The child was lost,” Rakel remembers the horrific decisions the family was forced to make to survive. There was no school near our village. The family spoke only Kurdish and was mainly engaged in farming. There is the parable of Jesus, where the kind farmer is sowing seeds and digs a furrow. Rakel Dink, his wife, had lived alongside him knowing they were under threat, but the couple was determined to continue to fight for justice. The couple went on to work as counsellors at the camp until it was forcibly closed in 1984, at which time Dink turned to a career in journalism. Rakel Dink was born in 1959 in an Armenian family in Silopi (southeastern Turkey), close to the borders with Iraq and Syria. The town of Van, courtesy of the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute. On 19 January 2007, Armenian editor and rights activist Hrant Dink was shot dead outside his newspaper’s office in Istanbul. | Privacy Policy, Like what you see here? The life of Rakel Dink, widow of the late Turkish journalist and founder of the Agos newspaper. Yet from the early 2000s, a series of court cases were launched against Dink for his writings that called for recognition and reparation for the mass killings and deportations of Armenians in 1915.

The Hrant Dink Foundation was created in 2007 with these objectives in mind and Rakel now serves as president of the foundation’s board of directors. In a speech made at Harvard University in November 2014, Rakel Dink reflects on the memory of her late husband, Hrant Dink: AP Photo/Murad Sezer.

Rakel Dink reçoit des menaces de mort La Fondation Hrant Dink rapporte que les 27 et 28 mai 2020, Rachel Dink a reçu une menace de mort écrite par e-mail.

Accédez à l'intégralité du site à partir de 3€ par mois. Like many partners of rights defenders who have died for their cause, Rakel has defied his killer’s aims to silence and suppress and – through the Foundation – is keeping her husband’s legacy alive. “In Turkey, whenever there was a minor problem they would immediately blame ‘enemy Armenians.’ Labeling Armenians as the enemy, they would create their own politics. Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 3B1. Three years later, realizing the importance of familiarizing Turkish society with Armenian issues, Hrant founded Agos (Furrow), the first Turkish-language Armenian weekly in Turkey. Rakel’s father Siyament Yağbasan and mother Delal had six children. We are all Hrant.”, “Two days before the funeral, they said: ‘Rakel you must speak.’ I said that I would. “The main headline read: ‘Behold, we have dug a furrow for you. If only it hadn’t changed….

Within a year of Hrant’s death, Rakel set up the Hrant Dink Foundation. I said that I would try to explain the injustices in Turkey’,” Rakel remembers. Those who dream of peace should not give up.

Board director of the Hrant Dink Foundation: “Nothing can force us to forget”, The Dink family, left to right: Hrant, Sera, Ararat (holding grandchild Nora), Delal and Rakel, 2019 Aurora Prize Laureate announced as Yazidi activist Mirza Dinnayi. Nous avons dûment notifié par écrit le siège de la police de Şişli et le gouvernement d’Istanbul. When Rakel was eight and a half years old, a group of clergy visited her village at the behest of Constantinople Patriarch Archbishop Shnork Kaloustian. Accused of ‘insult to Turkishness’ he attracted the ire of right-wing extremists who protested outside Agos’ offices. We use both persistent and session cookies on our website to be sure promotions are not re-displayed to users who have already seen them. Rakel was to become Hrant’s inseparable partner, advisor and colleague. Hrant became involved in writing, working for the Istanbul-based Armenian newspaper Marmara. At the time, Christian clergy from Istanbul traveled throughout Anatolia looking for Armenians and other Christians who survived the Genocide. How wonderful to connect it in such a way!” Rakel exclaims. Can fear? Box 407 The slogan they chanted was: “We are all Armenian. Hrant Dink Foundation President Rakel Dink Receives Death Threats. “They say such a cave didn’t exist, but that God opened it up for us.

To survive, the family was forced to hide in a mountain grotto. Persecution? The new arrivals were housed at the Tuzla camp for Armenian children (Camp Armen), just outside Istanbul. To ensure you receive our newsletters, add [email protected] to your safe senders list. Rakel came from a conservative Armenian family, and first met Hrant as a child when they both attended the Tuzla Armenian children’s summer camp in Istanbul.

His murder led to an unprecedented outcry with 100,000 people taking to the streets in protest.

The foundation carries out various programs dedicated to protecting human rights in Turkey, to preserving the culture of minorities in the country, to researching hate speech and to normalizing Armenian-Turkish relations. I must radiate that love. It publishes reports, runs workshops and monitors hate speech in the Turkish press. “We got to Bolis in order to learn Armenian, to read and write. Within a year of the murder, Rakel Dink had founded the Hrant Dink Foundation that works to end discrimination and hate speech in Turkey. We also use cookies set by a third party analytics service to measure traffic and collect statistics about users’ devices and browsers. The mother-in-law took the child’s hand to stop the crying, so that the family wouldn’t be discovered, and…I can’t say the word.

Hrant Dink also spent his summers at Camp Armen and attended classes at Gedikpaşa. IFEX will not share, disclose or otherwise provide your data to any outside organisation. A suspect has been arrested on charges of issuing a death threat against the Hrant Dink Foundation, founded after the assassination of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. Pour accéder à la version complète de cet article. “Sometimes the old women would say, ‘My boy, we are afraid for you. She is the founder of the Hrant Dink Foundation, whose mission is to end discrimination of all kinds and to promote inter-cultural dialogue. It was a turning point Turkish history. Many years later, Hrant wrote in the Agos newspaper: “ Naturally, April 23 is a special date for me. Until 2007, I was merely his beloved, the mother of his children, the woman of the house, just that. Hrant Dink’s killers had intended to extinguish his dream of a world without discrimination and hatred. Its overall aim is to improve relations between Armenians and Turks, and it has earned respect for even-handed coverage that doesn’t shy away from self-criticism, extending its reporting to problems faced by other ethnic and minority groups, women and LGBTI persons. They lived there for a long time,” says Rakel, recounting a family legend passed down through generations. That I never said, ‘enough,’ ‘until when?’ If only I had said it more…” remembers Rakel. In the 1980s, he was arrested for three times for his political views. I prayed and said, ‘Dear God, I am your child. Rakel Dink. Much has changed for me. What darkness can force us to forget? Site by Wholegrain Digital This became an important issue for Hrant: that we had to show ourselves, that they had to learn about our problems from us,” Rakel explains. They had three children Baidzar (Delal), Ararat and Sera. But what would I say? “We had already fallen in love at the camp,” Rakel recalls. When they picked ‘Agos’ for the name, I said it was a very nice name.

It was most probably April 23.5.”. When the founder of Camp Armen Hrant Güzelyan was arrested (the Turkish state charged him with training terrorists at the camp), Hrant and Rakel assumed responsibility for running the camp until 1983, when the government closed it down for good and stripped the Armenian community of its ownership rights. Through the Foundation, Rakel Dink is making sure they do not succeed.

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