Attend the QSuper Annual Investment Update 2019, QSuper pleased to be named Money Magazine Pension Fund Manager of the Year for 2019. Sponsored or Promotion products are clearly disclosed as such on website pages. QSuper sets different balance ranges, resulting in a different investment mix in some cases to that resulting from Canstar’s methodology – see details. net of investment tax, investment management fees and the applicable administration fees based on an account balance of $50,000. It also shows the after fees and taxes return for the SuperRatings SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index using median returns. QSuper’s Balanced option current 1-year and 10-year performance results are a direct result of the risk-balanced investment strategy QSuper introduced in 2011, with the objective of helping our members achieve strong long-term returns with less risk.

Canstar may earn a fee for referrals from its website tables, and from Sponsorship or Promotion of certain products. AHL Investments Pty Ltd ACN 105 265 861 Australian Credit Licence 246786 ("Aussie") and its appointed credit representatives. Performance information shown is for the historical periods up to 31/08/2020 and investment options noted in the table information. One possible solution to improve investment returns is to increase the allocation to the risky part of the portfolio.

Aussie is a trade mark of AHL Aussie is a trade mark of AHL Investments Pty Ltd. Aussie is a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124.

Many Aussies are invested in the balanced default option in their superannuation fund.

Please ensure you have entered a correct e-mail address. The balanced default asset allocation option is the way many people are invested in superannuation.

Choosing the right investment option can make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle. Start typing, then select your suburb from the list. 068 049 178 AFSL / Australian Credit Licence 237879. After the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), QSuper did a lot of research and thinking into developing a different investment approach for members. By submitting this form you agree to Aussie's Privacy Policy. You also agree to Canstar's Privacy Policy. Return for the accumulation account of the QSuper Balanced option is after fees and taxes. Doing so reveals that the representative balanced fund has very high equity risk – the risk associated with share market investments.

This option also considers your Lifetime account balance when setting your investment strategy. Please enable JavaScript in order to get the best experience when using this site. Rather than exposing members so much to share market ups and downs, QSuper’s Balanced option (Figure 3) provides a more even spread of risks. Figure 4: QSuper Balanced option returns vs. median balanced fund (SR50). We aim to provide strong, long-term performance and investment options that are tailored to your needs. Global and domestic markets are facing a myriad of economic and geopolitical concerns.

Canstar’s superannuation comparison selector, Canstar’s Financial Services and Credit Guide (FSCG), Financial Services and Credit Guide (FSCG). View the Canstar Superannuation Star Ratings Methodology and Report. The Superannuation Star Ratings in this table were awarded in March, 2020. Stay in the loop with Canstar's Home Loan updates. Investment profiles applied initially may change over time in line with an investor’s age.

That's why we offer a default investment option called Lifetime.

Consider whether this advice is right for you, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. How involved you want to be in managing your super. emails and Home Loans newsletter. Our fees are among the lowest in the country. If you're nearing retirement with a low account balance, we'll make sure your super still has a chance to grow. See, SunSuper’s allocation of funds for investors aged 55-99 differ from Canstar’s methodology – see details. Investments Pty Ltd ABN 27 105 265 861. Credit and any applicable offset accounts for Aussie Elevate are issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 Any advice on this page is general and has not taken into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. By signing up, I agree to Canstar's

In order to achieve their required level of income, investors – particularly retirees – may need to revisit their traditional balanced investment strategies, as the late stage in the market cycle turns and overall returns reduce. Moderate, Balanced, Socially Responsible or Aggressive, Single sector options: Not all lenders are available through all brokers. If customers purchase a product after clicking a certain link, Canstar may be paid a commission or fee by the referral partner.

As one of Australia's largest super funds, we have access to assets that are not available to individuals, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), and even other super funds. Risk-balanced investing that goes beyond traditional diversification has delivered the goods, so far, for QSuper’s Balanced option and most importantly, is delivering for members invested in the option; aiming for strong long-term performance with less volatility risk.2. An Aussie mortgage broker can help you with this home loan product as well as many other home loans SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product.

4. Returns period 4. Fees payable by product providers for referrals and Sponsorship or Promotion may vary between providers. 8.04%p.a. Past performance should not be relied upon as an indicator of future performance; unit prices and the value of your investment may fall or rise.

1 Total fee:2 0.42% - 0.74% p.a.

Your super is likely to be one of the biggest investments of your life. This is indicated in the tables by a note referring the user to the product provider, or by no performance information being shown. QSuper Balanced gains less than bullish share markets. The GFC was a game-changer for QSuper. QSuper Balanced Option. You may need financial advice from a suitably qualified adviser. Jonathan Philpot Performance figures shown for Sponsored or Promoted products reflect net investment performance, i.e.

February 17, 2020.

On our ratings results, comparison tables and some other advertising, we may provide links to third party websites. We’ve picked four periods from 2011 to January 2019 to illustrate risk-balanced investing in action. Risk allocation — as it relates to individual asset classes (shares, bonds, property, infrastructure, real estate, private equity, and alternatives) in investment portfolios — can vary significantly from asset allocations. Our fees are among the lowest in the country. Figure 3: Risk allocation* of QSuper Balanced option is more even. Balanced If you are a medium to long-term investor and want exposure to investment groups that will potentially give higher returns, Balanced may be suitable for you. Figure 1: A representative balanced portfolio with 52% allocated to equities.

SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. It’s a strategy that has served super fund members well in the past few years as super funds have delivered very strong returns, but will this strategy serve investors over the next five years? What this distils down to is that successful long-term investing derives from accumulating small wins, not large gains in one period that could be followed by big reverses in another. Should you move your super away from the balanced option? If you want to have more control over your super, you can choose from a range of our Diversified and Single Sector or Self Invest investment options. Before you decide whether or not to acquire a particular financial product you should assess whether it is appropriate for you in the light of your own personal circumstances, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. A set and forget solution Every six months, we'll assess your situation and, if needed, move your money to another Lifetime group. Returns period 2. Doing the right thing by members was our motivation. Consider whether this advice is right for you. Source: The asset allocation in this chart is for the SuperRatings SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index median fund. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Most recently this has seen QSuper’s Balanced investment option named by Chant West as the top-performing growth option for the 12 months to end June 2019 as well as an industry leader over 10 years.1.

The findings are based on account balances of $25,000 and $50,000.

Then there are superannuation funds that are good on protection, but not so good on the return side of the equation. Let Aussie help find the right home loan for you. They are usually uncorrelated. Fill in the form below. Investments Pty Ltd ABN 27 105 265 861 Australian Credit Licence 246786. Credit services for Aussie Select, Aussie Activate and Aussie Elevate products are provided by AHL Investments Pty Ltd ACN 105 265 861 ("Aussie") and its You may unsubscribe or opt out at any time.

They tend to be used by investors with a more moderate risk appetite, while more conservative investors generally opt for a higher ratio of capital preservation strategy, and more aggressive investors typically choose a riskier growth strategy. Source: The risk allocation is based on QSuper analysis of the SuperRatings SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index median fund asset allocation. from leading lenders. We're proud to help more than half a million members feel good about their future. Our administration and investment management fees are among the lowest of any super fund in Australia.3.

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