Some weapons were a little unclear as to which figure was supposed to use them.

I have heard some people advise against it, as there was some issue with past release stickers degrading quickly even without being handled.

I think it was too much slag in the space to keep it from locking. Predaking was available worldwide (except the United Kingdom) in 1986, sold as five individually boxed team members. Now he lives with his fellow Cybertronians, comrades and sworn enemies alike. Articulation is very limited, but hey he's a G1. But I quickly realized most of that extra articulation wasn't really helpful in setting up stand able poses. Find out what this item is worth with our real-time price guide! In this mode, he can raise his arms at the shoulder or move his hips (though this is inadvisable, see Razorclaw’s Collector Notes). Origins. The left arm (Dive bomb) doesn't rotate up and down in the socket properly and it also is very loose and comes off easily and often. Great Scott! A box that wasn't smashed (....curses Amazon..!). The 7-inch scale figures convert from robot to beast and combine to form a menacing Predaking figure!

Predaking is both tall and bulky, the largest of the Combiners released in the US during G1.

This all-in-one Predaking Combiner set includes 5 Voyager Class Predacon figures: Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Razorclaw, and Torox.

I got this after it came out, and I had the same problem with Rampage's leg too. That being said, here is some info regarding the different releases of Predaking over the years: The 2010 version differed from the original in a few ways: The 2013 Platinum version is very similar to the 2010 release with a few differences: Now, with all that out of the way on to the review! The box is VERY nice with a dynamic illustration of Predaking aggressively looking at us. His back looks like his alt mode, but I kind of like it.

Graphics on some of the stickers have been changed, (an improvement to my eyes). While I would have almost preferred the yellow because it was so crazy and garish, it's not worth it to me to pay hundreds extra for it.

Compared to the new one included in this set, it’s dinky, the new one is a much better scale. My understanding is that the 2004 re-issue was faithful to the original 1986 metal version. His eyes, shoulders and head really meld together in one color blob at certain angles. There was a sticker that I believe was meant for his chest/waist area, but it would not fit without cutting it up or covering up the reveal the shield sticker so I left it off.

X-acto knives save lives.

I missed BBTS's reissue of Computron, who was basically my favorite G1 gestalt... Anyways, good review!
As an adult who will mainly keep him as Predaking on a shelf, he is everything I would want him to be, huge, eye-catching, imposing, beastly, and taller than every other combiner by far.

Great review. The 1986 Predaking's components were released in both plastic and metal versions. CollectionDX is your source for Reviews, News and Collections of the latest Japanese Toys, American Toys, Robots, Designer Toys and Action figures. G1 Computron was most certainly never re-released, not even for BBTS.

His cat mode is OK at best. Predaking's foot becomes a back cannon that is pretty bad ass. The combined form of the animal-themed Predacons, Predaking’s bulk resulted from each member of the team being roughly the same size - each larger than the team leaders of the “Scramble City” Special Teams. He features a relatively homogeneous color scheme of orange, black, and yellow, with gold stickers and red and gray highlight plastics. I remember thinking how awesome it would be to have full-sized "real" transformers instead of the dinky Aerialbots or Constructicons. Views: 3084. We'll sendyou a link to reset your password.

At first, I was struck by how much more articulated Predaking was than other combiners.

The wrists can move a bit but too much and they detach, the elbows are really the main addition over other combiners. Oddly, I think I am glad I got him as an adult collector rather than a kid. The price of this set is great and what you get even with the flaws is well worth the money. Hiya Toys is pleased to announce four new figures in its Exquisite Mini line from 2004’s Alien Vs. When I was transforming him I thought his bot legs were tough to push in to the body. It does not include the red eye stickers.

Description. If you don't receive instructions within a few minutes, check your email's spam and junk filters. This version again uses the metal bodies, and features a redesigned sticker sheet, as well as metallic gold replacing his yellow parts, and metallic shades of his other plastic. Hopefully this newest release fixed the sticker problems of the past. I have read that this is another common problem.

Combiner/Super Warrior: Predaking Additional Info. To see your past orders, you must enter the same e-mail I think the kid-me would have been disappointed in his lack-luster component bots, and arm issues. ...Whoa whoa whoa... reissue Computron?! Abridged character (animated) history from the tfwiki: "The Predacons debuted under the command of the Quintessons.
Revealed at the Tokyo Toy Show 2010 was this Predaking reissue. This Titan Class Predaking figure is the largest in the Transformers: Generations Power of the Primes lineup. Predaking parts information. If Sentai combiners are rock n' roll, then Predaking is heavy metal.

Premium Bandai Usa Brings Exclusive Gundam Models and Dragon Ball Figures to North America. Nice and detailed with lots of good pictures. The accessories that are not currently attached come in a baggie on the side.

I also wish he had a bomb he could drop.

They are even show up by many of their smaller combiner counterparts. Terribly hollow back legs. And it wasn't a G1 toy either, but a 2013 reissue, just like the 2010 commemorative Piranacon I reviewed for CDX. If you are a Transformers collector, you pretty much have to get a Predaking. One side has much more noticeable screw holes than the other this is true of most these guys so if you display as them as beasts make sure to get their good side. The decal sheets were a pain because there's no reference guide, but luckily there are enough Transformer resource pages on the net to get a better idea.

The sword accessories are more gold and less bronze colored than the original. Predator and 2010’s Predators.

Please enter your password twice. Predaking was re-issued in Japan in 2004, nearly identical to the 1986 metal-bodied giftset version. ALL NEW Power Rangers Lightning Collection Products Revealed!

This all-in-one Predaking Combiner set includes 5 Voyager Class Predacon figures: Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Razorclaw, and Torox. The sword accessories had their sharp points reduced due to safety concerns. The good news is, I don’t really care. He is a legendary piece I always wanted, the Preda-"King" of combiners! Despite being constantly touted as the most fearsome and vicious warriors in the galaxy, the Predacons were beaten off fairly easily by a small band of Autobots. address you used for your orders.

I am happy I have him. As the Combiners took center stage in 1986, the largest combined form to date was revealed: Predaking.

When did that happen?! Also, one back leg will not lock into place quite right, I have read this is a common problem.

So as far as the packaging goes; great outside garbage inside. By the way, I realized after I took the photos I neglected to flip out his tail, apologies for that. A big blobby brick of suck, and he stands awkward. The 7-inch scale figures convert from robot to beast and combine to form a menacing Predaking figure! Thanks , and yes some changes were made to the decals, which might bother purists.

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