Especially regarding the customer service. Typical task information (level of risk, deadlines, assignees, etc.) The real time information is the most efficient. The concept of stream with tasks and sub tasks is excellent, Cons: There is real reporting function that allows me to easily provide feedback to my clients and management. We’d love to hear from you! Accesability and ease of use.

Proggio Review In a Nutshell. Pros: When it comes to help and support, Proggio offers the minimum package that you’d expect from any online vendor nowadays, with no terrific benefits. The tools for communication are easy to use and effective.

as such, i was able to find a great environment for managing my teams and their tasks. The print screen function is inadequate for this. We are blushing here, thanks Daniel! Comments: Proggio review. You can add add additional 5 projects at any time for another $39.

Ease of use - obvious milestone points - everyone can access if and pick up where someone else left off - … Mary - Thank you for your very positive review. Pros: Full disclosure: Proggio were kind enough to pay for my time to do this piece of work, but all opinions are my own.
There is real reporting function that allows me to easily provide feedback to my clients and management. been a SaaS tool and not on-prem, it has the downside of Saas which means a constant internet connectivity is needed. Comments: I'm missing some tools to manage day-to-day tasks, something that will enable me to get rid of excels and Smartsheets, so that I could do all the work in one place, and share backlogs and task lists in the same place as that of all the projects. The main benefit is that I can easily create a visual map of all the projects, so that I can share it with all the organization's stakeholders. Great customer service. we are now migrating ourselves from Excel\Project to Proggio. Looking for more Google/Gmail integration in the future. This website is an informative comparison site that aims to offer its users find helpful information regarding the products and offers that will be suitable for their needs.

The synchronisation with google agenda is not workable but this function will be available soon. We have used proggio with succes for both project management and portfolio management with scheduled and ongoing projects. Reviews. Their goal is to boost productivity and help teams succeed through organized teamwork. No detailed tasks can be assigned or tracked. Over the next few weeks you will see some significant improvement to the "Print Screen" functionality, which will bring this up to the level of the other reporting functionality. Comments: About Proggio . The user-friendly interface and GANT reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to change colours and edit everything to my own needs.

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