When we add “cide” as a suffix to the root word it means “kill (ing).

Pan-American, pan-African, panacea, pandemonium (place of all the demons), paradox, paraprofessional, paramedic, paraphrase, parachute, paternity, patriarch, patriot, patron, patronize, pathos, sympathy, antipathy, apathy, telepathy, pedal, impede, pedestrian, centipede, tripod, podiatry, antipode, podium, compel, dispel, expel, repel, propel, pulse, impulse, pulsate, compulsory, expulsion, repulsive, pendant, pendulum, suspend, appendage, pensive, append, persecute, permit, perspire, perforate, persuade, periscope, perimeter, perigee, periodontal, blaspheme, cipher, phenomenon, philosopher, philosopher, philanthropy, philharmonic, bibliophile, phobia, claustrophobia, acrophobia, aquaphobia, ergophobia, homophobia, telephone, phonics, phonograph, phonetic, homophone, microphone, symphony, euphonious, photograph, photoelectric, photogenic, photosynthesis, photon, metropolis, police, politics, Indianapolis, megalopolis, acropolis, polytheist, polygon, polygamy, polymorphous, postpone, component, opponent, proponent, expose, impose, deposit, posture, position, expound, impound, porter, portable, transport, report, export, import, support, transportation, apprehend, comprehend, comprehensive, prehensile, primacy, prima donna, primitive, primary, primal, primeval, prince, principal, prototype, protocol, protagonist, protozoan, Proterozoic, protoindustrial, psyche, psychiatry, psychology, psychosis, punctual, punctuation, puncture, acupuncture, punctuation, quintet, quintuplets, pentagon, pentane, pentameter, regiment, regular, rectify, correct, direct, rectangle, retrorocket, retrospect, retrogression, retroactive, deride, ridicule, ridiculous, derision, risible, rupture, interrupt, abrupt, disrupt, ruptible, sacred, sacrosanct, sanction, consecrate, desecrate, sanctify, sanctuary, sanction, sanctimonious, sacrosanct, science, conscious, omniscient, cognocienti, telescope, microscope, kaleidoscope, periscope, stethoscope, scribe, scribble, inscribe, describe, subscribe, prescribe, manuscript, intersect, transect, dissect, secant, section, sediment, session, obsession, possess, preside, president, reside, subside, semifinal, semiconscious, semiannual, semimonthly, semicircle, senior, senator, senile, senescence, evanescent, sentiment, consent, resent, dissent, sentimental, sense, sensation, sensitive, sensory, dissension, sequence, consequence, sequel, subsequent, prosecute, consecutive, second, ensue, pursue, servant, service, subservient, servitude, preserve, conserve, reservation, deserve, conservation, observe, signal, signature, design, insignia, significant, similar, assimilate, simulate, simulacrum, simultaneous, assist, insist, persist, circumstance, stamina, status, state, static, stable, stationary, substitute, solo, soliloquy, solitaire, solitude, solitary, isolate, solvent, solve, absolve, resolve, soluble, solution, resolution, resolute, dissolute, absolution, sophomore (wise fool), philosophy, sophisticated, specimen, specific, spectator, spectacle, aspect, speculate, inspect, respect, prospect, retrospective, introspective, expect, conspicuous, sphere, stratosphere, hemisphere, spheroid, spirit, conspire, inspire, aspire, expire, perspire, respiration, stand, stant, stab, stat, stan, sti, sta, st, stead, stringent, strict, restrict, constrict, restrain, boa constrictor, construe, structure, construct, instruct, obstruct, destruction, destroy, industry, ministry, sustain, survive, support, suffice, succeed, submerge, submarine, substandard, subnormal, subvert, superior, suprarenal, superscript, supernatural, superimpose, supercede, sympathy, synthesis, synchronous, syndicate, tactile, contact, intact, intangible, tangible, contagious, contiguous, contingent, telephone, telegraph, telegram, telescope, television, telephoto, telecast, telepathy, telepathy, tempo, temporary, extemporaneously, contemporary, pro tem, temporal, tenacious, tenant, tenure, untenable, detention, retentive, content, pertinent, continent, obstinate, contain, abstain, pertain, detain, tendency, extend, intend, contend, pretend, superintend, tender, extent, tension, pretense, terrain, terrarium, territory, terrestrial, testament, detest, testimony, attest, testify, monotheism, polytheism, atheism, theology, thermometer, theorem, thermal, thermos bottle, thermostat, hypothermia, antithesis, hypothesis, synthesis, epithet, atom (not cutable), appendectomy, tonsillectomy, dichotomy, anatomy, torture, retort, extort, distort, contort, torsion, tortuous, torturous, attract, tractor, traction, extract, retract, protract, detract, subtract, contract, intractable, transform, transoceanic, transmit, transportation, transducer, tribute, contribute, attribute, retribution, tributary, type, prototype, typical, typography, typewriter, typology, typify, umbra, penumbra, (take) umbrage, adumbrate, uniform, unilateral, universal, unity, unanimous, unite, unison, unicorn, vacate, vacuum, evacuate, vacation, vacant, vacuous, equivalent, valiant, validity, evaluate, value, valor, convene, intervene, venue, convenient, avenue, circumvent, invent, convent, venture, event, advent, prevent, very, aver, verdict, verity, verify, verisimilitude, convert, revert, advertise, versatile, vertigo, invert, reversion, extravert, introvert, diversion, introvert, convertible, reverse, controversy, victor, evict, convict, convince, invincible, video, evident, provide, providence, visible, revise, supervise, vista, visit, vision, review, indivisible, revive, survive, vivid, vivacious, vitality, vivisection, vital, vitamins, revitalize, vocation, avocation, convocation, invocation, evoke, provoke, revoke, advocate, provocative, vocal, malevolent, benevolent, volunteer, volition, revolve, voluble, voluminous, convolution, revolt, evolution, voracious, carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous, devour, Noun: state, condition, result of an activity, zoo (zoological garden), zoology, zodiac, protozoan. * etymology—The study of the history and development of a language. 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For example, the prefix un- (or u-n) can mean "not," "remove," or "opposite." For instance, when we add the suffix. George Grow was the editor.

