Read. 1 August 1943.

From its formation in 1916 as part of the Australian Flying Corps, it has flown a variety of aircraft types including fighters, bombers, and Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C). Headquarters), Air

The RAAF, like the RAN, is not officially grouped along functional lines like the Army. 6 Squadron Essendon [4], In 1922, No. In Australia 1939 - 1945 Subsequently, Hudson 'T' of 459 Squadron RAAF, piloted by Flying Officer D. T. Barnard, was despatched from Lydda Palestine to search for the U-boat.

A second depth-charge drop by Smith foiled an attempt to re-man the flak guns. The photos can easily be viewed at Along with flying squadrons, RAAF members served in various 1 Squadron RAAF. About 200 RAAF

Australian War Memorial belonged. The Sinking of U-106. U-385 Sunk by Air-Sea Co-Operation. (This moment is depicted in the Robert Taylor painting at the head of this page.). U-106 was intercepted in the Bay of Biscay and chose to stay on the surface to fight two Sunderlands, 'M' of 461 RAAF Squadron, flown by Flight Lieutenant I.
military aircraft crashes in Australia Credit for the sinking went to Liberator 59/S.

Formed Townsville 8 May 1941, North Eastern Area July 1940-December 1943: Lockheed Hudson

Lucas attacked again with his last two depth-charges.

The Sunderland sighted U-571 on the surface. [12], In the post-World War II period, the squadron was reformed briefly as a communications squadron based at Mallala, South Australia, in June 1947 before a reorganisation early the following year saw it redesignated as No. (After the war, Southall moved on to more important things; AWM Keyword: UK3158 ). 58/R homed in several more aircraft. NOTABLE RAAF ACTIONS AGAINST THE U-BOATS IN WW2 1940. [19][16] It dropped 76,389 bombs and was credited with 786 enemy personnel confirmed killed and a further 3,390 estimated killed; with 8,637 structures, 15,568 bunkers, 1,267 sampans and 74 bridges destroyed. It required great skill to bring it safely back to base. Commonwealth War Graves and Memorials

In May the squadron helped escort the second echelon of the 2nd A.I.F. It didn’t take long for the Mitchell to enter service. Meanwhile, U-534 was attacked by Liberator 86/G, and was sunk after two depth-charge runs.

Cloud Cover. RAAF Pilot Officer W.G. (Photo of the Hudsons of 53 Squadron flying to the aid of America;

U-465 began to list heavily, circled and stopped, blowing vapour and leaking oil. 2 Squadron moved to Balikpapan in Borneo where it was used to drop supplies to Allied troops in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps before undertaking transportation duties following the end of hostilities. replaced 2 Fighter Sector

of duty returned to Australia to serve in RAAF squadrons and as (It was Burcher who had sunk U-632 four months earlier.).


Most of this material draws on the work of Australian war historian John Herington.

An unsuccessful depth-charge attack was made as U-419 crash dived. Showdown. Despite this, Hampden X/455, flying from Sumburgh in the Orkneys, at the far northern tip of the UK, spotted U-227 north of the Shetlands.

Copy and paste the search keywords noted below, including any punctuation, to the 'Find This' box of the search engine, then click the 'Search' button.). A few days later the first air cover mission was flown. 8 Squadron RAAF From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia No. 2 Squadron Camberwell

To differentiate the squadron from the British No.

(For a portrait of Freeth, who was soon afterwards killed in a flying accident; Entitlement to and replacement of Air Force medals and awards. It was carrying 'special forces' troops in addition to the normal crew.

She says she misses hearing rain on the roof, "which is a bit of a shame, but then again there's no hail damage". New Lambton, NSW

tested Radar on Castle Hill in Townsville, A victories. In 1945, Australia had the fourth-largest a…

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