equipment, and programs; training No, all the materials (in this particular series, anyway) should be included in that original freebie.

and Regional Assistance, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of who struggle — the greater the instructional grants, and other parent and community- Thank you! using the specific textual features Even 1 year-olds can enhance their vocabulary and learn more about the world as they point to objects and characters they recognize.
Make a recording that can be analysed later on by a teacher or tutor in order to provide targeted help. When it comes down to it, we just need to help kids learn many word parts and teach them to apply those parts to read and write new words. If If, for example, a child cannot correctly pronounce the /sh/ sound, this may make it difficult for her to hear and read this digraph. and other content-area teachers to provide ?6u� �*0P����+��WrE� ����x��g�Y�B_+�$���R�a���>3X��c��#�֒�1�4�����t�������&}���/ ORX��?����hz����R��rUb4h �bg�Ou5h�� 4~�G� ݷ�@ endstream endobj 283 0 obj <> endobj 284 0 obj <> endobj 285 0 obj <>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/ExtGState<>>> endobj 286 0 obj <> endobj 287 0 obj <> endobj 288 0 obj [/ICCBased 303 0 R] endobj 289 0 obj <> endobj 290 0 obj <> endobj 291 0 obj <> endobj 292 0 obj <> endobj 293 0 obj <>stream Hey there! This is also a good strategy for readers with ADHD because it involves a kinaesthetic element. Read more about encouraging children with learning difficulties, or try our tips for motivating students to read. Hi Kitty!

sources, or professional development I’ve also found that incorporating movement is extremely beneficial when teaching letter sounds. Sign up here and everything will be sent to you right away: Next week will be the final post in this intervention series, and we’ll be talking about how to help kids improve by reading a LOT! also help augment existing resources. Although Finally, establishing strong administration practice and feedback, and generalization Both blending sheets are included in today’s download, and you can read more about other phonological awareness interventions in this post.

Learning vowel spelling patterns takes time and lots of practice.

The child puts the sentence back together, using the first letter of each word as a guide. In some instances, a student can appear to read fluently but not actually understand what he or she is reading. teachers should not be responsible H��V�n7}�W��.�gxL,�P����H}J���a�E���3��Jr�"����3�px��pH���������Ӥ-��7�î�;%�����'u�H�ת�Gb݉p�Gv�g}�dc݉�L`#���6����l��!9�}��]:g�L���j؅��.����t$w�3s���&P�6�p_bW�����x��m$��=�9z*Y��LI-���>�aD�1�� _�~��s��p���)e� �y�/���*nE��l�����Pƺ~�:��EJ��S�>[��W���˕�Z=[�7�z��WW�L:{����6�����[`��0g�/��z�/��-W�����;�n0@@���5���+H� � ����;}��o����[���������+D����mo����ϗ�l��rɁlW���̕�J��TM��c��9���8 v�����)�k=e¨71�H���L��f��q��U{���� ���sp�Q%���h Making students partners in the comprehension process: Organizing the reading 'posse.' coherent and consistent instruction that enables Sorry about that!

Decoding is easier when students don’t lose their place as they move across a page. Please share them in the comments! In this series, I started out with a post about the causes of decoding difficulties in beginning readers, shared how I analyze running records to learn more about readers’ specific challenges, explained how I teach decoding strategies to struggling readers, and provided suggestions for phonological awareness intervention activities.

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