Customers Tracked. Individual service — the line that runs from the pole transformer to the customer's electric meter.

Outage Reporting While we are committed to providing you with the highest level of reliability and satisfaction, you may experience occasional interruptions in your electrical service. @TheTravisThayer. ©2020 Clark County REMC. Most outages are caused by weather, vehicle accidents or animals such as birds or squirrels. Our call center handles all after-hours calls. 1697 W. Deaver Road To report electric power outages, emergencies or hazards, please call 800-552-2622 or 219-733-2511 or click here to report the outage online.. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our Voice Response system. The public healthy emergency declaration was set to expire on Sunday. While the power is out, no electricity is being consumed, so your meter does not register any consumption for billing. (Bright, Ind.) For the safety of anyone who may be in the proximity of your home, do not attempt to connect your generator to your home wiring. 0. Generators that are not isolated or installed properly can feed back in to our lines and may cause serious injury to anyone coming in contact with those wires.

When there is a widespread power outage, the REMC’s telephone lines will be swamped with calls. Currently we provide service to over 21,855 members covering 1,827 miles of energized lines which averages around 11.88 members per mile of line. Last Updated. Caregivers of in-home critical care patients should always have an evacuation plan or a plan for how to handle extended outages in the event of a natural disaster, 8642 W US Hwy 30 PO Box 157 Wanatah, IN 46390, Exceeding the Expectations of the Community through:Service   •   Trust   •   Innovation. Crews repair damage to parts of the system that bring power to the greatest number of customers first before handling problems at individual homes. Provider Customers Tracked Customers Out Last Updated; Big Sandy RECC: 6,418: 0: 8/11/2020 11:53:35 AM GMT: Kentucky Power: 14,718: 0: 8/11/2020 11:53:33 AM GMT If power To ensure that we can restore power to you as quickly as possible, it's important to report your power outage by calling 1-888-413-6111 or login to SmartHub to report your outage .

7810 State Road 60 Power Restoration. For this reason, you may see vehicles from other companies in your area helping to restore power. Have the service address and account number ready for quick and accurate reporting. Other information, such as what time the power went off, prevailing weather conditions and local construction activity would help us locate and repair the problem as quickly as possible.

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