edge of the plate, Porco balichão tamarindo – Macanese tamarind-braised pork, 2 hours, plus 12 hour sous-vide, marinating time, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club. Where does this cut, which usually tops out at a modest 1 1/4 pounds, come from on the animal? The ban was lifted in December 2007.

Sign up and get a free ebook of Raichlen’s Burgers plus weekly recipes and tips straight from Steven Raichlen! Allow to and then blanch again for 3 minutes. Last year, Jami introduced me to Iberico pork in general, and more specifically, "secreto", which is a cut that is hard to locate on the hog itself, hence the name "secret". This 14-16-ounce, room temperature secreto 'steak' has been rinsed and patted dry, and, isn't getting any fancy marinade or dry rub. Holding your chef's knife at a 30 degree angle, thinly slice the pork. Thanks to its generous intramuscular fat, secreto is juicy and rich; it is often compared to Wagyu beef.

Once trimmed, as you can see from the photos, the exposed muscle itself contains streaks of light, creamy fat marbled throughout, which makes it ideal for quick, high-heat methods of preparation: Last year I grilled secreto for you -- this year I'm pan-searing it! Spoon the onion and mustard mixture next to the meat, then spoon over the tapioca in the red wine, making sure to drizzle some of the jus onto the meat. Pure and simple:  freshly ground sea salt and peppercorn blend is the best! I love pork, and, this year on Kitchen Encounters, I concentrated my October pork posts on my favorite recipes for thin-cut pork chops. At that time, the Spanish company Embutidos Fermín was initially allowed to ship 300 cured hams to the U.S. There is surprisingly little information out there—the major food mags are apparently not onto secreto yet—and what information is there is contradictory.

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