(adj.) extremely cautious, hesitant, or slow (to); reserved, diffident (think wary). Click to see the original works with their full license. (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe. showing great attention to detail or correct behavior. the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. to cause persisting annoyance or resentment. (v.) physically explore or examine (something) with the hands or an instrument; seek to uncover information about someone or something. a person who has converted from one opinion, religion, or party to another; catechumen. (adj) producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile. lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined; making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude. Examples: semiconductor, semester. (n) a violent or sudden change or disruption to something. A suffix is a group of letters being added to the end of a word. (adj) clever or skillful in using the hands or mind; adept; adroit; deft. a typical example or pattern of something; a model. decode, decrease. a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists (vestigium = footprint). the insertion of something of a different nature into something else; a remark interjected in a conversation. being in a state of intellectual darkness; ignorant; unenlightened. (n.) the conditions under which land or buildings are held or occupied; the holding of an office. Prefix Examples Prefixes are a syllable, or group of syllables, added to the beginning of a word to alter its meaning. (n) a well-paying job or office that requires little or no work. reveal the presence of (a quality or feeling); indicate (think be evidence of), to subject to two opposing forces at the same time; compel to do something, dispute the truth, validity, or honesty of (a statement or motive); call into question (pugnare = fight), single (someone) out for cruel or unjust treatment; exploit. a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious. make more noticeable or prominent (accentus = tone). cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition). involving ignoble actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt; a person or thing holding a position or performing a function that corresponds to that of another person or thing in another place. Suffixes are the letters or group of letters that are added in the end of a root word to changes its meanings. (n) a tedious recital or repetitive series. re-Examples: reconsider, re-evaluate. walk with an affected delicacy or fastidiousness, typically with short quick steps, very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail, something or someone that one vehemently dislikes; a formal curse by a pope or a council of the Church, having to do with the church or the clergy, (adj) not likely to provoke dissent or offense, the highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination (apo = away, apart and gaia,ge = earth), the highest or climactic point of something, the time at which something is most powerful or successful, the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax (apo = from, apart and the,theo = God), one who renounces a religious or political belief (apo = away), harshness of tone or manner; harsh qualities or conditions; rough edge on a surface (asper = rough), to aver, allege, or assert (sever = severe), showing great care and perseverance; sedulous, a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen/portent, a fantasy; a horrible creature of the imagination, stubbornly or willfully disobedient to authority; like flout but adj (tumere = swell), (n) insolent or insulting language or treatment, a disorderly retreat of defeated troops; defeat, (especially of fabric) light, delicate, and translucent; sheer; gauzy (dia = through and phan= show), a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly; encomium; paean (komos = revel), to censure/ disapproval scathe/ to upbraid/ scold (corium = skin), to tear up by the roots; to destroy totally (stirp = stem), (typically of children) irritable and quarrelsome; difficult to control/ unruly/ wayward, an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation. "the former alcoholic foreswore strong drink") (fore = earlier/before), to retract an opinion or belief (cant = sing), not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily; reserved (tacere = be silent), eager or quick to argue or fight; defiant (trux, truc = fierce), (adj)vigorous or incisive in expression or style, biting or caustic in thought, manner, or style; sharply or bitterly harsh, showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing; repentant, cautious reserve in speech; ability to make responsible decisions, moisturizing or soothing or calming (molli = soft), remedy that alleviates pain without curing, temporary/ transitory/ transient (hemer = day), intended for or understood by only a small group (es, eis = into), secretive; surreptitious (sur = over, above), to read/examine carefully; scrutinize (per = through, thoroughly), (n & v) penalty for disobeying a law; official permission, a person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain; impassive, mentally or physically inactive; lethargic, extreme greed for wealth or material gain; acquisitiveness, keen, accurate insight or judgment; shrewdness (acu = sharp), high sounding but little meaning; pompous; grandiloquent, (adj) insisting on immediate attention or obedience (emere = take, buy), a bitter verbal attack (dia = through & tribein = rub); tirade, (adj) abrupt or offhand in speech or manner, to disguise or conceal (opposite of resemble), (adj.) (adj) curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement. the concluding passage of a piece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure. ); to fill up, block up, hinder. begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish. the art or practice of formal speaking in public; exaggerated, eloquent, or highly colored language. Some images used in this set are licensed under the Creative Commons through Flickr.com.Click to see the original works with their full license. to adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life). (of a seal or closure) complete and airtight. (n.) monastery or convent; monastic/ religious life. The Function of a Suffix Like prefixes, there are many suffixes used in the English language to create a rich vocabulary. make (someone) weak and infirm; hinder, delay, or weaken. very eager or curious to hear or see something. characteristic of the countryside, rural; rustic; pastoral.

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