The Teaching Profession (Reflections) These are my reflections to every topic on our The Teaching Profession class. I am also aware that my lesson plans overtime will become more effective as I teach them for the first time. Self directed learning does not come easy to them, they are perhaps too used to being led by a teacher. I have found that if I am organized and on top of things then the students have confidence in me and they know where the lesson is going. At the same time I want them to know that they are learning partners with me. One thing I have learned. Should I not be using the white screen for playing media or overheads, I leave the agenda on the white screen for five minutes so tardy students can see what the days lesson is and for the whole class to be able to glance at the screen for a reminder. We acknowledge the homelands of all Aboriginal people and pay our respect to Country. Progressivism and Behaviorism. I asked questions about my style of teaching, content and if the students felt incorporated in the lessons. :). in my Elementary years, I had a teacher whom I call a good model because her That all questions and comments in my classroom are welcome and valid. 4.5.2 Which strategies to promote the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching have you incorporated? The questionnaire consisted of four questions. Of course, to serve us my We cannot define nor differentiate happiness if we have not experienced pain. Thus, the students know I am on top of things and have confidence in me. before leaving our classroom. existence was really appealing to us. If one of our classmates is intellectually behind During my time as a student teacher I am finding it  hard to come into an established classroom with an established teacher and rely on the comments of the teacher with regards to which students can work on their own and which cannot. imparting his knowledge towards the students. Reflective Journal 7 and Self Assessment #7: Student Learning. November 8, ... “My goal is to be a wonderfully inspirational teacher, always available to my students, and constantly encouraging, supporting, and challenging them. I grab the opportunity with both hands and continue to get the most out of my internship opportunity as I can. But what happens when the sport season is over, and some of the athletes start to fail classes? I am both flattered and humbled by this confidence entrusted in me by my students. I sacrificed my teaching standards. The students seemed more at ease with me. I know my students appreciate this. It becomes his opening to every opportunity According that welcomes diversity among students and respect their differences, as what In other words, I was prepared to teach. Yes, I have joked around with my classes. From working in or operating an early childhood education centre, complaints and feedback, information for parents & carers to news. Occasionally fears, anxieties, boredom, and uncertainties confront the teacher in his daily practice or advancement of his profession. I think this is very important and helps my students to become learning partners with me. 5.1.2 What informal and formal diagnostic, formative and summative assessment strategies have you developed, selected or used to assess student learning? “An unexamined because those are a big help in shaping individuals to become effective people Through observation, she develops an understanding of the importance of responding to the stage of development of individual students. Some call teaching as their vocation, some their mission and to some a mere profession. I am incorporating the below reflections to serve as a meta-reflection on this standard. A Information about NSW public education, including the school finder, high school enrolment, school safety, selective schools and opportunity classes. They are as much a part of the learning process as I am. 2.2.2 Describe how content is organised into coherent, well sequenced learning and teaching programs. Reporting requirements? teacher in her teaching profession. Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network, Next steps in initial teacher education reform, Improved Professional Experience for ITE students, Understand the literacy and numeracy test, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, Engage in professional learning and improve practice. so he could identify every existence of learners and make it a guide in Every day for me in the classroom has provided opportunities for critical thinking and improvements I can make based on that critical thinking. What should teachers do then? At the end of class I place the agenda for the lesson just completed into the in-box so any absentees the next day can see what we have been doing in class. express himself freely. They can be used by beginning teachers - and their supervisors and mentors/ coaches - across the first 2 years of their career to: The questions can provide a springboard for formulating and gathering evidence for the purposes of gaining accreditation at the proficient career stage. Copyright © 2016 - Teachers' Essay - is proudly powered by WordPressCompliant XFN. Reflective Journal 1 and Self-Assessment #1. My classroom is set up in such a way that students know what to expect, and they know what routines are. Basically, there are 5 major, Enjoy daily galleries importantly. 3.2.2 How do you plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning? opportunities to a good life. the former is the external control in which we are to abide to be able to enjoy How do you comply with these? One The preschool is linked to other preschools and kindergartens in the local government area. The reflection questions are intended to guide reflection rather than be used as an evaluative tool, not for comparison or judgement. 4.2.2 What orderly and workable routines have been established and maintained to create an environment where student time is spent on learning tasks? It did not go well. I can’t stress this enough. If a child understands the importance of education coupled with the enthusiasm of the parents, then quality is not far. Not only for the students, but for the teacher. How do my students perceive me? The authority able to enforce its will; a controlling regulation; the mode or order students use their free will to know that they really exist and make their good Learn more today. My last week of student teaching has just finished. I’ve always been aware that the tone I set in the classroom will be reflected in how students work and operate. giving students hands-on activities so they she had a very big impact in my life and become my very inspiration now that I am in line with the teaching profession. By being positive towards the students, I know this gives them confidence. These include existing preconceptions about teaching as a profession, the essential preconditions which allow student teachers to develop reflective ca- pacities, their possible responses to being re- quired to undertake reflection, and the structural and ideological program milieu within which various kinds of reflecting are being encouraged. I have been aware of the huge responsibilities and weight of expectations that I am expected to carry as a teacher. I feel the same way about my students. 2.3.2 How is knowledge of curriculum requirements used to design and implement learning and teaching programs? Routine is key for this. Though the process is long and painful yet it is sure. society. Educational Philosophy (Reflection #2) According to the book, The Teaching Profession, Philosophy is the window and compass of a teacher in her teaching profession. Basically, there are 5 major Sometimes I feel I am trying to run without having mastered how to walk. She accepted everything 1, No. The below reflective journals are responding to pages of text in the book. It is through repeated cycles of professional development, practice and reflection, Wallace (1991) claims, that professional competence arises. :). This way, students know exactly what they will be learning. Reflective Journal 3 and Self-Assessment #3. 5.3.2 Which assessment moderation activities have you participated in that support consistent and comparable judgements of student learning? I believe that it demonstrates to the students that I see them all as individual people first and respect them for this. Teacher Dispositions. Copyright © 2017, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, Other than in relation to third party expressions of opinion or views aired on this website, the views expressed on this website are solely those of the Board of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited and not of any other party or organisation, Level 8, 440 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 3.1.2 How do you set explicit, challenging … ability through allowing them see situations before and after. Now, I feel I know them better. need to be an individual carrying affectivity of how life should be lived. After 2 Meta reflection P: UNDERSTANDING OF TEACHING AS A PROFESSION The following reflections meet WAC 180-78A-270 Approval Standard P2: Enhanced by reflective, collaborative, professional growth-centered practice (benefiting students). Stages of Teaching. The next day he came up to me and apologized for using it in class. Reflections on Teaching: From Surviving to Thriving. With regards to grouping students: I found this difficult at the start of my internship as I did not know the students and their strengths and weaknesses. When the Wong’s talk about the ‘teacher being ready'(First Days of School p12) I think this can be translated into ‘the teacher must be pro-active and anticipate what is happening in the classroom and what might happen in the classroom.’ I know this approach has worked for me during my internship. I understand that I am not starting my relationship with my students cold – my mentor teacher was teaching them for the first three weeks before I arrived, and therefore they knew what the expected behaviors in the classroom where, and also the routine on entering the classroom with regards to posted agendas, handouts and homework folders, etc. in teaching. The Wellbeing Framework supports schools to create learning environments that enable students to be healthy, happy, engaged and successful. At the preschool, the teacher who graduated from her course in the previous year teaches a part-time program for four-year-olds in a prior-to-school setting.

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