Suffixes are word parts that come at the end of the root or base words. Learning the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes can help you understand unknown English words you come across. 2 Prefix and Suffix Word List Reference from Teaching and Assessing Phonics www.epsbooks.com able admirable agreeable approachable avoidable believable breakable comfortable curable desirable enjoyable excitable excusable exchangeable imaginable laughable likable manageable moveable noticeable observable pleasurable readable Re- means "again" or "back," such as in the words "rethink" "redo" and "repay.". In these worksheets students are asked write the meanings of the prefix or suffix and a root word, then combine the two and write the meaning of the new word. For eg: do/ heat/ write/ happy/ pack, etc. Examples are “Abduction, Abstain, Abnormal.

The table below lists 120 commonly used Greek and Latin root words, prefixes, and suffixes. Suffix …

It can also be a group of letters. Check out our fun teaching games,

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When students know how to decode large words by identifying root words and affixes, they will be sufficiently prepared to tackle higher level texts. Adding un- to the word "happy" gives you the word "unhappy," which means not happy. Affixes are word that are added before or after the root word and change the meaning of a root or base word. _______________________________________________________________, spell – v. to say, write, or print the letters of a word (gerund: spelling), practice – n. to do something again and again in order to become better at it, vowel – n. one of the letters a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y, flashcard – n. a card that has words, numbers, or pictures on it and that is used to help students learn about a subject, Learn Prefixes, Suffixes to Expand Your Vocabulary. (This list is similar to that which appeared previously on this site.). Let us look at few more examples to understand root words, prefixes and suffixes. Meany!

Today, we will tell you about prefixes and suffixes – groups of letters that appear at the beginnings and endings of words.

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